Solving CHESS PIECE Puzzles!!

Solving CHESS PIECE Puzzles!!

100 thoughts on “Solving CHESS PIECE Puzzles!!

  1. I love when he shoves something into the camera for a close up and then takes it quickly away before the camera can auto-focus on it. 😕😒

  2. Just a bit of constructive criticism. I could see the patch cut into the carpet mat. It gave away the trick. Idk if I should say it? Like I know if a twat reads this they're gonna say some shit.. ugh social anxiety..

  3. I wish all puzzles came w/ something cool like these little coins. Sometimes the puzzles mention a hidden passenger or equivalent but the hidden item is usually disappointing. I really like the idea of those mini coins, they're super clever, cute and satisfying.

    I dig these chess puzzles, they're awesome looking and look fun to figure out. Your friends will have fun w/ these.

  4. 00:01 thats pretty good man! can see the hidden trick before you do the "switch" , and a little bit during the switch. But amazing trick, nice "story"!

  5. He put the card on his lap 0:02 when he says right here.
    Never mind its in when he pushed the card forward you see it have a look 0:15

  6. How do u think u would of went if u was to do it in the reversed order? Please let me know and also PLEASE USE IT TO CHALLENGE UR FRIENDS

  7. Man I love you're channel! You're energy is helping me through my chronic depression. I feel you suffer from the thing similar. Something in your eyes I guess.. I have a problem though. I have to buy each puzzle before watching your videos hahahah keep going man. You're saving lives with magic and puzzles and you're energy. What more can someone ask for.

  8. Shown at exactly 17 seconds of the video his right hand is at the table which is hiding the ace of spades then he let the card fell…. and yes the card is a double.

  9. i think the chess piece puzzles are all super pretty to look at but a bit lackluster when it comes to the puzzle mechanism, imo they are all to similar

  10. I know it's been a year but this is my first time seeing this video and the intro was a very nice trick, but you flashed.

  11. Thank you. Please re-do all your tight shots with auto focus off and then hold the piece in the "in focus" distance, then replace the shots. Thank you.

  12. I replayed this like a hundred times for the rook but all you have to do is pull the cap up while twisting it right!

  13. I love watching these puzzle videos because the puzzles are so complex but i know i cant solve them

  14. All the blurriness gave me a headache. Is there a way you can fix the focus so it's not autofocusing all the time?

  15. at the beginning, you can see the cards overlapping and then when you went to only push the top card sliding your hand across the table made it quite obvious that the ace was in your palm

  16. at the 2 second mark of the trick you have incredible hand slight almost got me i can see the double stacked queen on the ace and as you go to slide the card forward at 15 seconds you can see the second card which was the ace being pulled off the table only leaving the queen well done sire nice trick

  17. Still watching your puzzles, so amazing, I want to start… For now tho I would love to learn pawn promotion! Please.. Ty, keep up the amazing puzzle vids!!

  18. Your channel has become a quandary for me. Should I not watch the video and buy and solve the puzzle myself? Do I watch anyway cause it's awesome… ughhhhh

  19. Making a puzzle isn't the easiest if tasks. Plus the makers have to make money and stay in business. I have collected a number of the hanayama puzzles. I wish they would sell them in bulk packages. Just so I don't have make so many purchases. I doubt you ever come to Albuquerque, but I'd love to catch a show of yours when you are close enough to travel. Keep on, keeping on.

  20. I sure you already know you flashed just a little bit at the end when ditching that ace. But only very slightly.

  21. Pawn on Queen on Ace, push forward Queen and obscure Ace which has dragged behind, pull separated Ace and ditch to lap. Hand obscures from camera. Queen remains. Reveal.

  22. I know what you did you had two cards and when you pushed it toward the bottom one released and when you pulled your hand back you pulled it off the table

  23. I wish, rather than just each being one puzzle, that they were a full set, and solving the pawn would give you a tool to solve the knight, which would give you a tool to solve the bishop, and etc etc. So not only would each piece be a puzzle escalating in difficulty, but you'd also need to solve every puzzle in order to even be able to solve the next.

  24. I saw the sleight of hand with the ace there. I just dont know how you got them to stick together so well. When you flip it over it certainly looked like one card

  25. I have this guess on my mind about the card trick, maybe the queen face like a template is pulled downward by your thumb and then the ace face shows up and the moment you release the template you pulled down, the queens face will cover the ace. That's just a wild guess.

  26. I really thought that it would've been a chess board with the pieces on top and you have to do certain moves to unlock it

  27. This makes me wonder if any regular ass toys or household things I didn’t understand as toys may have been puzzles like this

  28. You Flash you lose. Honestly if i havent watched your videos i would still be mesmerized. thanks for teaching me some tricks

  29. @Chris Ramsay the way u did Pawn promotion was u had a double lift and put it on table then palmed the other and Card and pushed queen forward

  30. I don't know how I missed this, but I'm glad it was recommended. You've come a long way very quickly with your hard work and talent. Very awesome.

  31. Do either puzzel videos or magic/card trick videos. I like watching the puzzel. But tired of always skipping 2 to 5 min of video to get to the puzzel

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