Stick fight | The SNAKE-ENING

Stick fight | The SNAKE-ENING

Hey she’ll this oh hey you’re shielded your shield it’s sugar-free Allen she’ll keep talking [Music] hey guys welcome back we’re playing steak fight again what up guys back from popular mud for this action-packed stick fight action you guys have no choices we’re about to play it anyway let’s do this action I have to kill you so no if I don’t win after that like energy level yeah we’re just exhausting all our energy before we can get started like just oh yeah we set the HP oh– to 1 million two hundred instead of a hundred so it’s gonna take out well for us to even start this game but we also set the the weapons spawn rates too high you won airhorn dot wave cool so we um I just oh yeah no no that’s so we edited the episodes are the levels so that we could play some of the ones we like no no there’s no things no no no no no no yes yes okay good okay cute this is some one of the ones we didn’t play it all there’s ghosts oh okay I’m not gonna oh no no no I’m not gonna dude yeah we slaughter so we pick up please we’re trying to do something different where we put the levels on like random oh man come on dude whoa oh you turn the HP up cuz we’re out of it no stopped snakes a whole snake shotgun and right in time oh yeah yeah there we go see your necks want to see their mommy and you are their mommy wow we have so much as much help I can just live forever no there you go you’re after by the end of this level you will have the same fear of snakes yeah you will learn to fear the snakes there dude dang it okay this one presents oh man cuz all the weapons are up there let me see if I can punch you up come in here here we go okay actually you jump over me and then okay you happy yes yes I’m doing it for the both of us go get these guns get those guns so we can kill each other yeah yeah okay uh here you want this one um oh wait and get you this one no okay okay okay I got one okay it’s okay you want this weapon no uh what to you come on presents Wow oh whoa anyway I’m gonna stay at the top so I can have presents okay I got a gun and now it’s it’s time to die out oh yay whereas I don’t get the snakes whoa that’s a cool one it bounces yeah okay so I shot myself I think I’m okay with snakes as long as they’re not coming for me let’s see I can’t even aim it up here oh no dude laser gun is neat the team really likes giving me lasers oh wow flying snakes attack there there’s actually a lot of new levels oh now I’m the one who shoots and I’m the one [Laughter] okay so now I’m gonna start trying yeah now you’ll see my final four oh I remember this level wait no we never played this one any level yeah all these are new new a new level out of Christmas ones no no I’m smarter you never died I died [Applause] this is long we did ah shoot the chain with the snakes should I do it yeah it’s right out that feels like it’s not good okay oh there’s a flying one okay I’m gonna I’m just gonna wait wait don’t don’t do anything I want to try this red one was we’ve never seen this before okay okay well spirits cool okay let’s try this out Oh what was that that like I clipped by a spike in the head we never knew it good to see what it was no the mystery will never be solved because that weapon will never come back hey good good all the snakes are gone and I have a gun and you don’t speak again okay where do I go I think there’s a lot of a kickback yeah you get launched with the in there show ghost this reminds me of Mario if you like there’s all kinds of like disappearing stages in Mario so this is why the levels we didn’t do see me dude why not give me one good reason because I have a gun now okay okay since you have a gun I don’t have to shoot you cuz you’re the one doing the shooting yes okay I’m gonna disobey your command no oh I fell off oh that boy fell off that recoil is a force to be reckoned with oh so this is Halloween Lander Christmas looks like Halloween well the real oh sorry no you’re not no you’re oh we got an achievement Explorer conquer because you died instead what is all this one I remember this all we never got to pull you see the potential oh do swing high okay I’m not gonna do anything stupid okay good good now that’s what happened when we got that one last time we just started shooting it like launched us off yeah it’s basically a jetpack nachos ouch ouch ouch ooh nacho nacho ray mean it was a gun easy like the flying snake no please fall on his side to side oh thank you oh thank you can I kick it okay it’s gonna do last minute you’re doing way better than I did be I it just kind of rolled in the corner for me and then stayed there and then I died I mean at the end of the day the winds well the story never guns are bad guns are bad ones will kill you even if you were guns are dangerous everybody remember that kids and adults and everyone else who uses gun owners murderers oh you have the music what is this I mean – yeah no wait so let’s see what it is first don’t shoot me can I oh oh you mean whoa particularly oh I see the first one day oh my gosh oh my got to kill here because you’re the boss I am the boss hide ouch I’m a shield right ouch new face yeah I see your health hey my out of things I can’t why can’t I attack anymore Oh new face I like this face ouch can’t kill me dude I’m a boss bro you’re totally killing me you have so much I’m the pumpkin I don’t I don’t even have as far yes