1. Buys some packs and gets 2 Ultra's and 1 Secret.
    I buy 10-12 packs for 40€ and get 50-60€ back.

    Honestly i don't know if i'm just lucky or if i buy the right packs to get something good like Dingirsu (yesterday) but he's got some pretty bad luck in my opinion… Maybe get some Battle Packs. I always get good stuff out of those 🙂

  2. Any chance we will get to see Larry and Trell’s trek through the doubles tourney? Would be fun to watch their duels with trains and time lords if y’all recorded them!

  3. 8:04 starwars x wing is really fun but I never have anyone to play with but like 1 or 2 people occasionally but when they do I don't have the time it takes about 1 hour to set up as many ships as I have about 5 hours to play another hour to clean up.. It's a fun game tho it just I invested to much money in it and its one of those games you buy ships and you never have enough ships so you buy more and then you never play it…

  4. Alright, wassup TEAM APS! I love your content, but right now as of typing I am taking the MEANEST SHIT ever taken that is known to mankind. Please continue to upload these videos, I really enjoy watching you guys. You’ve earn a new subscriber 😊👍🏽

  5. You should buy the singles for Choas impact, if they're first edition, since you can still pull starlight rares out of them

  6. Bought a couple shadows in Valhalla packs from Walmart today. Smacked the last pack and pulled invocation. Gotta say, the trick works

  7. Fixing to start this:

    Commenting on the most recent APS upload everyday until Alex finishes the World Legacy Lore series, Day 1.

  8. Fixing to start this:

    Commenting on the most recent APS upload everyday until Alex finishes the World Legacy Lore series, Day 1.

  9. Last time I spent $40 on packs the only card I opened worth more than a dollar was Firewall Dragon Darkfluid from the chaos impact se box I bought. The rest were pretty much worthless. Lol

  10. I have way more fun opening OCG ignition assault last year when I was in Japan. 10,000 dragon is my most expensive pull I had ever. Btw WC Genni has been censored and I predicted that TCG would cover her. The ignister key cards are rares and not secret rare.

  11. I think you should only add the Bane money if you sold it around episode 6. If you sold it after episode 1 you don't get the increase.
    I don't trade with people and when a price spike happens go and retroactively shake them down for the difference.

  12. This felt like something I'd watch on food network or the travel channel , good stuff paul glad to see this series take off.

  13. Man. I remember I pulled a Elemental HERO liquid soldier, and I didnt know how much it was worth until I saw Larry here point it out that it was 70 dollars. I Creamed

  14. I'm from. Germany and my friend call me the legendary pack opener every time they go and buy a pack they ask me which one he needs to take (my Englisch is not the best) and I like your videos a lot

  15. For the next Larry in the hole you guys should wait for Duel Overload. There are a lot of  sought-after like Needle Fiber and Verte Anaconda which will be a decent price tags.

  16. I HIGHLY recommend X-Wing, it's a lot of fun and the structure of the game allows for a lot of creativity/customization. I'd love to see you guys play it!

  17. A.I.-land? It's not a pun. Dude you guys have to watch Vrains. It's such a good show and then you'll understand all the Ai-themed cards

  18. Spend $60-$70 and buy a box of Chaos Impact. You’ll make your money back. I bought two first edition boxes yesterday and pulled Unchained Abomination and I:P from each box (2 of each total). Ended up with some random Secret rare in one box and a Siefert in the other. Made my money back easy.

  19. I love these type of videos keep it up, it's all luck of the draw but it's really enjoyable and relatable for all people lol

  20. Konami watching market prices skyrocket. Konami: good good. Konami seeing us pull 10 bucks of cards from 40 dollars of packs. Konami: haha chumps

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