Star Wars Chess Review

Star Wars Chess Review

you you hello PC gamers video 2 here today I’m reviewing Star Wars chess chess game the Vuitton published by the software two works in 1993 for the PC and Sega CD in the wake of battle chess the interplay game that simulated battles between chess pieces the software two works company used the Star Wars license to develop a similar game but within the Star Wars universe so did they manage to make a worthy title let’s find out the gameplay is actually quite simple the game uses the same rules as normal chess except that all the pieces are replaced by Star Wars characters for instance the King for the rebel side is Luke Skywalker while under Empire sides it is the Emperor you can choose to play with the rebels or with the Empire which represent the white and black pieces respectively when one piece captures another a small battle sequencing shown which are quite amusing and fun to watch the enemy AI is challenging it will counter your moves and try to set traps for you but you can also change the difficulty if you find it too hard however the game takes a while to perform an action after you have chosen move for that piece this can really be nerving especially when you have made a illegal move and have to wait for the game to a knowledge the mistake before issuing another order the pieces also block the vision of the board so sometimes you can be sure on which square you are clicking which can make you do an illegal move you for 1993 the graphics aren’t that bad the cattle models are very adult and the battle animations are simply superb honestly they are the biggest selling point of this game each character has a different fighting animation with every other single enemy piece so for instance Leia killing a stormtrooper as a different animation than killing bonified for instance the son is also very good with the classic sounds of Star Wars like the blasters or lightsabers being digitalized as well as the classic Star Wars music from the movies the cutters also have a few lines they say – they are not voiced by the same actors of the movies so my final score for this game is a six point five out of ten this game captures the spirit of Star Wars and adapts it to the most improbable of genres chess and results are quite good however after a few games you will have seen most of the battle animations which are the main reason to play this game and so the interest begins to fade I hope you have enjoyed this review and see you in my next video you

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  1. I personally find the SEGA CD version of Star Wars Chess to be the best version so far. At least you won't get to watch slow walking animation, and the animations will get a lot faster for you to watch.

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