this is what happens when you give ya big figures too much at heart this is a reason Alan’s never given his stick figures a pumpkin head and made them float around like a monster yeah serious thought to that you’re writing it yeah when you’re writing news new episodes you’re like man should I give them a pumpkin head and on our necks is too powerful day point time there’d be nothing what was that good yeah I want to see the new year we were here before and not going to fall for the old ha ha ha I think I’m gonna use to the snakes they’re not too bad yeah dude thanks for people to people yes snake sir people I need that present what is this use it all and a little to my little friend oh hello little friend hey that was mean of you why did I do that because this get the shotguns dangerous yourself – ah shocking is really did you kill me more than you dude you know rapier idea oh this is yeah ok so I leave that get on there I don’t want this okay display clearly okay so we have to shoot oh you have to shoot the chain through the chain and then you can get it well dang we want that gun shoot that guns probably just a normal just annoying any other gun but they make it about you I’ll shoot the I’ll shoot that chain yeah yeah okay yeah yeah this requires the utmost skill does oh yeah okay and then I’ll shoot shoot that chain is that gonna make it no way oh you’re buying okay okay okay okay you go for it what’s the hair of that one there that one now get that gun oh yeah oh yeah we’re gonna quad Glaser quad Glaser 200 HP my butt number when I killed you with this and the last one never that now remember that I’d like to live in the present and not the past wow this slows me down look at that wait wait wait okay what oh is this the boss boss fight you want to be the bosses yeah I’ll be the boss I’ll look at the world a little sleepy little cloud over here oh that’s cute okay so I can watch couch yeah my oh my gosh you’re definitely doing better as the boss I don’t let you I was not on your face [Music] opposite of hugs I feel like a punch but I’m like already doing that no no no no no no no I could fly gotta win this and I switch my face I don’t know my things wait look at this aim dude noscope easy guys this is a pro gamers do it actually noscope at all do for a pro-gamer gun hook gun gamer dude noscope 360 360 noscope sniper shots – perhentian sniper headshot double kill triple no sixty no camp no why aren’t you dead right being a boss sucks because apparently all your bullets are paper-mache climb that nothing and made that’s how you kill someone break those bells now hey dude headshots ouch rotation around the lanch this is this that’s Kevin come on that was a nice shot man who did that almost looked like I knew what I was doing did you know totally messed up a nice explosion now how you gonna get over here cuz you can’t Oh No Oh do you see my shield those good Hey shield this shield it you shield it sugar for you Oh your shears snake force Hey yeah over there Oh up on top of these pillars these are my pillars thanks Morgan Freeman oh look how the tables have I turned an hour actually actually get up you’ll never put tables that looked like I knew what I was doing guys well you could have just not said that and it would have echo yeah it’s your own cool if I would have been less amazed at my health I don’t think I even moved that spot I like how I like that yeah yeah not with the snake gun hey I don’t want to tell it that sneaks hey you didn’t want me to have the snakes that’s why you died I see a laser we’re all wait a second I thought I was blue that’s why I died yeah if anyone didn’t know I’m blue not yellow you know what happens in this one yeah hey nice tie nice tie I learned something today don’t be mean everybody everyone be kind and you won’t die randomly boom dang give you the snake guns let me see if I can mass let me see if I can oh can you can you can you oh you try to JAMA don’t know go go go no you gotta go over there can you do up to yes okay see that this is the this is how we’re playing this level yep oh that’s their turns no no no I didn’t even think I had a snake good oh I’m you again oh man I remember this one okay so what’s the strategy to this I don’t know this try and survive it don’t hurt each other yeah yeah yeah we have a pact we have to think about this I think you just have to like I think it’s probably better if my dad already does Oh dagger does this tonight when we teleport dead oh oh my gosh I just teleported Wow I want to do that again oh I want that Oh what’s writing from this guy whoa oh my gosh dude that’s that’s pretty cool it is I want it again let’s see if it gives us again because it heard me I’m just chilling up here Morgan Freeman stop yeah that’s totally how I want the Delacorte gun hmm should I do this shoot it okay oh oh I did the thing oh wait wait remember we couldn’t let me get this oh yeah yeah yeah this time out of honor Star Wars and get this okay don’t die okay yeah right right just chill you know what we want to see the gun oh that was almost I was that was that was smart Thanks okay wait and jump jump good good I got uh okay okay what does he do try shoot it all oh that’s up that’s all it’s all coming out of here you hit me I’m gonna train okay you missed dude I might even move not a very good Jedi whoa anakata knock back I wanted to shoot my gun I was like about to like let you hit me