Sports items with forged signatures to be donated to local charities

been covering for months concerning nearly a dozen people working together to defraud thousands of victims out of millions — by selling sports memorabilia with phony autographs of athletes… First News Senior Reporter Gerry Ricciutti had the latest for us this afternoon from Canfield… [B30]20170512 SPORTS MEM 12P LL-PK Lauren..What started three or four years ago with a traffic stop over a cracked windshield..turned into a multi-million dollar sports memorabilia fraud ring..involving items like this..and much more… This morning…representati ves of several local charities stopped at the Canfield Police Department…They will eventually be receiving donations of balls..helmuts and other items that members of the fraud ring had been selling and taking orders for — many of them over the internet and e-Bay… Now..they’ll be re-purposed… Now police are saying it still could be a little while longer before this all gets transfered….One of those involved in the case is appealing his sentence — so the transfer will be held up… But they’re confident eventually this will all be donated away…In Canfield..Gerry Ricciutti..WKBN 27 First News…Lauren….

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