Spot on impressions of Al Pacino and Arnold Schwarzenegger by Bill Hader [DeepFake]

Spot on impressions of Al Pacino and Arnold Schwarzenegger by Bill Hader [DeepFake]

– Thanks for being here, Bill.
– Thank you. Congratulations on the gig. You know, a lot of times,
it takes, uh, somebody, a new cast member, – a while to pop on that show.
– Yeah. You kind of popped right away,
’cause you did an Al Pacino impression. Yeah, yeah. And everybody in our office
was talking about it, you know, on Monday. – Like, “That guy, that’s really funny.”
– Oh, thanks, man. Thanks! Did you study a lot of Pacino’s films
to get him down? How did you come to that impression? No, no, I watched him on the, uh… his acceptance speech on the Emmys,
for Angels In America. – That’s the only type of thing…
– I was watching it and… That’s the only part you studied, yeah. I was watching that
and he was kind of like, just totally into the peripheral
and weird things, so he’s like… [Al Pacino voice] “Oh, wow!” [Laughter] “We got some lights.” [Laughter] “A couple of cameras, that’s nice.” [Laughter] “All right.” So you…
Did you do him for the, uh… Did you do Pacino
for your Saturday Night Live audition? [Normal voice] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I did him for the audition. And I did, uh, Pacino –
it was kind of weird – interviewing his new maid staff? So it was like all new maids. Uh-huh, and he’s giving them instructions? Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was… It was like, uh… [Pacino voice]
“If I walk into this kitchen…” [Laughter] “..and I see a cantaloupe…” [Laughter] “..On that table… “I…will lose…my mind.” [Laughter] Those are the instructions I give… [Normal voice] Yeah, it’s kind of like… It’s a weird thing to think about,
“What would Pacino say to his maids?” – I don’t know.
– Yeah. But you weren’t unfamiliar
with show business. You had worked in show business,
but behind the scenes, is that right? Yeah. I was a production assistant in LA
for, like, uh, like six years or so. – You worked on some big films.
– Yeah. – I worked on Collateral Damage?
– With… [Both] Arnold Schwarzenegger. – Sure.
– Who I know you like. – Yeah.
– Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who doesn’t love Schwarzenegger? So you got to really be around
Schwarzenegger a lot. – What was your impression of him?
– It was crazy, we were, like… We were in the jungle where they shot
Predator, like, in Mexico, and, uh… And everybody just has long-sleeved shirts
and, like, hats, and we’re just covered in bug repellent,
because there’s, like, bugs everywhere. It’s just, like, totally insane. And Arnold just hung out, like… with no shirt on. Like, in boxers, smoking a cigar,
like, playing chess. And bugs are coming around, like… And he’s like…
[Schwarzenegger voice] “Urrrgh.” [Laughter] [Normal voice] Kind of like King Kong
with the planes, you know, like, “Argh”. He probably waits till the mosquito
is half-filled with blood and then flexes and it explodes. [Laughter] He’s like… [Schwarzenegger voice]
“Come on! Come on! Do it! “Come on, mosquito, come on!” [Conan does Schwarzenegger]
“Give me your best shot, mosquito!” [Laughter] And then he turns into Al Pacino
all of a sudden. Did he, uh… You said he was playing chess,
he’s a chess player? He’s, like, a huge chess fanatic. And that was, like, the hardest thing, ’cause he would,
like, play with someone from, uh… You know, like, a crew member.
Anybody walking by. [Schwarzenegger voice]
“Want to play a game of…” [Normal voice] You know what I mean?
And they’re like, “No!” And, uh, I had to take him to set,
you know, and we would be waiting for hours. Like, “Where’s Arnold?
Where’s Arnold?” And he’s playing chess with people. So, we devised this thing where we, like,
write a little note and slip it to his opponent,
and it’d be, like, “Lose!” Exclamation.
You know what I mean? Just to get him…get the game over with. The person would be, like,
“Whoops! The board…” – You know?
– [Laughter] And he caught on to it, you know,
and he was, like, [Schwarzenegger voice]
“What is that? Uhh-uhh!” [Conan does Schwarzenegger]
“What does this say?” “I’m surrounded by assassins!” [Laughter] “Read this for me!” “What is this?!” “What is this ‘lose’?” “What is ‘lose’?” “I do not know…” [Normal voice] Yeah. I don’t have a good Schwarzenegger. Mine went away too,
I don’t know what happened. – It became Pacino.
– Uh…

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  1. بالدقيقه 2:32 حسيت انها فبركه لن حركت يده لمن لوح فيها حسيت في تموج بالتصوير ،،، التقنيه ياحبيبي والفيديو مفبرك وانا اتحمل كل كلمه اقولها مفبرك ، واصحو ياناس بلا هبل

  2. I thought I would check the comments out just to see if just one person also noticed that he was actually changing his face as well.
    Thank God others noticed as well, thought I was going nuts.

  3. Omg.. this is creepy.. he can change voice & face according to the character.. he reminds us of EXORCIST.. there's a demon in his body that enables him to do all this… he is definitely creepy.. the demon helps him to do all this…

  4. Hey Crtl Shift Face cut it the fuck out… shit ain't funny no more. Got everybody thinking they are seeing shit.

  5. There is somting not right with this man He looks like Al pacino when his doing his impression and his face changes and looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he does his impression.Demons at work this world is so focking focked up these people messing with magic and some evil shit only one place for them for selling their souls is hell forever

  6. Чё за лажа рассчитанная на идиотов с компьютерной графикой

  7. That is the most fucked up, disturbing thing I've ever seen and yes it is morphing/shape shifting djinns at work. This man is not who he says he is, check out his Tom Cruise impersonation on David Letterman.

  8. At first I was like damm he can shift his face to resemble them than I read the comments and saw some say it was fake. So I watched again and could see the filter applied when the camera would change its view on him. Dang I actually that he could do it hahahah wtf

  9. 2:19 until 2:20 in one second change face to Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    This is so professional and talented even playback setting 0.25x can not undrustand it 🤔

  10. Dispite this extraordinary Technology many people still lack knowledge of Pacino and Schwarzenegger.
    Nevertheless Bill Hader is funny, who tha fuck is Bill Hader?

  11. Just imagine what kind of technology the CIA has to frame people of crimes people didn't commit ? And have you guys seen that there was an app that would let you completely erase certain objects in real time as you are recording a video. Just imagine what they are doing 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

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