SNAKE OIL – Table Top Simulator – THE DIVA CUP #07 ScottDogGaming

Hey whats going on here scottdoggaming here thank you very much for joining us as you can see were are playing some snake oil on tabletop simulator you can see we are back playing some
snake on tabletop simulator now we joined by Mitch the mage by the law and
bios tricks if you enjoy this please go and check out their channels the links
will be in the description below and let me know if you want to see some more of
tabletop sin against think Vicki I’m a cheerleader and I am looking for a
product to make my cheerleading even better than it already is and it’s
good oh all right ok ok oh I want every damn good cheerleader say it do you enjoy cheerleading like if
on a scale of one to ten ten being like the best thing you’ve ever done in your
life and you’ll probably never experienced the moment again to one
being just poo how would you rate here leading your
hobby hobby is life cheerleading is life so and i were my
friends but there’s see that see that’s that’s great and i’m about to enhance that because i
present to you the the the pleasure suit oh my god i was going to lose my shit if
you did what you did last time so you might be asking yourself what
does what the pleasures who does what does the pledge my love to do while
you’re being chucked up in the air and you’re doing all those backflips and
roly-polies let me just draw a diagram here you are you’re in the air with your
luscious locks of blue hair remove and they’ve chucked you up we there you go and then the pleasure to
kicks in and it gives you the the best pleasure of your life that’s all I can really think of where
has your invention room of material is implied in its been tested many times I’m slightly concerned it’s just it’s
just always there it’s just it’s just to make your way do
I reach your cheerleading more enjoyable throw reach orgasm ok you go beyond that see this is what
worries me I mean I’m quite a vocal person if it
known that i think that’s all just think you’re enthusiastic I don’t think you’re going to contain my
bodily functions when you want to insert about being in this area above this this
handsome young star who let’s be honest you know i’m i’m more
interested in the jokes but you know I’m slightly concerned about what could
happen you know what when you’re cheerleading
your interest you’re in a stadium right yeah I said the time say you have to
worry about sound because the crowd is roaring anyway they’re not going to hear
you I’m you know if you have you mentioned
you’re worried about your other bodily functions well the best ass great
because the pleasure sooo it comes in with a built-in mechanism which it looks
everything in place so there’s no spillage if that’s what you’re worried about
something a diva cup and what the fuck up or what don’t ask school you don’t need tonight
I don’t you know I need to make I need to thank me later I don’t know how we got you don’t know
tell them they don’t want tonight I want to know so I do like basically what he
is he’s saying is that he wants to contain all of your bodily functions
don’t talk to me that way so basically a diva cup is a cup that
people put inside of there were giants where it holds in all the administration
so better than a tampon or pad or whatever basically and yeah so it helps to block
fluids so if if you look at this diagram here
is the flow of fluid make it red – he’s drawing a diva why is it growing up with no no no this
is like the body is the interest yeah legs legs back up inside but it’s
not that big oh Jesus Christ as a huge one looks
pretty painful it’s really not that bad anyway education aside so you have that extra
tall are you that’s not what I mean i replace my mouth for the last five
minutes what I wanted to write this look for the
fact is though Jesus ok I mean worries me a little bit i’ve got
chilly for another hour after overachieved orgasm and made a mess of
myself in you see him roll it it is it’s a gradual process you know
you can’t rush these things you can’t rush perfection ok it takes time because our if you’re
really into cheerleading right I’m really into Julie your cheerleading I know all the cheerleading terms yeah all of them can you recite a chair for
me yeah okay you’re trying to say that i’m not
going to damn it ok so the house so basically since you’re a cheerleader
I want you to be at your peak performance ok and what I want to do for
you is just easy you something a little bit extra to make sure that you have the
balance stability make sure that you’re able to do those flips in the air make
sure that you’re not leaking on things so what I want to offer you today is a
favor cake and what that does is help you to go through the air a lot more
easily because it allows you to apply that waterproof you think it’s a
printable it that’s great well how can you fly it yeah just fly in the air time I could
get with that I’ll be the best chili to ever in the world are you recognize they
do say I mean in the world as any to send the amount of countries that have
TV because i think i won international cheerleader anyone people he spooned
people he sports a sow doubt they have to have cheerleaders ok ok ok moving on from the rubber cape I like the fact is rubber be clean and
if you’re truly in the rain which it does happen so it does then you know
it’s waterproof so perfect these mr. Mitch what we go for me Michu are we looking at my cards entire
time and have you ever struggled to you tell your
college maintain an erection during our cheerleading cheer ladies spread that’s when you go cover up with one
pump it everybody just thinks you’re very
pleased you could you could actually help the pom-pom on the direction we use
your phone call yeah that’s total dick control anybody have you ever struggled to throw
that one heavier cheerleader up in the air me too is your boss I’m well I mean
she’s are you doing it I’m talking about today we’re going to
talk about today is basically what you need is more muscle and how do you
acquire that jacking off thank you well make them – ooh ok hey because head about work it’s like Gregory break it but it gives
your source wow it tastes delicious dr same art make it big I mean I’m slightly worried about
fitting into my cheerleader outfit afterwards well you don’t have to worry about that
because it won’t be back and I’ll be the heifer after that are you getting it is
baking so there you go my friend congratulations you care after capturing
it she had to talk about it and apparently we’re going for free
cards that’s cause yeah this is breaking all the rules are the rules people very wet tonight I am a
vulnerable and pregnant oh I am still good with pregnant women
you get with one called yeah that’s actually do whatever you want this round
it’s a we can write in them ok I’m this is pregnant lady hello out pregnant are you I’m 10 months
pregnant while my veggie yes but i don’t know why but you
