Story Time With Backpackers | Out of Your Comfort Zone? | Backpacker Series

Story Time With Backpackers | Out of Your Comfort Zone? | Backpacker Series

He’s got very intense nazi and
swastika regalia all over himself It would probably have to be when I tried
to go farming in Australia to get my second year visa.
So we were really excited drove all the way there and we
were in the middle of nowhere. It took us 3 hours
to get there, because we got lost 100 times. But, the thing that made me really out of
my comfort zone was the work itself. They were
telling us to cut down little pine tress, and literally it got half way through the
first day and I was like, ‘what are we doing, we’re
just cutting down a load of trees, this is horrible’
and we were like, OK we’ll stick it out for a
couple more weeks and by day 2 we turned around and it literally looked like a f****ng tree
massacre. We’d cut down so many trees and the fact
that we were cutting down these tree’s
it felt like a small version of deforestation. I hated it and the fact that we were doing
it so more cattle could grow and produce more
methane, the whole climate change side of it,
I really felt so uncomfortable doing it. So yeah, I was really out of my comfort zone
and we ended up quitting that day because we
both looked at each other and thought I’m not cutting down another tree, I’m
just not doing it and yeah, got out of there really. The first country that I went to, other than
Germany in Europe, was Lithuania and I went for a heritage festival they were having.
It was amazing, there were like 800 thousand extra people there or something like this.
It was really cool to see people celebrate where
they were from and then at one point as I’m crossing through this giant park, there’s
a man there and he’s got very intense nazi and
swastika regalia all over himself and even though
I’m from the States with a history of nazism or
racism, I’d never before been next to someone so close who was just sporting this
as a point of pride. So I thInk that’s when
I’ve been most out of my comfort zone, but then as I walked
past him again later, it didn’t faze me the same
way because I realised it’s just one persons
opinion and out of all the people at this festival
wearing their pride and different head dresses, there
was one man with this view and the world just
isn’t like it was 100 years ago and I don’t have to
be worried about these things. So the first stop in my travels
was in Nepal and I had gone with my best friend and we
were gonna do some trekking. My brother who had done it
before, had always told me that I should work out, I should get
fit, like trekking is not as easy it’s not just walking and I totally
disregarded what he had told me. Anyway, when I was just about
to get to the village, which was our first stop. I suddenly couldn’t
walk anymore, I got hip-lock and the only way to move was to
shuffle, otherwise if I had to lift if I could lift my leg, it would really
hurt me and so with the help of my friend and some other travellers
I got to the first guesthouse and I stayed there and I thought that it was just
cramp and that I would get over it, so they had to leave and I had to stay
there. As much as i’m lucky that it happened at the end of the first stop,
so I could easily get somewhere, it was a slap in the face, because you
always think that you have your health and you have all your body parts and I
always thought that I can do anything even if I stress my body, it’s my body
you know. But no, my body gave up on me, maybe because I didn’t train
it well. You just get this shock of like your health. I just hit 30 so you start
thinking your health is waning or leaving you and it took a good 4 to 6
weeks to heal and walk without a stick, so as a backpacker I has to
stay where I was, I couldn’t carry my bags and the whole time I was like, please God
let my body get back to normal and I will treat it right. That was when I was
out of my comfort zone, thinking I could trek
and I could do things, but no, I could not. I guess when I was most out of my
comfort zone, was then I was in Vietnam with my brother. We stopped at a seafood
place, ordered food and realised we didn’t have enough money to pay for it.
So my brother had to leave and find an ATM, and so I was at the restaurant with all the
Vietnamese locals, while they were singing karaoke for about two and a half hours
by myself. That was the first time I had really interacted
with the locals. They gave me drink and food, and we laughed and they didn’t know much
English but we got by just using hand signals. They had me singing karaoke, which I
would never do. I would never get in front of people and sing karaoke or dance, that’s
for certain. I would say those two and a half hours were some of the most fun I’ve had
on this trip so far and I think it’s kinda funny
it’s when I was out of my comfort zone and that’s when I had the most fun. I’d have to say when I first landed in Bangkok.
I had been travelling for about 2 months prior, in Europe. That went fairly easy, fairly well
and then when I got into Bangkok, it was somewhat
of a culture shock. I mean…I was just getting lots of stares and I was ready for it in a
sense, but on that specific day I don’t know, I
just felt different. I just went buying lotion
and all you could see was whitening cream or
bleach in the lotion. So that was pretty hard, that was draining on me. So after that first
day I really had to have a talk with myself and
be like ‘hey chill, relax, there’s more to this experience’.
Cause if I carried that negativity with me throughout
my travels in Asia, it just would’ve been a
bad time and I would’ve not been receptive and open to the good that could come my way.
Since then, it’s just been a lovely time and
honestly things were lining up so well and I
was back into my initial travellers mindset which is to let go, to be free and to just
embrace every moment. I’d say that’s when I felt most out of
my comfort zone, but at the same time I’m
thankful for it, because it really did make me reflect upon myself and it was kinda
the purpose of travelling as well. One of the
goals I had set for myself while travelling was to test and get to know myself better,
know what my boundaries are, what I enjoy and to discover all of that you really do
need to step out of your comfort zone.
So, yeah, that’s pretty much it.

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  1. Brilliant! Love this video ! Emmm.. out of comfort zone moment/ tragic moment when I have lost my passport in the country Georgia— nobody knows English, run around too much , had to shed extra euros to find a translator to write the lost report and get the whole process done! Then catching a train to Armenia to go the Indian Embassy there for exiting certificate ! It was indeed a nightmare for me !

  2. Great video guys. My out of my comfort zone time would have to be when I was swimming in Thailand and I got caught up in a riptide! Was completely out of my depth, literally! Thankfully I remembered what I had read about riptides which was to not fight against it and to swim parallel to the beach. Once I was stabled I was able to flag down a life guard and they came and got me! Scary experience but one which I learnt a lot from, mainly about myself!

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