– [Brian] Momma! (wooing) She is fired up right now. Whoa. We’ll get you back in
there, Mama, good job. (upbeat music) Hey, good morning everyday,
and welcome to the vlog! I hope your start of the day
is absolutely incredible. I’m actually gonna head over to BHB, and we have to collect a
few ball python clutches here in a minute. But I wanted to make this a
little bit of an update vlog, if you guys don’t mind. And I am standing in front of Lucy, and I want to tell you
she is doing amazing. You guys that have been following along know all of the drama that has happened with her egg binding and
then eventually she passing, and then now eating and doing well. I did want to update you,
just so you guys know, Lucy has bred for the last time. Absolutely will not take any risks of breeding my beautiful
girl, Lucy, again. There is no doubt I’m
not gonna take that risk. So, for those of you that have asked, “Will you breed Lucy in the future?”. The answer is no. She’s done, we’re just gonna keep her, now that she’s back in
there, I don’t want to take any chances of ever
losing that girl again. With that said, let’s go ahead and pull the ball python clutches. Promise I’m down here in
the dungeon with Kelsey and we have some clutches of ball pythons. What’s the first one? – Up first is a champaign female, bred to a calico pin yellow belly, and an enchi pin banana. – Okay, so we don’t know
what’s gonna happen there, but that’s cool. And I love this girl. I remember having her since
she was an absolute baby. And she is a beastie! Look at her and look
at these eggs in there. Hoo-hoo! Absolutely amazing. So let’s see what we have. All right, look at that. – Wow, good clutch!
– Ooh, nice. Beautiful clutch. She is such a gorgeous animal. And again, when these hatch out, we’ll know what the father is, but either way, that’s pretty amazing. Oh my God, look at those
beautiful, big eggs. And it’s really awesome
because remember yesterday, we had some fertility issues
where we just had some bad fertility which is just weird because all year, our fertility has been really, really good. So I’m glad that we’re back
to a 100% fertile clutch. You can see these eggs
might have got rolled just a little bit so we’ll
candle them just to make sure. But how many do we have? – [Kelsey] One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven! – Seven beautiful eggs. I cannot wait. Oh, and for those of you
that want egg cutting, we’re less than three weeks away from the first clutch
that we can actually cut. (upbeat music) I know a lot of you guys
are really interested in my Reptile Tycoon breeding app. So if you want to be a snake breeder kind of on a cyber level,
that’s why we’re making an app that was supposed to
launch the closed beta a couple weeks back but we
decided to do a big change where you basically could become a breeder where you have your own
snakes, you put them together, you hatch babies and you
grow your collection. I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun. And basically, what it’ll be, is you’ll be able to go in
and you’ll clean the cage, you’ll change the water,
you’ll feed the snakes and as they’re healthy, you
can actually put them together, get eggs, and then hatch those eggs. And basically, what ends up happening, is that as you hatch
them you can sell them. You can trade them to other players, and grow your colony from your bedroom, to a building, to a big facility, and then, eventually, maybe
even open up a reptarium. I think it’s just gonna be really cool. But because we wanted to
kind of change the whole idea of the game a little bit
a couple of weeks ago, it’s kind of pushed off. So it looks like we’re about two and half, maybe three weeks tops,
from launching closed beta. We have a bunch of people
already signed up for that. So it’s gonna be absolutely amazing. And then we’ll be in the closed beta phase for a short period of time. Maybe a month, month and a half, and then we’ll make all our fixes, all the suggestions that people
are playing the closed beta will be implemented,
and then with any luck by the end of summer we’ll be
able to launch to everyone! And you guys can be a snake breeder, or a reptile breeder,
whatever the case may be. I can’t wait. It’s really one of the
most exciting things I’ve done in a long time. This game’s been on my mind
for probably five years. So the fact that we’re so
close to kind of launching it is pretty exciting. (upbeat music) Now, this next clutch,
is pretty interesting. And, again, it shows you
how the egg binding thing can happen or not happen. And, why at first, I wasn’t