and then kill you my gun but then uh you’re like I guess I’m better maybe if you destroy me even though they would have been really neat if you shot me because then you could have figured out like if the lightsaber blocked bullets oh yeah oh yeah sure killing your Morgan Freeman stuff Jim Morgan Freeman stop Oh kinda look like an old black man who’s been alive for possibly since the beginning of time hey you’ve got the only gun yeah okay my only command is to bounce on this trampoline like this and then get the laser to give you it’s gonna work hikiko I don’t think it was more no we sit the set the weapons to hide well this level only have dang PvP then be VP Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Creek Morgan cried or to kill you now oh sorry we both have a horrible Morgan why uh snake level this is the wait what’s this I’m gonna kill the snakes don’t kill the strings next – I did – you won hey I got really okay ah Allen’s favorite stage everyone I kill it doesn’t even kill the snakes you can’t kill the snakes they’re immortal it’s like real life that’s nature facts put that in front of the screen listen I like their mom and then see this is awkward see look why I ran our blitz well that’s actually what you can do in that be stage outside touch okay let’s fly in contest hooking it to the top first okay starting from the bottom almost out of bullets yeah so I’m gonna win ready say I went up to the sky you did yeah yeah when I first did it that’s really high okay well that time you didn’t so again these guns don’t do rich for the rich for the reach for the sky you waiting for me do it Nick in my boot they only give us one type of gun so if you had a snake what’s your what’s your most feared snake we’re talking Cobra Viper Black Mamba there’s the Anaconda right oh you’re afraid of like a like a constrictor type snake hug you to death yeah leg one you know the pet stores and they had that gigantic it likes everyone every pet store has like the giant snake yeah I never pick up boa constrictor it’s like it which is like sitting there and though moves and then you dislike scream have you ever seen the meme so they call them like nope ropes or danger noodle say any more than that danger noodle oh that’s not a ship that’s not a rocket launcher okay these you afraid of the no / yes yes I am yeah that was that was a bad back yes respect the headed that that was like a point-blank head shot and that was pretty cool though thanks man yes I’m just gonna stop here hey Diane let’s like bye you don’t know that I’m leaving buy this and get this one and dude that’s out oh no dude I’m sorry sorry Alan you mean I’m sorry oh you maybe you made me do too I do urge I’ll kill the snake Oh Cal thank oh my god it’s no longer a battle between man and man that’s abandoned three snakes the tail is all this time of course that old Bible verse in verse three snakes oh man live or oh man let’s see if I can kill you by I threw the knife in my own face Wow okay not good that was embarrassing you know what else is embarrassing oh oh yeah I’ll go through platforms can’t you [Laughter] come on don’t say goodbye if you don’t know good see it pause it whoa snake that’s how much I like killing you more than I hate snakes you like killing me more than you hate snakes I don’t know why I said that I hate snakes more than anything Oh connot bang that recoil man you’re gonna do there we go oh you’re not even happy sorry Alan how you keep saying sorry cuz I apologize apologetic nice of you thank you oh okay sorry dude I’m gonna win come on stick test can we put in the the music from Titanic no why it’s going under okay yeah hey my snakes flying so worst thing in the world I do they fly I wanna know these are cámaras sorry I can’t hide account I’m gonna kill them can I kill them wow I’m alive I’m still and kill the snakes nachos oh well you could have let me kill the snakes I don’t think you can kill them but they’d get damaged you see them good like red okay wait should we make a lot of snakes one level and try and kill them how about just one no we make 1000 snakes and see if we can kill one of them can’t even like I agree I agree maybe one of them get that’s chain for me sure let me get that done for you that you’re gonna kill me with yeah thanks uh wait wait hey I want that one oh you put in the lava Hey now I’m gonna sneak into inside here Oh gotta take a breather you know hey what’s up hey what’d you do anything stick you can take a breather you know hey I’m robbing this Bank can you open up the kids register ah I’m on lunch break so no okay I’ll do that register cash register it needs like my fingerprint no you lied to me and I have a shot good and I’m on lunch break so I can’t do that but it’s coming get that money I’m finishing up and now I’m rich it’s that easy great oh it’s the weird gun and I’ll like this gun dang you through that so far I don’t like this gun what gun I don’t like this game you like that I don’t like that okay now it’s cool it’s already dead I don’t like gun oh wait we could have tested out our theory oh yeah flying snakes versus us yeah but you know even this wait so it guns float on top of lava and you’re gonna punch me okay shoot one good gun you need a gun okay I don’t like go far away okay you okay you get to the other side okay yep and you’re gonna get the chains the chains will stop us there’s not a great level there are snakes okay