probably want that baby out of you ok you probably had enough of that baby
is that fair to say oh yeah it’s been imagine you’re sick of that bloody baby yes well don’t wait down here don’t wear what if i said to you there’s
a way I can i can remove that baby give you a baby right now that means that you’re not pregnant
anymore you go back to having a stunning physique used to have that never happens well well it depends i pull the baby
alive yeah you’ll have a baby what you’re
saying I’ll have a baby but you know I was the
question is what if you will be fine baby will be absolutely fine ok everything will be fine it just you
know I mean your 10 months pregnant you’ve had enough and I know I don’t
I’ve had it I’ve got for you today is an intriguing one that’s what I’ve been
working on for quite a while okay all right and I think it’s just it
takes all of your boxes right now I would like to sell you a baby but you try again oh god oh god i don’t i
don’t want a baby I want my baby Oh what if you come back
if you’re setting out to be agree i’m gonna use this all the time I didn’t know I said what if there’s a
crisis it’s a face about it is it’s a face that only a mother could love so okay well one of the things that’s
happening quite a lot now is that babies have been born without any hair right
which is obviously happens quite a lot but then they don’t grow any hair they
are always bored another one was a ball baby you know I
was cute when they’re it’s cute when they’re that you have three months but
when they’re when they’re four years old you know you go baby that’s just weird there is a bit I can
sympathize with that you’re freaking evil so what I’ve got for you is baby hair so
we put on your baby oh yeah i mean what was it made out of
maybe here it is it it’s used so don’t let me get this
straight you’ve gone to the effort to cut baby curls and sell them to me yeah it’s a lot better I think you’ll
agree how how if you got permission for this I haven’t i I’ve also done is I’ve got a
little bit of an excess of I’ve created the baby hair drum so if you’re in a band this creates a
different kind of sound to any other drugs that you’ve heard before unique kitchen could you mimic the sound
for me who that man is a fantastic product alright so hmm this ok he had no I’m going to do something like
that I have that I’d like to share with you
my product so as many of you don’t know i’m assuming pregnant ladies have a lot
of trouble with bodily functions after having a baby so that means that like you’re
constantly worrying about will give your weird shit happening down there
especially because once the baby comes out Fox you up like really badly so what I
want to offer you a place like this no no because you can’t you can’t shove
a diva cup your your fucking them yeah the pee hole is different than the
China hole anyway from the Khumbu I wanted to offer you the toilet basket
with with also a dress to cover that up so basically what I’m offering you is
the toilet basket so if you ever have that sense of urgency if you need to go
whenever you’re feeling something coming on if you feel sick if you do whatever
you need to do it helps you to really yourself or to at least be able to have
a place where you can take care of your own needs and the dress is basically
like a curtain so you don’t have to be embarrassed about doing anything in
public so yeah that is a good idea when people be able to hear me well I’m
doing it and decide where you want to be because mobile product but like what
happens if I’m called sure you know and I’m touching cloth or something and I
just have to get it in the middle of like the shopping center or something I’ll be pretty pretty embarrassed and I
didn’t I don’t want people receiving you’re in the middle of your home is
probably going to be there also be more embarrassed if you pissed yourself show
yourself this this is true but I mean it I’m gonna think about it okay what you feel because you have to know
is what you could do is take the drum came with you when you go to me bitch the second baby oh my yes alright so i was looking at my cards for
a good while and that you were so right is kind of related to lose but in a
different way so what I’m going to propose to you
today is a thing that will help you also soaked apply your foods that might be
coming your way but also be passionate with your longer
it started up and lover all right here we go sponge passion kostik that’s gross that sounds amazing so basically if you
do any of those bottles for the kids or your water breaks in the middle of
nowhere you can now use water breaks only once
okay well shit you gotta wear it all the time just in case and you look very fashionable it’s very
in right now and it spun so it soaks it up but you could it’s a passion costume so I so it sounds
like you’re selling him at pad that’s all over his body that’d be so it sounds like he’s quite
baby-proof us both to be honest yeah I have you fall that baby is not
going to get her cuz it’s just it’s or a sponge oh my god it’s like the devil lack of
education about right woman in this fucking trip and I had to do it but
you’re not in my baby I know will come in are never to get on
the graph bitch what happens to our brains you soak it up stop it that’s what that’s the point yeah very children
alone just like this so V suit on you i’m going to ask and it’s almost like
it’s almost like a body glove soup our body lawsuit like it makes you warm
as well yeah but anyone who covered in your own waste at the same time and and
rain and anything else you find it’s just one of the many deficient of
the soup but there’s more cons and yes there are you sir I think I’m gonna have to look I mean
that the baby hair drug that was just incredible to watch I mean the way you made that sound I I think I blacked out for five seconds
and . sound wasn’t me it was the drunk yeah I type it has it in his house right
now but but you fought up the idea so the
sound was technically produced by your ingenious . i’m a genius who write in
that car back oh my god grunge I don’t know about I mean the dress
basket toilet is is a good is a logical right here ask you taught your card i think i think i’m gonna have to give
it to you Scott true I know a pregnant women one have my
bedroom I’ll do a celebratory whoo-hoo I’m like yeah looking for a match to crash shouldn’t be the night I go home with
anyone fucking and livin on the edge of things have been
kind of fun look there’s booze right here one are you on there and did you see me the because the short foot on the show I’m usually the one who knows Chris little things we all kind of tree
by good you’re running now sorry party I don’t know there’s booze right here one are you on there man did you see me the because the shot good shot it’s just Oh the shot put on the table I got a face for oh they wish to dish it thank you yeah

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