[Sub][Remind 20] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – Gear Chronicle

[Sub][Remind 20] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – Gear Chronicle

This deck? Could you try it out? I want to learn what hidden powers
that deck might possess. For the sake of our future… Please, Rive! All right. We can’t rewrite the imagination while
afraid of challenging the unknown, huh, Ryuzu? Remind 20
Gear Chronicle Circle Shift! Astral Plane! Let’s go, partner! O great planetary guardian deity! Giant Deity of Distant World, Valkerion! Valkerion! Zodiac Blazer! The Mighty College Student,
Shinemon Nitta, has clinched it! Team Nippon is the winner! Nippon! Nippon! With that, we have the Asia Circuit’s best four! Led by Ryutarou Oyama,
the fighter of endless summer,
Team Daisetsuzan plus whoever those two are: Team Daisetsuzan!
Team Daisetsuzan Team SSS The as yet undefeated,
record-breaking Yuichirou Kanzaki,
Team SSS plus the two S Rank fighters
from Card Shop Esuka: Team SSS!
Team SSS Team Armageddon Led by Ruga Kaizu, Master Commander
of the Field: Team Armageddon!
Team Armageddon And lastly! Rive Shindou! Ninja Master! Shinemon Nitta!
Together, they form Team Nippon! Team Nippon
Rive Shindou! Ninja Master! Shinemon Nitta!
Together, they form Team Nippon! Figured they’d make it this far, yo. Looks like we’ll have to wait
till the finals to beat Shinemon. I hate to break the news to you,
but I will be the one to defeat Shinemon Nitta! I’m not letting anyone else do it! I’m starvin’, yo. Incredibly, the four teams that made it
to the semifinals are all from Japan! What a bonanza of a year for Japanese teams! Well, I’ll see you all in
one week for the semifinals! You guys did it! Pop, congrabulations! Chrono, that’s “congratulations.” Congralumations! Well, whatever. Thank you. Yeah, Chrono! Congralumations, Ninja Pasta! No, not Ninja Pasta!
Verily, I am Ninja Master! Just two more victories,
and you guys will win the Asia Circuit. Yeah, but that’s not the real goal. If we win this, we’ll be qualified
to participate in the World Grand Prix. For the first time ever, a Japanese team,
our team, could become the best in the world. That’s why we changed our name
from Team Capital to Team Nippon. Super-confident Cinnamon. Best in the curled! That’s “best in the world,” Chrono. Beast in the world! That’s right, best in the world. I’m sure that’s what we’ll be. Nitta! Congratulations! Please use my handmade card sleeves! I wove this playmat for you! Th-Thank you. Lucky stiff… The guys who’re
good at cards get all the attention. It’s time for work, Sub Manager. “Manager”… Welcome! Hey there, part-timer! Who’s a part-timer?! I’m the manager here! Apprentice, right? Y-You could say that… But once I graduate, I’ll be the manager! Yeah, whatever. Let’s fight! Sure! I’ll annihilate you. I’ll finish you off with Gleaming Lord, Uranus! No guard… Damage check! All right! Heal trigger! Wha…?! Wha…?! It’s your turn, guy! You call customers, “guy”? E-Esu– “Esuka”? I mean, Manager! Apprentice Manager, I’m not saying that
you can’t Cardfight with the customers. But what about your promise to finish
taking inventory by the time I arrive? Did I promise th– Yes, you did! You and I are entering into
a contract, Shinemon Nitta. While you’re on the world tour… …I’ll be managing this shop. I hope he can vindicate himself
for not winning the world tour four years ago, with this year’s World Grand Prix. That is rather premature. After all, they have yet
to win the Asia Circuit. That’s true. Besides, Shinemon and his team
performed quite well four years ago. But they didn’t become the best in the world. Would you expect him
to be satisfied with “almost best”? An excellent point. Hello! Mark! Welcome! How did your student teaching go? It was fun, teaching Vanguard. No, I meant student teaching
for middle school students. Of course! I did it with
the help of these cards! Uesugi Kenshin Takeda Shingen
Of course! I did it with
the help of these cards! Uesugi Kenshin attacks Takeda Shingen! Did the class turn out all right…? It was a dream come true. What dream? To form a Vanguard club after getting hired! I see. Is something wrong, Shinemon? No, I’m happy for your Cardfight Club! Do me a favor and send your students to Capital! I can’t do that! Why not? Educators mustn’t show favoritism