is cool I’m gonna shoot one okay shoot up shoot up it’s coming here just got snake ah oh oh oh my god wow what a level this allow me level whoa do you see me dude you look super cool like you knew you’re doing I didn’t know what I was doing Morgan Freeman hey this would be a public pillar yeah Morgan Freeman stop okay just gotta take a breather you know I’m just gonna you know you want to get better care I don’t want to do any I never thought I would ever say that do you want okay jumpin jumpin jumpin for me dance forward times another chain level I like the chain they’re funny and they’re also really that what’s happening whoa how about I do this No good that gun Hey look that gun is your Savior oh my gosh your life I’m a loser I’m gonna I got this gun good fire snake gun yeah now I know what to do when I get when I shoot it 75 snail would always seconds possible wow I can’t jump off the it’s nice you can jump off of lava yeah just like in real life Wow add some recoil I know what to do now ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch boop boop boop I wa I didn’t exit yeah cuz I won the lava life’s mission to I’m up here ah and catch it like you slowed the Box and slow this one too ah yes the platform ha ha ha you put it back in my hand I won both the guns and then not this one you hit me in the face with that where should the Shogun get it get it get it get it get it get it get it get it get it get it see you can get it you can do it no die we need like a simple level okay this is a good simple level this is a nice simple actually maybe yes okay get that see if it’s the snake gun and likely is I bet you it is no okay snakes ok these are normal snakes okay uh okay get it con that’s no throw that throw that right off the level okay you ready no this one’s not good it’s too slow okay hey get out of the way too tall dude get away okay so I got it I’m gonna start shooting I’m shooting one snake one snake it’s like oh wow okay one you think I’m gonna kill it yes dad this levels terrible what does thinking like oh it’s here okay now it’s your turn I don’t want to be the one killing thing okay I got this pistol ah okay kill this guy still things are so heavy they give you a ground oh wow they’re really heavy can’t do it again oh my gosh they actually break stuff they’re super heavy okay I’m gonna kill in the head shoot in the head goodbye Oh your snake snake snake it’s not oh oh oh wow there’s so there’s so that’s a headshot there’s another good shot oh that’s why don’t you guys so much okay I’m gonna help you now okay needs it read me what is this whoa now the definitely wanted to chat if that’s how I shall the snake do it that is how I kill this do it the snake died do it uh snake died it’s alive okay get something else you go I need to go entry oh wait that’s us thinking keep going okay come on come on snake why is this guns so dumb okay it’s your turn you gotta kill it it won’t you got to do it here get closer you’re right we’ll find out won’t find out here I’m gonna give you another one kill it Kelly oh okay this is now this this this I’ll never know snake just okay okay let’s let’s see what can we do with these guys can I like shoes off oh no I can’t no you can’t that’d be super cool if you could oh wait let me get at you and then do snow angels I’m out of victory Wow fatality what is this can you grab onto that yes you can oh cool maybe this could be the last one no we are not done it just sit down we still have like be hung at Louisville you haven’t done yeah we have to finish all of them oh wow should we test out ours yeah and snake fight play snake this guy’s got a new name snake fight I’m slowing down thanks man thanks man so he done slowing down slink down not something you done it so many times with the slow ice gun Wow snakes are just on different level dude these snakes are dangerous how’d you get up there no way I got the high ground Anakin Kelvin oh we both know we both had snakes ownage I should know that by now you [Music] have a snake gun jeez that is some serious recoil snake recoil snake recoil okay maybe I can’t like boom I gotta fly oh wow that really watched you yeah we gotta get in there recently if I breathe faster I’ll do it I’ll do better no no no no you got black whoa cool cool that was a really fun level that was really fun huh yeah yeah easy cool I think I and then we do all the levels yet I think so yeah okay this is that what that black hole level was our final level yeah yeah and let’s call it music on it yeah sing happy songs I like that okay threw it away that looked painful yeah yeah I guess I’m all right cool cool guys we hope you liked our second playthrough of the stick fight it was fun and keep requesting fun games for us yeah because we really enjoy them and we try and play a lot of the games that you guys suggest yes I’m over my recorded these take a while to edit yep cool well bye guys bye bye that’s the same time on AVG I know all right peace bye guys what’s this [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  2. 30:14 Alan shot a rocket and shot the present away!

    4 days later……: 1:18 IS ALAN DOING THE TAKE THE L!?!?!?!?!?

  3. Wait, just think… What if The Chosen One had a pumpkin head? He could take out every Windows computer in the world simultaneously! But the real question is, does TCO know his was around Linux?

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