Snake vs. Roadrunner Face-off | National Geographic

Snake vs. Roadrunner Face-off | National Geographic

[mysterious music] NARRATOR: The tongue of
western diamondback rattlesnake cautiously tastes the air. She flicks airborne particles
against the roof of her mouth to be analyzed, sorting
out potential food from potential threat, like
this other icon of the Old West, and he’s hungry himself. The roadrunner is
a tough old bird. You have to be when the
slithering lunch you’ve got your eye on could kill you. The queen of rattlers,
the western diamondback, is a recipe for
deadly indigestion. She’s venomous enough
to kill a human, but she’s missing something
in this looming face-off– legs. [caws] The roadrunner has
got serious legs, and he knows how to use them. [dramatic music] [chirping] Native Americans
revered the roadrunner for its speed, strength,
and especially its courage. The bird circles,
spiraling in on its target. But the snake’s not going
down without a fight. [rattles] The plan is to grab the
snake behind her head and bash the poor
girl’s skull in. In this face-off, guts
versus venom is a draw, and our snake gets
away with her life.

100 thoughts on “Snake vs. Roadrunner Face-off | National Geographic

  1. Native Americans revered the roadrunner for its speed, strength, and especially its courage. What are your thoughts on this roadrunner's attempt at a meal?

  2. I’ve never seen a real roadrunner. Was expecting to hear “meep meep” not “mwaaaahhhhhhhhhhh”


    Amazing footage nonetheless.

  3. I'm guessing this 1:19 is where Hollywood gets it stalking raptors movements considering it was said that birds was part of its family at some point.

  4. I found this to be melodramatic in the extreme because we see the snake strike but the roadrunner is not clearly in view or we see the roadrunner appear to go for the snake but is not clear. Why can't we see the duel from a distance because I ended up feeling the fight was totally contrived by the images displayed?!

  5. Play from 2:23 at slowed speed. The roadrunner and snake are both in the frame. For those who are saying it was never in frame together

  6. 2:22 FAKE ALERT!!!!!!
    Spraying some form of liquid at a roadrunner to make it agitated and acting aggressive.

    Ah yes, reality.

  7. At 2:22 you can see where they threw a cup of water at the road runner to make it move so they could make it look like the snake and bird were fighting, lowest point I have ever see NG get for a click bait vid

  8. How about showing the actual fight. And give me National Geographic one more chance one more week show better footage or I am out of here

  9. I was hiking around the Paton Museum summit between 29 Palms and Laughlin and saw this RoadRunner; had no idea how BIG they can get. This guy was the size of a large crow or giant magpie. They're sure i a tough enviornment. I don't think they target snakes but are opportunists. Probably prefer lizards, small ones.

  10. Why does this look like footage yall tied together and said what ever you wanted to was going on🤣🤣🤣

  11. Roadrunner are nearly identical to a great number of dinosaurs, very much like the raptors with incredible teeth.

  12. Roadrunner: mMMM! FOOD!
    Rattlesnake: imma bout to end this man's whole career
    *Wile E. Coyote jumps out of nowhere and starts chasing Roadrunner*

  13. Too bad most of this footage is fake and this is most likely a forced encounter between these two creatures. NG has done this before, it will do this for as long as they can.

  14. Always loved Road Runners they are very agile and fun to watch when they are on the hunt, also my first car was named in this birds honor, the Plymouth Road Runner!

  15. Cool video. Seen this play out on the ranch here in New Mexico. One thing though. The narrator kept referring to the roadrunner as " he." One problem, the one shown us a female.

  16. The most stupid video ever seen in YouTube . It all started as if there will be a tense fight but at the end , there is no fight. Why publish this video, if all you are going to present is just piece of garbage ?

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