Snake on a String by Dunderbit – Official trailer (Android)

Snake on a String by Dunderbit – Official trailer (Android)

スネークオンストリング 爆発性の ゲームプレイ! たくさんの楽しみ! 200以上の チャレンジ レベルをご用意! どちらのヘビがあなたのお気に入りですか? フィニッシュラインに早く行きなさい! 黄金の星を手に入れよう! 頭に気をつけろ! またはあなたがクラッシュする! スネークオンストリング Google Playで無料でダウンロード

11 thoughts on “Snake on a String by Dunderbit – Official trailer (Android)

  1. Hey dunderbit you should make an update where you can buy infinite magnets that are permanent. For the record i am in normal 6 level 2. I am going to buy all the worlds, all the snakes you cannot unlock normally, and no ads. Oh you should also have a type of currency and exchange it for snakes you can only buy with that currency. There should also be snake themes like if you press a button called themes when you press it it will greet you with more buttons like one called dinosaurs and more like animals ice age mammals, and many more. You should also be able to buy the currency from 1$ to 10$ when you make a 1$ purchase you get 1000 of that currency and when you make a 10$ purchase you get 10000 of that currency. You should also name that currency. Also the snakes that you can buy with the currency should be 100 of that currency.

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