Sega! In a magical place called Jungle Island, there lived three very special monkeys named AiAi, MeeMee and GonGon. Together, they had many wonderful adventures. They discovered foreign lands full of mystical secrets, they collected scores of tasty bananas, And they did it all inside clear, plastic balls! *explosion* Enjoying your sunny day, monkeys? *evil laughter* Dr. Bad Boon, what are you doing here? *chuckles* After so long AiAi, is that the warmest welcome you’ve got? Answer the question, Bad Boon! Oh, I was just taking a little vacation through time is all- *evil laugh* And MeeMee’s coming with me! *more evil laughter* NOOOOO! *teleportation noise* MEEMEE! BAD BOON! You won’t get away with this! Oh, don’t worry. You’re both coming too. *evil laughter* Welcome to my Time Rift, friends. It’s this cozy little chunk of labyrinth lost between dimensions. I have a bright future with MeeMee to get back to now. So enjoy your stay! *evil laughter* DR. BAD BOON! Come back here!! AiAi, stop! The ground!! *skid* It’s a seesaw puzzle. With no exit. *teleportation noise* What is this? W-where am I? About five hundred years into the future, my dear. And about five million light years up! Bad Boon! Where are AiAi and GonGon? Oh, I believe they’re in the “middle” of something. (That is the worst pun I’ve ever heard XD) No! Stop moving! You’re unbalancing the puzzle! There has to be a way out of this somehow! That’s the whole point, AiAi. There IS no way out! I was going to leave them to rot there, but I could be… “Persuaded” to do otherwise… Why are you doing this? MeeMee, you know I love you. Gross… And I need to rent a bit of SPACE FOR OUR WEDDING! Wedding?? *evil laughter* I’m really, really not interested… I don’t think you’re a good role model for children… *thud* …I do. *more evil laughter* Good… Wait! What are you doing? The Chrono-trigger! No! We had a deal! Hah! You actually thought I’d go SAVE them? I’m a doctor, my sweet. Not an idiot. *more evil laughter* I’m finding a way out of here if it kills me. Then jump. That’s the way out that kills you. GonGon, can you please take this more seriously? Oh! You want serious? We’re lost, Bad Boon’s gone, This whole puzzle’s fallin’ apart, and we’re goin’ with it. *whispers* How’s that for serious? GonGon, just calm down, we can figure this out! Figure this out? GONGON, STOP! *cracks and rumbles* How’s that workin’ for ya? NOOOO! *both grunting* GONGON! *both scream* AiAi! *bouncing and AiAi grunting* *skid* Hold on, I’m coming! No, get back! To the other side! *hopping* It’s too steep! AIAI! GONGON! *teleportation noise* Baby? Come with me if you wanna live! What are you doin’ here? Heard you guys have a doctor’s appointment you’re trying to make. Please say something on that goofy suit can get us out of here. Next stop: Dr. Bad Boon’s space station. *teleportation noise* I gotta say, I expected the space station to be a little more… Advanced. And in space. The calibration’s off. *beeps and boops, then another teleportation noise* You need a change of batteries in that thing? I don’t think so. I got some AA’s, if you need ’em. *more teleportation noises* Oh, now THAT’S more like it. That window is Dr. Bad Boon’s main control center. What are we supposed to do, ring the doorbell? *ejection noise* We fly through that window. Just like Monkey Target back home. *ejection noise and Baby screams* Yahoo! Red Leader standing by! Blue Five, standing by! Now here’s how you make an entrance. Password required. Ugh! Magical password is AiAi Pool! (That’s what I heard, ‘kay?) *crash* What in the- *door opens* Straight through the glass, he said. It’ll be FUN, he said. *electrical noises* *evil chuckle* Well, well. The wedding guests have arrived. I’m so pleased you could make it for the ceremony. AiAi! MeeMee! It’s alright! You’re safe now! And engaged! What a delightful day she’s having! You’re wasting your time, Bad Boon. MeeMee would NEVER marry you! Oh, I beg to differ. Girls love a bad boy. And I’m Bad to the Boon! *electrical sounds* *glass breaking and AiAi grunting* *groans* Does anybody else want to ruin this moment for me? I’m not finished. *Bad Boon screaming* AiAi! Coming, MeeMee? *evil laughter* Hey, let go of me! AiAi! *struggling* Every genius has a backup plan! *more evil laughter* MEEMEE! *suction sound effect* *Bad Boon grunts in confusion* Well, what do you know? Life really IS a ball when you’re in one! *slip* No! *more slipping* No! NOOOOOOOOOOO! *screaming fades out* *beeps and boops* Are you leaving? I have some finished business to attend to. Don’t keep us waiting. Maybe stop by a thrift store and get yourself a new outfit? I’ll be back. *powers down* Got some AA’s- Yeah, yeah, I got it. *music note* Hey you, with the puny arms! Do you wanna know how I got so tough? By watching YouTube videos! This channel makes awesome musicals! They have costumes and singing! *random noises* If you’re tired of being a weakling, Click here to subscribe for more awesomeness! Awesomeness rules! You can like and favourite this, or share with friends! I wish I had friends… You can listen to them on iTunes and Spotify! That way you can work out at the same time and become a total beefcake! Like me! Oops, I have another workout for my glutes in exactly 11 seconds! See ya! Ooh! Oh… Hello… Are you stranded in space because of a girl too? Hm. Go figure. *groans*

44 thoughts on “SUPER MONKEY BALL THE MUSICAL [by Random Encounters]

  1. Does anybody else think that Bad-boon looks EXTREMELY better in this FANMADE musical?!?!

    Edit:And not terrifying?

  2. Btw, did anybody else get the Chrono-Trigger thing? I personally think that’s a reference that most people didn’t get.

  3. hi if you are reedign this i love the myoosickl but how can thy pick up bnanas if ther in a ball and gangan is moor evel then baboon hee oamoast killd ie ie then beekaim good agen

  4. "I'm bad to the boon" That's the worse thing I've ever heard lol. Bad to the bone, BadBoon, Bad to the boon, I get it, I just think it sucks, just my opinion. No offence.

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