Spider-Man Old vs New (2000 vs. 2018) (React: Gaming)

Spider-Man Old vs New (2000 vs. 2018) (React: Gaming)

– Are you just playing with me?
Oh, oh. You had to use the
crocodile. I jumped over.
I jumped over that. I jumped over that.
Let’s get it, let’s get it! Whoo! – (FBE) This Sunday begins
our multigenerational tournament of Pokken,
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See you there. ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – We’re playing Spider-Man.
I’m actually hyped for this. – No way.
Okay, my grandma had the demo disk for this. – (FBE) There have been
a number of Spider-Man games going back as far as 1982,
but we picked this one because it was the very first
3D Spider-Man game. – Oh wow.
As long as it’s not crappy, I’m okay with it. – (FBE) But before
we play that game, with a special thanks
to Sony for providing us a copy, we’re also gonna
have you play this first. – Oh wait, the new one, right?
I’m so– oh, that’s so sick!
I have an Xbox. I don’t have a PS4.
I was not able to play this game. – I pre-ordered this game
the day it was available to pre-order.
I really wasn’t expecting this today.
I’m so happy right now. – I just wanna jump into this.
Can we just play this one? – This looks really intense.
Very dramatic. – Rhino.
Okay, Rhino’s in this, Vulture’s in this.
– (phone buzzing) – (dispatcher) All units,
level four mobilization. Location: Fisk Tower.
– Dang. He’s about to suit up. – Oh God.
I know I have to click something. Oh okay, I’m good. – This looks dope so far. – Ah, this looks so nice.
Oh, oh God. I’m in this, I’m in this.
I’m really in this. – This way.
Okay. Nope.
Okay, there we go. That’s better.
It’s very hard sometimes to control. – Okay, here we go.
Here’s our first Spider-Man-esque action. – (Spider-Man) Yuri, you okay?
– (Yuri) If he makes it out of that building,
we’re gonna lose him. – (Spider-Man) I’m gonna go…
– Yeah, kick some ass. – (Yuri) Do your thing.
– Yeah. – (Spider-Man) Heads up.
– Yes, do this for me. You take care of it. – I love that sense of
humor that he always puts in when he’s fighting. – (Spider-Man) I’ll clear a path.
Follow me. – (officer) Get out of here,
Spider-Man. – Oh, I love this.
Build focus. Okay, when you do more damage,
you get more focus. Okay. – (Spider-Man) Sorry to
break it to you, but you do not got this, buddy.
– (officer) What’s Spider-Man doing here?
– Ooh, okay. – (Spider-Man) This is what
they call a hostile workplace. – Ha ha, hostile workplace.
Oh, I’m about to die. – Focus bar full?
“Use focus to heal. The more focus you have,”
Okay. So now I have to hold
down to heal? – Okay, here comes
the wall climbing. Let’s see if this is good.
Okay, feels good. I hope in the future
in the game they have a– oh, wall run.
Wow. They literally beat me to it. – And then that.
Now I wanna go that way. – Okay, I think I’m just
going in circles now. Yeah, here we go.
– (Spider-Man) Is this tech support? I forgot my password.
– Oh no. – Anywhere else?
Oh, still alive. Okay, access the computer. – (Kingpin) Hiding in
the server room? – Oh, Kingpin’s in this.
This is gonna be interesting. – (Kingpin) You’re still just
an ignorant child. – (Spider-Man) True,
but that’s part of my charm, isn’t it?
– Big facts. That’s exactly why I feel
like he’s so likable, especially to a kid my age.
He’s just a young kid like me. – This is a really cool game.
Okay, air launch and oh, hold triangle to yank them. I just yanked him over to me. – (Spider-Man) Settle down.
I’ve got enough for everybody. – Wait, wait.
Okay, get up and then pow, pow, pow. – Look at these finishing moves. – Okay.
Okay. Wait, so now I’m going
to the actual guy? Crap. – All right, me versus Fisk. – (Kingpin) I’m surprised
you made it this far. – What are you talking about?
I’m Spider-Man. – Really? – He didn’t even fight me
like a man. – Oh my God, okay. – I can use the web shooters
and then hold onto this and break it.
– (Kingpin) What are you doing? – What do you think I’m doing?
It looks like exactly what I’m doing. – (Kingpin) I will destroy you.
– Oh, here we go. All right.
I’m assuming this is the first boss fight. – So, like–
oh, okay. And I’ll just throw it
back at you. Are you serious?
You saw what I did with your guns. – Come here, angry man. – Okay, punch, punch.
Dodge, punch, punch. Dodge, punch.
No. – He just growled.
Oh wait, did I make it through? – (Kingpin) You know
what to do, men. – Oh, dang.
I gotta fight all three of them now?
Okay, so this is like the second stage of the fight. – Why do they have to make
it so complicated? I gotta dodge him
and fight these people? – Oh, I was so smart. – It’s like he never dies.
Why won’t he die? – Ow.
His suit’s getting all jacked up. – Oh, that was–
it could’ve been bad. – Come on, Spidey.
Don’t be lame. Beat this man down.
Beat this man down in midair. – Dang, they’re fighting
through the air right now like it’s nothing.
Got him. – (FBE) So, we’re gonna
stop there. – I don’t wanna stop.
No. – I guess we’ll play
the next one. I would sit playing this,
but it’s cool. – There’s so much fog. – The blocky graphics.
I can’t even remember the last time I saw
something like this. – (Black Cat) I know there’s
been some trouble, but the bank’s being robbed
and they’ve got hostages. – Why is he just crouched?
What? It’s just weird. – “Follow the Spidey compass.”
I love– even the swinging in this one
isn’t that bad. It still gets you where
you need to go. – How do I fight?
Okay, square. – Oh, what?
This thing– oh, okay.
Come here. – It’s so weird not being
able to control the camera. That’s something that I don’t
miss in old video games. – Ah, there they are.
Hi, guys. – This game is playable,
but it’s not as I would have hoped, but then again, it is
a PS1 game. – At the bank.
Oh, I actually hit somebody with my web. – Spidey sense is tingling.
Someone’s about to fight me. All right, that is helpful though.
I feel like there’s no way to aim the–
what did I just do? Oh my God.
There’s no way to aim– there’s no way to aim
the web shooting. – Oh, wow.
I don’t know what– okay, so I’m on a time limit.
Okay, I gotta move faster. It’s not my fault Spider-Man’s
running this slow. – The attacking isn’t as fluid
and it does not make it as fun as before.
– (man) Help. – “Help, Spider-Man.
Help me.” These voice actors
are really getting into it. – Graphics are–
they’re very– it’s blocky, which makes sense.
That’s how a lot of games were in the 2000s,
but like… I just feel like they’re
super blocky. – This is so weird
and then the sound just stops all of a sudden.
There we go. Found the air duct.
I feel like I found that by pure luck. – Okay, so I wanna get that
and then I wanna get that. Okay. – It’s hard to look around
’cause there’s no camera movement
that you can do yourself. It’s kinda just automatic.
It kinda follows you. – You can’t dodge?
You can’t zoom at them? No, no, no, no.
Come on, where’s he at? Where’s he at? In this game, it’s also
the standard, like I was saying before
with the other one, it’s like a different variation
of skills and kills and ways to kill people and stuff.
This one, it’s just your typical punch, punch.
I’m done. – Okay, wait.
There’s more people though. – (man) Thanks, Spider-Man.
– You’re welcome, buddy. I got you. – Is that it?
Please tell me that’s it. – Okay, I guess I go
through here, ’cause I haven’t been
here yet. More hostages and the bomb.
Okay, I got it. So, should I…
– (Spider-Man) Big safe. – Huh. – (man) They’re messing with us.
Start the timer on the bomb and take out all the hostages.
– Ah, no, don’t do any of that. – Okay, okay.
So I gotta… It’s chill.
We’re gonna take care of this. I don’t know where
anybody is. I think there’s a guy
in that corner. There we go.
– (Spider-Man) The robbers have been taken care of.
– Who said that? Maybe…
Okay, I’m gonna do the question mark.
It’ll help me out. – (Spider-Man) Allow me
to pick up objects. Think, Spidey, think.
– Put it in the safe. – (Spider-Man) I need
to put the bomb in a safe place.
– Boom. – Bam.
Blow up, blow up. I dare you. – (Spider-Man) Not this time, guys.
– How’d he get out there? He was just in the safe.
He was just closing the safe. – (FBE) So, that’s where
I’m gonna stop you. – Yay.
Now going back to the original Spider–
the other Spider-Man. Let’s go back to it.
I’m buying a PS4. I guess I’m buying one. – Thanks for watching us
play Spider-Man on the React Channel. – Miles Morales, out. – Hey everyone, it’s Omar here.
If you wanna see more awesome games,
be sure to tune in on Tuesdays between
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  2. It would’ve been funny if you said “alright today you’ll be playing a Spider-Man game” and then everyone will think it’s the PS4 version but then you put the 2000 version on the screen

