Sound Science

Sound Science

– [Narrator] eNeuro:
an open access journal from The Society for Neuroscience, committed to scientific excellence, and with a high quality,
modern publishing experience that advances the field of neuroscience. – We first submitted the paper, and it was a different experience for us because it was a double blind. – The double blind I don’t
think too many journals do. The real goal is to eliminate
any kind of implicit bias. We all try to be as fair
and transparent as possible. – One of the things that was very refreshing when I submitted this paper was knowing that I would not be judged on who I was. I’m not sure that as a young investigator I would have been given
the same consideration as a more senior investigator
would have been given. I think that as I was writing this I was very much cognizant of the fact that I could say things
because I was anonymous that I would have been afraid to, under different circumstances. And I don’t know whether that
influenced the decision or not but it was nice to know
that I was being judged just on my science, instead of on my name. – In addition to the changes
in the review process, another focus of eNeuro is to allow other types of
articles to be published. So these include things
like negative results. As a scientist, we all
get negative results, and sometimes that’s an important finding, and it is difficult to publish those, because it’s harder to
convince other journals of their novelty or importance. So having a venue for that is really important for the field. – It lets people who maybe
have contradictory data or negative data, get
their work out there, because negative results
save a lot of time and money, and help other people out. – eNeuro is happy to publish null results, which is something that
we don’t see often, but it’s required when you
try to replicate a finding, to prove a theory, and you
just didn’t get results. But the results are conclusive, in a sense that they show
that something is not true, or something is not replicable, so eNeuro is a good platform to publish these types of results. – eNeuro welcomes research
that is out-of-the-box, whether it be confirmatory
results or negative results or methods, or just
simply a style of paper that’s a little bit different. – One of the big messages
that Christophe gave us at the outset was if we think this paper is complete and stand-alone, push it forward, get it out there. Because we’re not doing anyone any favors asking them to do two,
three years more research. – The goal is to publish sound science, but not to worry too much like some of the higher profile journals about the groundbreaking
nature of the work. We just want really good
science that’s well done, and needs to be reported to the field. (whimsical music)

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    I can show how the smallest of ''objections" can trigger an amygdala response!
    I can show that this is true for the most ''intellectual'' of persons… 
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    I have ''tested'' this ''conclusive file"    and it is sound… 
    I challenge and willing want to share this information with the stipulation that it must be shared,    at no cost for all to have access to. 
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