SPEAKS Playing Cards and The ITH Blackout Shift

SPEAKS Playing Cards and The ITH Blackout Shift

52 thoughts on “SPEAKS Playing Cards and The ITH Blackout Shift

  1. Hey Daniel Madison! I tried making the blackout shift invisible please check my attempt on it 🙏https://youtu.be/6LL2Z12w1Bc and thank you for sharing such an amazing move for free

  2. FANX for this mad move!.
    Btw can you talk about how you meet david blaine and work with DB back in the day?
    How both of you become friend.
    Kings of Spade(DB)Kings of Diamond(DM)

  3. Think I will try and practice this as it can help with hand movements not only with magic but cardistry great video 🙂 absolutely love these cards I’ve been backing it since 10 minutes of going live super excited and fully behind everything they stand for as my son has autism I’m going to be so gutted if it doesn’t make its goal wish I could fund the rest so it does everything crossed thank you for ur input and videos absolutely master at work 🙂 mad respect ✊

  4. hey man, hopefully you will share to us a enhanced handling of cameo1. The controlling of a top card to the bottom in most natural way?

  5. Interesting. After some deep thought, I was actually thinking of getting rid of most of my playing cards. The fact that I cannot keep what I've amassed makes it rather "pointless" to store up treasures. The one thing a wise wealthy man and a poor fool have in common is that both will eventually die..

  6. Nice Moves!!! 😉 So glad you exist on utube!!! It is really like therapy for you , it is really therapy for me. Fanx xx

  7. I love this! sadly I can no longer afford to be a member of the mAlliance but am still practising my bottom deals, false shuffles and other moves every day. If you are looking for something to teach soon I would love to see a tutorial on CHAOS THEORY or Tourist. You taught both in 52 and they are some of my favourite effects. I'm sure everyone here would love to learn them.


  8. Daniel Madison I had the download of erdnase x Madison and you taught ith blackout shift there and it looked like a seamless color change and it was almost invisible in the erdnase x Madison download but when you do it now it doesn't look that good to be honest but still love you Danny Madison X

  9. How could anyone not like the Speaks deck & “down vote”? It’s a gorgeous deck for cardistry, sleights, poker, & everything in between; plus it’s for a great cause & highlights the cause beautifully. Great job Jordan & Dane; I can’t wait for my brick 🧱 & frame 🖼

  10. Actually as a request I'd love to see you performing one of the passes and maybe making a tutorial for it

  11. Daniel you are so clever. I know your Classic Pass is not the best but it will be so interesing to listen you about it in next tutorials.

  12. I have heard ramsey is comming to your area soon. Please please please have an epic episode of "you flash,u loose" and take him to school haha

  13. Hey Daniel

    I actually disagree, but I also agree? I know that’s confusing, but here is what I am trying to say. I feel as though Magicians love magic more than anyone. We find enjoyment in sleights and we find enjoyment in magic. It doesn’t have to be practical to be purposeful. We enjoy sleight of hand. It’s the same way musicians can enjoy incredibly difficult pieces that non-musicians may not appreciate. There are even some musical pieces that are not meant for performance. Same thing with sleight of hand. We are passionate about sleight of hand, so learning moves that aren’t practical are ok. Because it’s our passion. Idk if that makes sense. But I definitely understand what you’re saying.

  14. Fanx for giving us a little more time with you, I'm waiting for your street performance. 9♣️

  15. Hmm..weird. The simple act of just changing the presentation really does transform the scissor into something unrecognizable. It's pretty amazing. Thanks Daniel, if I could give you multiple upvotes I would.

  16. I backed this deck on Kickstarter… If the kickstarter doesnt reach its goal… Do i still get the deck I ordered? If yes… How long is delivery time?

  17. Ive emailed the person in charge of this kickstarter to get these cards and they said that nobody has gotten these cards because they havent been made yet… So i say… Someone is lying here… If you said youve recieved them already… You havent… OR… The guy running the Kickstarter is lying… Whats the deal?? ( Pun intended…)

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