“Sorry dude, I’m not that slow, nor that weak!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user kleopl

“Sorry dude, I’m not that slow, nor that weak!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user kleopl

Kleopl, maybe I played kleopl before?
I did. Yeah that was a mistake. I don’t… I try in general to accept challenges
from people I haven’t played before but I’m not going to abort the game.
So here we go. e3 okay. The thing is if the right
response is usually considered e6 then knight e2, knight e7, d4 so on. Unbelievably dull so I’m
going to try something else. Try and yeah. Just play this way. What he
does is pretty sensible. He wants to play e4 at some point but
at least he’s spent an extra tempo on… e3… And basically… my lack of dark squared bishop doesn’t
really matter since I’m going to… since I’m going to castle queenside. Yeah a4, I should … go kinght a5. Trying to play on the light squares. Knight c1 that was pretty creative
so I suppose I should just… Yeah go on. Takes on a5, I’m just
going to take on g3. It’s not much to think about. We’re playing a practical
game after all. Yeah he does the sensible
thing since there’s no mate. So I’m thinking if I go ooooh.
I have some queen b7 ideas. I’m going to play e8 immediately. Yeah he would love to play
queen f3 but that doesn’t work because the queen h3 and queen h2 mate. And if this looks like I’m
sort of winning a piece. Ah no because I don’t think he
has a good square for the king. He would love to play king
h2, queen b2 and then… rook b1 but I believe
that then f2 is hanging. Ah king h3. Very clever. Very clever. So now the point is queen b2, rook
b1, I have to give up the queen or I get mated so we’ll play an
ending instead which is fine. Yeah my knight is still undeveloped but I believe it’s still a better piece than
this terrible bishop. I believe if rook h8, I have rook b1. Maybe knight to g4. Trying
to annoy him a bit before I… start taking his pawns. f4, I go back to g4. Still fighting for those squares now.
Very, very happy to play f5. Since his king is soon but going
to be caught in a mating knight. Okay I’ll just take on e4. Yeah he can
do this but this absolutely hopeless. Oh I’m short time, that’s
something I should think about. Less talk, more play. I have
a very easy winning plan. Yeah since he cannot leave the d2 part… I was going to say. Yeah sorry dude, I’m not
that slow, nor that weak. Mate next. Okay.

10 thoughts on ““Sorry dude, I’m not that slow, nor that weak!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user kleopl

  1. 5.4 seconds from saying "Oh, I'm short on time, I'd better think about that" to checkmate. I think that is what's known as God mode.

  2. Did his opponent resign? Wondering how the Queen popped up at the end. I don’t play on chess24 so I’m clueless about the ending here. Would appreciate some feedback. Thanks!

    Does Magnus stream his live chess games?

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