to any particular shop! Don’t be so by the book. No means no! What about if I gave you a special card? I still can’t! Great work today. Carry you up there?! I just can’t anymore! Welcome back! So you’re here, Misaki. You’re staying for dinner, right? Yeah, I’m pretty hungry. It’s so good! You really should be eating my mom’s cooking. But Grandma always makes
more food than I can possibly eat. I could end up like your cat here. I take your point. I can’t even give Sub Manager rides anymore. Two years ago today, there was
a major explosion at Yumigatake, Two years since the meteorite impact
Two years ago today, there was
a major explosion at Yumigatake, referred to as “the Second Tunguska Event.”
Two years since the meteorite impact A great number of people have gathered
at the site today in memory of those
Two years since the meteorite impact A great number of people have gathered
at the site today in memory of those who tragically lost their lives
in the meteorite impact. Did something happen?! And now this… You made it to the semifinals, right?
Congratulations. You don’t have to congratulate me
until I’m actually the best in the world. Yeah, yeah. Are you really going to
retire after this tournament? You don’t have to become
the manager after graduation. You could leave the shop to Esuka– Misaki, there aren’t many
world champions who run a shop. Imagine how much publicity the title
“Best in the World” would bring to Capital! Then you want to be the best in the world for… Right. It’s partly for Capital’s sake. I see. I can get home fine from here. Goodnight! Yeah, goodnight. The best in the world, huh? What about it? Nothing. If you say so. How could he retire when he has
the talent to aim for those heights? It would be such a waste. Weak! Too weak! After two losses in a row for Team Daisetsuzan, Oyama chose to face off against Kanzaki,
but he has unfortunately lost! Team SSS is going to the finals! Weakness is a sin! Begone, weakling! It’s frustrating, but I had a really good time. Good luck! I don’t need wishes of success from a weakling! What was that?! I’ve had about enough of your verbal abuse! Your papa’s match will start soon. Papa’s hatch! “Match.” Mats! “Mat-ch.” Hat-ch! In just a moment, the second
semifinal match will begin! Rive Shindou Ruga Kaizu We know Ruga Kaizu and Rive Shindou were once
a duo, known as the mighty “Flow Vanguard,”
Rive Shindou Ruga Kaizu We know Ruga Kaizu and Rive Shindou were once
a duo, known as the mighty “Flow Vanguard,” that traveled the country
crushing powerhouse fighters, but their duel at the Esu Cup
four years ago has become legend. You definitely won’t want to miss the
second coming that is this inevitable fight! This won’t be a repeat
of my failure four years ago! I’m gonna beat you and take back
the title of “The Strongest”! It’s time! Let the fight begin! Stand up, Vanguard! Wh-What is that? “Primordial Dracokid”… The clan is “Gear Chronicle.” Gear Chronicle? Th-That card is new, even to me! What’s with Pop? Sorry, I don’t know. Is that your recipe for defeating me? That’s not how I think of it. How long are you going to play dumb? I ride Blue Wave Soldier Senior, Beragios! What is Rive Shindou thinking? Don’t ask me. I wasn’t asking you. Just thinking out loud. Rive Shindou, the “Board Grappler,”
has already taken 5 damage! Usually, that means it will end this turn… This wasn’t supposed to happen. Master! Is Pop gonna lose? I-It’ll be fine! He’s just warming up! Chronojet Dragon attacks your Vanguard! I guard! Whoa! The attack didn’t go through! Which means… My turn is over. Why?! For the past four years, not a day’s gone by
without me longing for a rematch against you! Then this is your lucky day. Silence! Last Card, Revonn attacks your Vanguard! No guard. It’s Rive Shindou’s fateful damage check! Will he get a heal trigger?! No trigger. I lose. Unacceptable! Ruga… Fight me once more, Rive! This time with Nova Grappler! Got it?! I wanna face Nova Grappler! He’s cracked…
Got it?! I wanna face Nova Grappler! Pop lost? I suppose the time wasn’t yet ripe. Well then… Yes. Let’s go. Aren’t those two…? Auntie Mikuru… Just “Mikuru,” remember? I-It’s fine, Chrono! Shinemon and Mark’s wins
will make up for my dumb brother! Pop is dumb?! What’s wrong with Ruga Kaizu?! Ruga! Sorry. I no longer have
a reason to continue fighting. Evil Stealth Dragon Akatsuki, Hanzo
delivers the final stroke! He did it! Ninja Master has
defeated two opponents in a row! Team Nippon is moving on to the finals! Nippon! Nippon! Champion! Nippon! Nippon! Champion! Champion! What the heck were you doing?! We managed to squeak by today,
