Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil King Ludo Best Cartoon For Kids & Children – Red Tomato

Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil King Ludo  Best Cartoon For Kids & Children – Red Tomato

Please LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT And SUBSCRIBE Video! THANK YOU! Get it out all of it that to that to this is my castle. I don’t want to see a single butterfly face moving And without everything in my kingdom is in order Hong Kong times Those especially here, I’ll show you Greetings young man might I interest you in a king Ludo mask run baby oh Come on you know All that terrible butterflies Checkmate I’m bad at everything. I need you to command the people to like me what why would I do that? I don’t even like you Shuffling about and talking to that wand hand of yours. It’s weird Change of plan I’m giving you 24 hours to figure out a way to make the people of Muni like me Almost tasted River now is no time for butter Has air conditioning, it’s a dungeon not a torture chamber Nice how are those shackles coming? I don’t think this is going to work What the heck is going on here since Ludo took over we’ve been hiding in the vents and when he’s not around We eat his royal level Don’t touch it how are these things not flying off the shelves? Now’s our chance if we can get that key from Ludo We can free that King and well I’m gonna have to stop you right there You see as artists our job is to comment on the world around us not So what makes me a true artist not as much of an artist at the mine obviously? We all know the mine is an artistic genius Genius guys look and you never want to end a sentence with a pronoun you all make me sick What booth yeah, who’s in my royal bedroom guy in a mask we’re here to entertain Spider Monkey And we say great king mundo is Good you guys are really good? What do you call your band three artists and a buffoon? Except for the mine he’s a genius Get them Wow, you guys really had me fooled No, we we really do hate each other Where’s my key Or is it lever Taco Time you may have the crown, but you will never be king We’ll see how you feel once you’ve been lever tattoed What are we gonna do now now we fight Hold this we’re gonna need to build some armor Marco, okay, we just add Yes, I’m trying to catch the boss I get it stay in that zone I Came to give you a black diaper picture day, but apparently there’s no need I said not today Marco you I’m getting to that Thank you And then you met Now that degenerate is Oscar Greeson. I’d stay away if I were you boy Can you please keep your fantasies out of my flashback I Like your ringtone better So cute it’s supposed to be ironic Anyway you are so sad Hey star I Thought you liked Brown sorry hey star up here I tried to lure one with you want To fly you’re out much Ludo, what’s with all these new monsters What these are all the same monsters always bring? I’m usually in the back. Hey now that you all know each other It’s supposed to be ironic Oscar, can you hold on for like one second hi I am on the phone you what? cool cool Okay, bye, I like your pound boys Of Course very few are aware of the serious matter, so I’ll be traveling of for how to give an all-day lecture explaining of those dimensional scissors No no of course not just normal earth scissors see We’re about to celebrate my parents anniversary come on. Oh no I didn’t get them anything oh Hello kids happy anniversary you guys Wow mark oh My fanny packs, okay? I know you guys are non-believers, but these are way cooler than last year’s they have everything you need We can use Oh higher I Want to show you oh, you knees natural beauty Did you see what I just did with that bubblegum Of course not oh Wow, these flowers are lovely not as lovely as you let me capture your beauty nasaan this magnificent adventure He’s on to me nothing makes you feel more like a man than going to the bathroom in the woods, huh we gotta go Look if they’re stopped In the forests of certain death well everything except for this miniature miniature book of knots so cute Did you say not yeah? They’re not here quick to the large intestine for a long day of exploration mom dad And you’re only wearing the fatty bags. Ah Jean butterfly carefully dip Hmm it all started with the fans backs Hey, aren’t you supposed to be giving some boring lecture Dom? Yes, we got a little lost The directions rerun it all started with any parachuting from you I suppose so Are you gonna tell mom you saw me I didn’t see you All right start feast your eyes on this On earth you’re my best friend on Muni Marco. This is the phony I’ve been telling you about Alright Let’s go Where are we Jazz you do what souvenir from the night my besties became besties You messed that up are you gonna get warned? Got it good Good Oh, yeah, just tried to shove me off this cloud Hey you square have you seen this head don’t lie to me little man In the my star pointy head How could you do that to my best friend best friend last time I checked the best friend with me I can have two best friends unless one of them is a friend ditching wire No, not talking a what if I do this Really annoying My name is Hello princess It’s hard to say it, but he is your other bestie, okay? Alright princess time to go Oh Kids have them and then yeah wish they weren’t a road Anywhere in the entire universe I know just the place

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