STARTUP EP 03 | Rival Startup Founders Play An Intense Chess Game

STARTUP EP 03 | Rival Startup Founders Play An Intense Chess Game

So today, we are going to see my friend His name is Arya. He went to my college and You know he’s into startups, and he’s into engineering also and that it’s been a while I haven’t seen him so he reached out to me, and he wanted to hang out so Yo Joma Yo what’s up
Good to see you man Oh and also…I fucking hate that guy It’s been too long man
Yeah man, it’s been like what? College? It’s crazy So…You still working for Microsoft? Actually, I run a startup now Oh. Have you gone through series A yet? Well actually I’m funding myself with bitcoins Oh nice I’m..I’m happy for you So what about you? What are you up to? Oh, me? I just sold another company I’m just relaxing now trying to figure out what to do next Like..I always think why do VC’s always choose my companies. You know, it’s actually a hassle or enough choice..too much Yeah, I mean…yeah, me too. I mean I totally get it Oh hey you still play chess right?
Yeah I still dabble You up for like a friendly game, ya know? (hmph ‘friendly’ it’s anything BUT friendly. I’ll crush you) Oh man I am so rusty, but I’d love to
(Love to put you back in the poorhouse) (I’ve memorized over 300 openings and practiced every day for the past year, yep no chance) Yeah, no. I’m pretty trash too like I haven’t played in a while Kings gambit…by far my best opening especially if he accepts it Alright Joma, I accept your gambit Hehehe, you’ve activated my trap card Hmm Little does he know this is my best opening First I play Knight f3 then he responds with g5 and then I quickly h4. The Paris Attack Hm Ah, what is this? Hm..You thought I’d play g5, didn’t you? It’s the Wagenbach opening, an unconventional but dangerous opening. Much less studied than the classic variation I don’t mind a little variation in my game ♪ It’s time to de-de-de-de-de-de-de-duel ♪ (Intense music plays) ♪ Yuuuuu-Gi-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh ♪ His Queen. Haha, what a blunder. Victory is mine Hehehehe Rookie mistake, I guess you haven’t improved Check Check Check Your first employees They can either make or break your company for we have to make sure we hired the right people to build the foundation of our company Today we are joined by my advisor Mitun Entrepreneur, angel investor and philanthropist. He’s known to be the wolf of Silicon Valley Alright, so let’s start.
So, why do you want to work for notvine? Yeah.
That works. Very bold, I like it.
Silence is dope My parents want me to get out of the house more..and I think this is a cool company, So you know pretty excited. You remember when YouTube had a security hack? Yeah, that was me. Okay, I am the most qualified person for this job I have been studying online video for years between Vine, Vimeo, YouTube. I know it all. So what kind of what kind of skills you have? I can uuh write code I’m… okay at writing code. I know..Java, I took a class in Java know.. I get shit done. Yeah. I mean..
I guess it works Yep, yep there we go Hmm..well these ain’t my only two pythons -kisses biceps- my codes sharp cause I know C-sharp My codes so sexy, it should be rated R. I code so fast like cause I code in Swift I ain’t know bitch but I know Basic. And Haskell. What do you want work on? I want to be the CTO No way, I mean…
Deal! You know I’m good with anything, I’m just really excited to work on notvine. I really like vine so you know…cool idea guys. Cool idea. I want to build notvine’s infrastructure. I want it to be the greatest app of all time I want to make sure that whenever anyone is on that site, they’re having the experience of a lifetime I’m not gonna hack together shit like Windows Vista All right, so the next question. Just a formality..we’re gonna ask you to do a little bit of a coding question It’s quite simple um here’s a laptop basically what it is, is um You have to find a missing number out of a 1 to 100, and just start writing a code You want me to uuh…you want me to code this? um Joma, I thought this was just a formality This is easy as fuck Do you want me or not? Don’t give me this bullshit interview Yeah…that’s fine My boy Carl Gauss figured this shit out in 1783 -clears throat- Can I have some water? Sure -ringtone- -Door closes- Here. Silicon Valley’s finest La Croix Aaaah! It’s perfect That is quick Pretty good. I mean looks good to me Alright, I think I’m done Pretty good
It’s shit! Wait, what do you mean? I mean, they got the answer right?
It’s gonna take a million years to run Yeah, but like look there’s like comments and stuff like that. It’s good documentation Dude, we’re not Microsoft So, did I get the job? Alright first Sunmi.
She’s amazing. She’s the best that we’ve seen so far. She’s solid when it comes to technical skills A CTO? Absolutely What about Cameron? Cameron, he’s a straight shooter He knows five languages, and he’s the best at Python He never makes any mistake, the straight hopper Alright now John No.
Come on man. No.
I mean he’s my friend. I can go all night. Nope. Look, I know…I know his code is not perfect and I know he may not be the smartest guy But I do think they can add a lot of value to our company He does have a lot of heart Alright, so I guess we’re all good then
Let’s build Notvine What’s poppin. Now if you like this video don’t forget to subscribe and also press the bell because that will give you a notification whenever Startup four will come out and if you want to see behind the scenes and You know just extra footage or maybe like the director’s cut and stuff like that I’m going to post it on Patreon so if you want to please support me on Patreon It’ll only cost a dollar a month and you’ll be able to see all the other content and also news. I have a Facebook page now Please like that page because I’m gonna use it to do announcements from now on because I realized there isn’t any Good way for me to announce things permanently, so I’m gonna be using my Facebook page to announce things And I’m going to post extra content in there Yeah, so I’m gonna have that link down below and don’t forget to like it, and yeah, this could be great lastly I just want to say thank you so so much for 10,000 subscribers Honestly that number is freakin crazy And I just have nothing to say because my goal for 2018 was to hit 10,000 subscribers And I did it in one month all thanks to you guys. Thank you so much Oh and because I hit 10k It means I’ve reached 2500, 5000 and 10000 so stay tuned because I am going to announce another giveaway Alright, that’s it. Thanks for watching again and Thanks for tuning in. See ya Hey is this seat taken? Yeah it’s fine

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