Star Butterfly kontra siły zła Napisy PL: Ludo, Where Art Thou? cz.3

Star Butterfly kontra siły zła Napisy PL: Ludo, Where Art Thou? cz.3

Oh Ludo Shh we don’t need to whisper there’s no one who can hear us now come on this is ridiculous I’m gonna lose my mind what are you doing Shiraz at this hour hmm you Trista Bob I’ll do it this whole thing is a Sharad sorry just one more round Danny such human okay let’s get out of where did Mike sooner we leave the better no forget it stop this isn’t funny these aren’t our parents this is garbage you want your fingers edges very I said you want your fingers [Music] yes I do look at you do it because he’s my hero [Applause] of course I love you big brother let’s get out of here we can face the real mom and dad now I can’t something very important happened today but I have lots more I need to work through before I can leave well I’m here to help you’re not alone anymore Big Brother I know that now that I have to do this part of my own but you’re my hero no one else in the family was brave enough to leave I can’t stand up to them on my own Kenneth you just did did you see that dunk you can jump higher than they could ever reach you need to confine your own adventures hmm you’re gonna be just fine kiddo take good care of spiders she’s quiet but she’s Bob lady and I’ll take care of bird too I don’t know who that is bye hello starring Mac oh how about a game of charades

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  1. Siemka jestem grafikiem jeśli chcesz mogę ci zrobić Avatar i banner ze Star butterfly z napisem twojego kanału dzięki tej grafice przyciągniesz więcej osób czekam na odpowiedź i pozdrawiam😉

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