Some Information

Some Information

Wally: So, Agatha, I… I think we’re witches. Because you’re doing magic stuff, and I’m doing magic stuff, and there’s definitely magic involved here. So, um… that’s what we have to work with. And I don’t think it’s just mirrors, either. Because that video was filmed on the reflective surface of Jake’s 3DS. And so maybe it’s just the reflective thing? I don’t know. I’ll figure that one out. I haven’t seen Daphne since that day. I guess I really have no clue who she is. You warned me about that, huh. But… but- but now I want answers. So I’m going to find them. I’m here in Central Park because I had this dream about these two women, one who I saw here a couple of weeks ago and the other’s the girl that Daphne was talking to at the party. So it’s a big park, but… I’m going to find them. Lennon: Sure you will, kid. Wally: Um… hello, ma’am. Can I ask you some questions? Lennon: Sure. Figured you would. All right, so, names. I’m Lennon Hall. It’s not my real name, of course, but it’s what I’ve been using for, like, the last couple decades. Wally: Decades? How old are you? Lennon: Huh. I guess… a few hundred years? I don’t know, you kind of lose track. Wally: What are you? Lennon: Have you heard about sirens? You know, pretty ladies, sit on rocks, sing songs? Kill sailors? Wally: Yeah.
Lennon: Well, that’s me. Never been one for hanging around rocks, though. Wally: You’re- you’re not… joking? Lennon: 100% not joking. Wally: So what else is real? Like, what’s going on? Lennon: Well, most of it is real. It’s probably easier to tell you what’s not real. But, you know, creatures, spells, all that is real. Wally: And what was that girl you were talking to at the party? Lennon: [laughs] That – oh, that story, that, my friend, is Daphne MacCrae. She’s third in line to the Seelie Court. Or she used to be. Wally: Seelie Court?
Lennon: You know, like fairy royalty. They basically run things here in America. Wally: So Daphne’s a fairy princess? Lennon: Like I said, she used to be. The girl got herself exiled a few years back. She wouldn’t be able to get past the barrier otherwise. Wally: The barrier?
Lennon: [laughs] Okay, so, history lesson. Early 1800s, magical people start having tensions between them. Some people are like “Oh, it’s the Industrial Revolution, let’s go with the times, gain a bunch of power.” But then the other people are like, “No, let’s stick to the status quo, keep our old traditions and, you know, play it safe.” Eventually those ideas won out because the Seelie Court supported them. But some of the people who supported the Industrial Revolution moved up here to New York put up this barrier, and now no one who supports the Seelie Court can get in without the permission of the leader of the New York City Magical Society. The Lady of the Lake. Wally: Like… like Camelot stuff? Lennon: No, that’s just her title. She thought it would sound cool. Wally: So you knew I was a witch from when you saw me at the party? Like… you knew? Lennon: Yeah. You’ve got a lot of power, it’s kind of noticeable.
Wally: But how? Lennon: Okay, so here’s the thing. Witches are humans, and any human can learn how to do basic magic if they learn how. And some people, they’re born with, like, natural stuff. You’ve got way more than I’ve ever seen. Wally: And do you know about my sister? Lennon: Your sister?
Wally: Like, I have a twin sister, she’s back in England. She’s been doing telekinesis. Lennon: Huh. Damn, well, I guess she’s a witch too. Your parents didn’t tell you about this? Wally: No, Agatha and I are adopted. Lennon: Ooh, mysterious. And you have no idea where your parents are? Wally: We don’t really know much about them. My mum adopted us because she’s not really into the whole romantic thing. She actually only wanted one of us but ended up taking both. Lennon: I can relate to that. Aromantic asexual over here. That’s kind of another reason why I don’t fit to the whole siren lifestyle. Seducing sailor boys? Not really my thing. Wally: Can I ask you more questions? Lennon: Sure. Wally: So I met this woman in the park. Is she magic too? Lennon: Well, I mean, a lot of people hang out in the park, it’s kind of our home base. Wally: Yeah.
Lennon: I can ask around, though. Can I make a confession? Wally: Sure, go ahead. Lennon: I did tell the Lady about you. Wally: Wh- what – why? Lennon: She’s kind of my boss. To be honest, I don’t love working for her, but you gotta do what you gotta do to survive. Wally: So what does she want with me? Lennon: I don’t know. I’ll keep you updated, though. I just wanted to come by and help you get your bearings. Wally: Yeah, um, thank you. This is… This is a lot to take in.
Lennon: Yeah, well. No one deserves to be left in the dark. See you. Wally: Well… there’s some answers, Agatha. So, that’s… good.

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  1. "I think we're witches" he's like way calm about this lol I would be a lot more shocked by this info
    jennnnnnnnnn I love jen
    "daphne's a fairy princess?" lol
    wait did we see agatha or wally talk about doing magic before? like the telekinesis thing? or has it just been the mirrors
    wally you are so chill about this lmao

  2. lmao I'm aro ace and have considered adoption (like, far in the future, I'm still a wee baby) but now I definitely feel like this'll happen so I'm concerned… depends how this whole thing ends up, I guess!

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