worried about Lucy, at all, is that this girl here,
this pastel yellow belly, actually laid one egg, I don’t
know, five or six days ago, and, sure enough, today, look it. She’s wrapped around a clutch. Look at that. Perfect! She looks great, and what was she bred to? – She was bread to a dragonfly. – [Man] Okay, dragonfly. All right, good, so we can
get some super dragonflies, and a whole bunch of different stuff, super flies, and so on like that. So, let’s go ahead and whoa, mama! (wooing) She is fired up right now! Whoa! (upbeat music) – And, I’ll tell you what,
mama was definitely not happy about that at all. What do we have here? – [Kelsey] We have five
eggs, so six in total. – [Man] Six in total,
and what’s interesting is you can see this egg was
laid four or five days ago, so it’s interesting, is that
egg early or these eggs late? Regardless, if they’re late,
we might have a problem with the clutch, but they look so good. My gut feeling is this one might have been a little bit early, so we’ll
see, I’ll keep you guys updated on the progress of this clutch. I couldn’t be more
excited, one week from day starts the new era in the vlog! That’s right, my buddy, Jay,
that does all those really beautiful shots, and I’ve
been trying my best to kind of copy him a little bit, with shots like this. (upbeat music) You know, I’ve always
loved telling the story, and I’ve always been into cinematography, and just kind of beautiful
shots, but the fact is, when I’m a one man team,
there’s only so much I can do. You know? I have to film, I have to edit,
I have to set up a tripod, everything like that, and the fact is, is that having a second person is gonna be absolutely amazing. I think it’s gonna take the story telling, the kind of overall beauty of
the vlog, to the next level. But with that said, we
listen to a few things that you guys said,
and we kind of did that six day experiment a month ago, we’re definitely gonna have
a lot more first person, with me kind of talking
to you just like I am now. We’re gonna definitely
work on the music volumes, and all that stuff, but I’m telling you, we have so much amazing things planned. It’s gonna really take the
vlog to the next level, and not just the vlog, I’ll tell you more about
that in a little bit. One of the things we wanna do, and I need some help from you guys, is we wanna start doing
a little bit of Q and A, just to add it in here and there, maybe once a week, once every
couple of weeks, or whatever. So do me a favor right
now, if you want to record on your phone horizontally,
not vertically, horizontally, record a question for me,
send it over to my buddy, Jay Tomsky at his Instagram,
I’ll put right down here, @JAYTOMSKY, and he will
actually take your questions and I’ll answer them live on the vlog. I just think it’s gonna be a cool thing, but we have tons of really amazing ideas that are gonna start to get
implemented over the next weeks and months. Next stop, another
beautiful clutch right here. Which one is this one bred to? – This is a normal female,
bred to a pastel kingspin. – [Man] Oh, okay, a pastel kingspin. She’s another cranky little momma. (wooing) It’s okay momma, it’s gonna be okay. So, again, that pastel kingpin
has all kinds of stuff in it, it has pastel, it has
pin stripe, it has lesser and it has spider in it, and
of course this girl, whoa! She almost got me! All right, go get those eggs
before momma goes crazy here. Woo doggy, come one momma,
it’s okay sweetheart. It’s all right, it’s all right. Oh! It’s okay, baby, it’s
all right, you’re okay. (wooing) She is crazy, we definitely
gonna have to take that one top of the egg off. I can’t believe her, she’s so nuts. How many eggs do we have in this clutch? – [Kelsey] One, two,
three, four, five, six. – Six beautiful eggs, all right. We’ll get you back in
there, momma, good job. Whoa! (upbeat music) Yeah, you guys remember the tipster? My drinking game? We have some really cool stuff coming up. So, with any luck, we’re
gonna actually launch in June, and then that Vat19 is
doing something in July, and then hopefully a whole
bunch of other YouTubers are gonna be in doing some stuff. Not only can you, if
you’re an adult, of course, drink some beer this way, and you can go as long as you possibly want,
but what’s really cool is that Noah and Eric are probably
gonna showcase this, where you can really do some
really gross stuff in these. And the challenge would
be with chocolate milk mixes with orange juice,
mixes with high C, or something like that,
can you drink that? So, it’s gonna be really fun. Again, I’m excited about the tipster.
