Solid Snake: ULTIMATE Origins?! – Got A Minute?

Solid Snake: ULTIMATE Origins?! – Got A Minute?

Snake’s sneaking back onto the roster for
another brawl, ladies and gentlemen, and he’s sporting a slick new logo alongside his selection
of suits. But while his darker attire brings Guns of
the Patriots to mind, the bulk of his wardrobe actually comes from Big Boss’ camouflage collection. As a master of CQC since his series went Solid,
Snake is bringing back his iconic chock hold, while also preserving his three-hit combo
and tactical roll from Sons of Liberty. And although he isn’t brandishing any of his
signature firarms, he’s still packing plenty of grenades, C4s and nikita missiles to keep
the proceedings explosive! Snake rides his familiar cypher introduced
in his second Solid outing, but he’s left the claymores behind this time around in favour
of a smashing new move. He’s also traded in his slow and methodical
grenade launcher for a multihoming missile launcher that can really sting the competition. They say war never changes, but it looks like
everyone’s favourite soldier of fortune is at least open to a little change! Hey there, pal. Thanks for watching! Even a decade later, it’s crazy to think that
Snake’s actually on the roster. Are you pumped to give him a shot again in
Ultimate? Well, let me know down in the comments below! And if you want to thank someone for Snake
being the first returning character we’ve covered, direct your kudos to our friend Dan. It was his suggestion!

15 thoughts on “Solid Snake: ULTIMATE Origins?! – Got A Minute?

  1. Snake is my favourite Brawl newcomer even though I never heard of him prior. He was just so cool and I played him a lot. I was quite said when him and Wolf were removed but now, everyone is back!

  2. I'm sure CrappyCaptureDevice would be honoured to see the character moveset origin video condensed down to only a minute while still being so good – did you ever watch that channel?

  3. Great videos, though I need to correct you. CQC, despite the more general name is a gun to knife technique. As Snake has no knife or gun, there is no such references.

  4. Snake is all I need in this game. Still hoping for some of the other Snakes to make appearances as Echo fighters. Like they are CLONES, it is too perfect

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