but we’ll be facing Kanzaki in the finals! If you fight like you did in there,
there’s no way we can win! Yeah, I figured. “I figured”?! Why are you so breezy?! So here’s the deal… You two fight in the finals five days from now. I’ve got something to do that day
that I can’t get out of, so please! Dumbro, how can you be so irresponsible?! She’s right, Master! What is this thing you can’t get out of? That’s a secret. That’s not gonna wash! Not so loud. You’ll wake Chrono. S-Sorry. Well, I’m counting on you two. Get me to the Grand Prix. Could Rive be testing us? I don’t think so. I bet it’s all his fault. His who? I saw a man in a lab coat there today. I’d seen him before, when he
dropped off my brother on occasion. Thank you. Good work. Wait a second! What’s this about a lab coat? Then he works at a laboratory? Ack, I just remembered!
He told me not to tell anyone! My brother’s been working at
Ryuzu Laboratory for a long time now. Oops, time for me to leave for work! Well, I’ve gotta get to work. Whoops! I have to get to work! The match ends here. So that’s where he was going? What kind of research do they do there? It’s on Vanguard. Vanguard?! Yeah, they do research into
Vanguard Physical something-or-other. Oh! Physical! But why would he want you to keep it a secret? He said, “I’m sure they would come to visit
on a lark, which would be a pain in the butt.” All right, let’s go! There you go again, running off unthinkingly! No, I’m not! I just don’t
buy that explanation he gave! So I’m going there to ask
his real reason for ditching us! Then you’ll need a driver! Can I count on you, Mark? Shinemon, if you’re Maeda Keijiro,
then I’ll be your horse, Matsukaze! Wh-What is this? You remember the huge explosion
at Yumigatake, don’t you? Yeah. A meteorite landed, right? This is the place. Why would there be a Vanguard laboratory here? Beats me. It’s not open to the public? That’s right. My big brother works here. I still can’t let you in without permission. Hey, they got the go-ahead. Long time no see, Shinemon. You’re… Tatsuya? Yes. Welcome to Ryuzu Lab. The 30-second card intro segment! Today’s featured card is Aqua Force’s
Blue Wave Soldier Senior, Beragios! Blue Wave Soldier Senior, Beragios
Today’s featured card is Aqua Force’s
Blue Wave Soldier Senior, Beragios! When you have many allies at rest,
this unit gets +5000 power! And when it first appears, you can call
a grade 3 card from your deck, making it easier to ride Last Card, Revonn! With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”! Ride The Vanguard!
With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”! Ride The Vanguard! Hey, Tonori. Why have you guys teamed up with Kanzaki? Nanami and Kanzaki just hit it off, yo. Would you believe they yak
with each other for hours? They’ve got loads in common. Know how Nanami’s wild about cats? So is Kanzaki? Nah, Kanzaki’s into horses, yo. Horses?! What do they have in common?! Well, they’re both house pets. I see… Whoa, whoa, wait a sec! Horses aren’t house pets! Now that you mention it…
But that’s how Kanzaki lives, yo. Remind 21
Summoning Experiment
Now that you mention it…
But that’s how Kanzaki lives, yo. What kinda house does Kanzaki live in?!
Remind 21
Summoning Experiment

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    In short no cards other then the starter and the chronoget was showed
    They are really putting up the hype for the gear chronicles. Ooooo mama can’t wait

  6. In the last episode shinemon didn't know the job of rive when he was talking to aichi and friends, but in the past he does know?
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    1: he didn’t give himself a chance to learn about how the deck works, which would have a negative impact on any fighter (see og anime, second season and second episode for proof, Ren is the exception)
    2: maybe he had Chrono in mind for using that deck, since the ace is Chronojet. Rive isn’t dumb enough not to notice that…right?
    Still hyped about GC, it was my first clan! I will remake the deck I have now around Lost Legend and Chronojet (no Tiger for me)!

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  25. Familiar Characters Have Appeared on The Prequel First We Have Chrono Shindo He is The Future Protagonist And Leader of Team Try 3 And Second We Have Ryuzu Miyojin He is The Future Antagonist From The Group Called Company From The Cardfight Vanguard G Series

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