Star Butterfly: Wojna o Mewni 17/24 “Król Ludo”

the dungeon has air-conditioning it’s a dungeon not a torture chamber nice how are those shackles coming I don’t think this is going to work liver did you eat the butter River I used to be king okay okay I’ll go steal that key from Ludo and then we’ll both get out of here you should just go this isn’t your fight Marco listen to your king whoa the Royal bedroom [Music] or a very odd why dude you’re gonna guess what heck is going on here since Pluto took over we’ve been hiding in the vents and when he’s not around we eat his royal leftovers and sleep in his royal bed she was miming that we sleep in His Royal bed how are these things not flying off the shelves it can’t be for my lack of devilishly good looks I’ve got that whole lever tottering King River to do being a king simply exhausting now’s our chance if we can get that key from Bluto we can free the king and well I’m gonna have to stop you right there you see as artists our job is to comment on the world around us not doing stuff a heavy burden yes but that’s what it means to be an artiste oh please you an artist jingle scribbler and you’re a buffoon buffoon is merely the facade for my point of social commentary that’s what makes me a true artist not as much of an artist as the mine jeez guys look I’m not a soldier either but there’s a time when you have to get off the sidelines to get involved and if the four of us work together we can save the true king of mewni now I wouldn’t use that hand gesture it’s just been done to death and you never want to end a sentence with a pronoun you all make me sick I have asked we’re here to entertain you my lord why because yeah we wrote this song about you song about me [Music]

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