Some continuations of 1. c4 : Chess history

Some continuations of 1. c4 : Chess history

1. c4 Nf6 Botvinnik – Keres 1966 (1-0) The four knights are out Fianchetto not immediately deployed Nxe5 can wait … Black sacrifices the bishop … to weaken white’s defense 1. c4 Nf6 Botvinnik – Tal 1960 (0-1) Mirrored knight and fianchetto White pawns to center White looks more developed 1. c4 e5 Botvinnik – Portisch 1968 (1-0) Reverse gambit removes the c4 pawn Black has the better opening But white wins 1. c4 e5 Ivanchuck – Yusupov 1991 (0-1) Both sides pawn to center … and fianchetto Knights fully deployed Both sides castle 1. c4 e6 Kasparov – Karpov 1987 (1-0) Karpov pawns to center while … … Kasparov fianchettoes Both sides castle A double barrel fianchetto by Kasparov 1. c4 e6 Staunton – Saint Amant 1843 (0-1) Howard Staunton got us started on 1. c4 A pawn game so far Reinforcements arrive Both sides castle 1. c4 c5 Nimzowitsch – Rubinstein 1926 (1-0) 1. c4 has removed black’s d pawn control center, deploy pieces, castle 1. c4 c5 Aronian – Carlsen 2008 (0-1) The d4 gambit pawn is taken Black appears to be more developed 1. c4 g6 Petrosien – Botvinnik 1963 (1-0) It’s a fianchetto opening The d5 reverse gambit is played White’s position looks open and developed Like a queen’s gambit accepted move Is the d4 pawn pinned? 1. c4 g6 Larsen – Fischer 1971 (0-1) Fischer used the fianchetto … … with great effect White takes the opportunity … … to pawn to center Both sides are nicely developed 1. c4 c6 Benko – Horowitz 1968 (1-0) The d5 gambit is played A symmetrical development double barrel fianchetto from white 1. c4 c6 Miles – Yusupov 1985 (0-1) The d5 gambit is played and taken and turned into a queen’s gambit formation Is the knight is pinned bishop to the rescue

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