  3. Ok, but why does Spiderman look like Andrew Garfield, and not Tom Holland? Considering Holland is the newest face of Spiderman for Marvel? I mean I get why they would have his face because this story line goes with the spiderman movie he was in but why hadn't they released it shortly after that film was released? Just saying…

  4. Btw who else here only got to play the sample of Spiderman from 2000 on those disks that had a bunch of samples of random games because you couldn't afford the full game?

  5. Dang, these kids probably weren't alive when Spidey 2000 came out Lol That's crazy! Those graphics and gameplay were topnotch back then!

  6. I miss those Spider- Man games on ps1, i played the heck out of both. Would still play them any day of the week if my ps1 hadn't broke.
    I can still remenber the Lizard giving directions through that sewers waterway LOL
    KID MODE!!

  7. I’m the same age if not younger than these kids and that PS1 Spider-Man game was all I played back in kindergarten and first grade. Since I never got a memory card I had to restart the game everyday and for several days in a row I made it to the final boss and never beat him…

  8. I still have Spidey 1 and 2 for ps1 some of my favorite games. Glad PS4 Spidey is so good.
    On a side note, that black kid made the wrong choice buying Xbox lol

  9. I remember playing the demo for the 2000 Spider-Man game on PS4 over 100 times. Always wanted to buy the full version but my parents never let me cos I'd get too addicted (which was probably a good thing they did). I used to think it was the best thing ever. Crazy to see how far games have advanced with the new Spider-Man game.

  10. The guy who said he have XBox , I feel the pain.. just sell that crap.
    If you really like shooting that much COD etc can cover it.

  11. 60% of comments are talking about how they love PlayStation. 20% are about the old spiderman games. 15% are about the gameplay. 5% are xbox players defending their preferences.

  12. It's crazy how we thought those graphics even looked remotely good back then. But then I also remember playing Spider-Man on the Atari 2600, so that 2000 version probably looked awesome to me back then.

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