will be the website, so keep an eye on that. Again, if I’m lucky at all,
we’ll get this thing done and out sometime in June. For those of you guys
that’ve been following along, I hope that you enjoy and, by
the way, it’s patent pended, so don’t go try to steal my idea. (upbeat music) Next stop, is obviously a
spider ball python that has, whoa gosh! What’s with all these moms today? (Kelsey laughs) They’re all feisty. – They’re nuts! – Oh my gosh, so we have one
egg out over there for sure. Come on, mom, you’re okay. And what was she bred to? – She was bred to a super
pastel black pastel bamboo woma. – Oh my gosh, that’s a lot
of stuff going on, there! That is a lot of genes, for sure. So this should be a really cool clutch. Oh my gosh, momma, it’s okay. You’re gonna be all right, mom. I’ll help you out by getting
this girl out of here, get these eggs out here,
and it looks like, again, a beautiful clutch, for sure. – There I go. – There we go, again, a couple
of eggs just on the very top there that might not fit in here. How many eggs in this clutch? – One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. – Eight eggs. So weird, yesterday we had infertility, we had about 50% fertility,
today 100% fertility. So, that just shows you the ups
and downs of snake breeding, I told you guys that yesterday. Regardless, another amazing
day, Kelsey, thank you so much. – Thank you. (upbeat music) – You know, sometimes, every now and then, when I’m just walking by, a
snake will kind of catch my eye and I’ll just be like, “Oh, my gosh! That thing
is absolutely gorgeous!”. And, I figured, if it caught my eyes, I can at least share it with you guys. Of course, this a beautiful bull snake, that’s head for albino. I tell you, I love albino bull snakes. They’re absolutely incredible. This is another one
that caught my eye, too. Oh, my gosh, look at that! This is a mosaic California king snake, what a beautiful animal. And, again, those mosaics is actually like a polygenic trade that we bred
over years to just kind of make a really cool patterned animal. And the first ones we produced were probably like 15 years
ago, and we kind of termed them mosaic Cal kings, and
now it’s kind of cool to see other people working
the project, as well. So, that’s an animal that
looks great, so, anyways, just want to take a quick
break from all those updates, to show you a couple of cool snakes. (upbeat music) We’re really getting going
on the pre-production for the action adventure
series, that will be launching later this fall, and the first part of it is actually gonna be in Australia. We’re gonna shoot a six-part series, they’re gonna probably
be about 20 minutes long, it’s gonna feel more like
television on YouTube, but then, we’re gonna have six
behind-the-scenes, as well, where you guys can kind of follow along with what’s going on. It’s from whatever is
going on to just, you know, issues, travel, what we’re
eating, all that type of stuff, so you guys are gonna
get basically two a week. One of the actual series and
one of the behind-the-scenes. I cannot wait to get this series launched, and if it goes well, we’re
gonna do one in Indonesia, South Africa, who knows where
else, maybe South America, some in the United States, who knows. We’d love to do this every single week, 52 weeks of the year,
if, at all, possible. But we gotta see how things
go, so we’re gonna kind of coat our teeth in Australia, doing some really amazing things. But I did need to know from
you guys, really quick, if I were to launch this,
where should it actually live? Should it live on this vlog channel? Or, maybe, should I be on my
old channel, Snakebites TV? I’m not 100% sure. You’re still gonna get
the seven day a week vlog, so that’s not gonna change at all, my question is that, should
you get seven day a week vlog and two extra videos on this channel? Or, should we actually put it over on the Snakebites TV channel? I’m not sure, let know on
the comments what you think will be the best thing. And I think it’ll probably
launch like Saturday afternoon, so you’ll get the vlog
in the morning, then, Saturday afternoon, you’ll get
this action adventure show, and then, maybe Wednesday,
you’ll get the behind-the-scenes? I’m not sure, let me know on the comments what you guys think. (upbeat music) guys, can we talk a little business? Mind if I ask you what your opinion is of some business thing? I hope that you guys, by now,
realize that part of my job is to vlog and to do social
media, I mean it’s kind of like, you guys punching a clock at
work, I do the same thing. I put tons and tons of hours in everyday, filming and editing, and doing
all the work that it takes to be a YouTuber, you know? So, don’t get me wrong, we get paid when you guys watch the
ads, and so on like that, so I’m not saying that it’s not worth it, because of course it is. But, that being said, recently I’ve had quite a few brands
that have reached out to me, that would like me to make brand deals. I’ve done them before with
Audible and Dollar Shave Club and stuff like that,
but I want to ask you, is it okay if I do some more of these? I mean, I wouldn’t do
them like every week, or something like that, but if once or twice a
month I did a brand deal, where I was kind of shouting out a brand that I believed in and I
enjoyed their actual product, and I could pass it on
to you guys’ savings, would that be something
you would be okay with? I don’t want to make you guys be like, “Oh, Brian is just a sellout!
All he cares about is money.” but the truth is, is
that this is my job and, just like you guys do your job, this is what I do as well,
amongst other things, of course. But I really want to make sure
it doesn’t upset you guys, so, do me a favor, down in the comments, tell me if you mind. I mean, when is too much, too much? I mean, is twice a month too
much if I end up giving you a minute long kind of brand deal? And, again, if you support
the brand that I support you get a little bit of
a deal, and it helps me. So, let me know in the comments,
is that okay for you guys? Or do you think that’s a total no-go and you would prefer that not to happen. So, let me know, I would
love to hear it from you. And with that said,
guys, I’m gonna go ahead and end the vlog here. Wish you guys and amazing day. Tell you guys, I love you. Be kind to someone and I promise I will see you guys tomorrow. (upbeat music)


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