Snake Island (Part 1/2)

Snake Island (Part 1/2)

hold off hold over Jimmy I sell these my new friends will slay Kyle and I’m crazy cuz we’re sleeping on an island full of snakes pretty sure I’m gonna die wait what five snakes [Music] ah see vista dumar hey Doc I’m a degree torille Susie sample para su pedasus para is medicine at lunch poor ELISA appears our daily lives around focus regard is nominated sipara Singh the Holyfield there’s a small island about 100 miles off the coast of Sao Paulo Brazil every Brazilian knows about but only few have dared traveled [Music] even fewer have survived the critically 1000 pesos Cobra operation Cobra contain karachi name continent la hija de que Martha grungy better known as snake island is infested with one of the most deadly snakes the world has ever known the golden lancehead Viper – rah rah rah – yo uma Cabra super fairy wasn’t company no kappa yatta yatta soybean resumed our water and is issuing a penis hey Becky mother Greg with an estimated 3,000 specimens living on the island this small chunk of land has the highest concentration of venomous snakes in the world according to local legend in the 1920s a lighthouse keeper and his family were assigned as stewards of the island on Friday lado de aquella mujer yeah Felix a sink once justo is Mahiro no a via name tiempo in in Baku para levels of functioning and more recent times the Brazilian government declared the inhospitable rocky terrain off-limits to the general population once a year they make the journey there to do maintenance on what is now an automated lighthouse the Brazilian Navy granted us access to the island and even invited us along to accompany them during their annual expedition to the lighthouse Sal Paulo Brazil the city that is at the heart of the country’s current economic boom over the next 10 years is expected to have a second highest economic growth of any city in the world buried deep within the country’s diverse economy is a black market of animal smugglers or more precisely bio pirates no services each a separate area si como en Brazil totem on sabado Lindo say from our circuit ensalada niceness herself as he began to see that she was no sorry well it is home time ing near my eyes this has led scientists and environmentalists to fight for the islands protection leading the charge is a group of researchers at the Boone tampon Institute in Sao Paulo which is where we met Marcello Duarte anaconda more than three and half meters is female this is a big female the smell in their hands is last for three or four days even soaping washing your hands with soap it’s very steam since its foundation the Butantan Institute has been at the forefront of developing biopharmaceuticals from snake venom every year thousands of Brazilian plantation workers are bitten by snakes scientists at Butantan I’ve cut the death rate way down here poisonous reptiles live in palatial quarters induced to you their venom so that serums can be made to combat the activities of other poisonous recluse Marcelo is one of the Institute’s lead researchers and he and his team are experts on the medical potential of the golden lancehead and other similar species mr. Wallas Francois’s no venom preferred on ng+ body so Chile is a disease problem as Cardiacs for the same syphilis sound mobile okay you determine odds factoid is knock on glass sound awesome so hang on the internet or its university that potentially thought it was very innocent Marcelo is one of only a handful of scientists to set foot on snake island a place that he says is ecologically unique and has the potential would be the source of revolutionary developments in science and medicine antonio demilo main tava Yiruma order SS a popular song centered on iraq COLLADA that’s idea when snake island first separated from the mainland the island species of snake began to evolve on a separate path from its mainland cousin but since the island contains no natural predators our ground level prey for the snakes the golden lancehead took the hunt to the trees or migratory birds perched during pit stops on their long journeys the result was the golden lancehead developing an incredibly potent and specialized fast-acting venom that kills the birds in Marcella was unavailable to join us on our trip so instead he sent us with his fellow boon Tintin researcher Karina Rodriguez and a few of their colleagues we were also joined by Angela a Brazilian journalist who is reported on the island many times holidays visit was a business a visiting scholar kammo Vaseline g’s ultra spirit of science there is a four month Mamma Mia being rasa getting on to snake island legally also requires that a doctor be present at all times in the event that the worst case scenario happens an anti-venom needs to be administered to someone who’s been bitten by a snake system organized trust Jamaal here you talk the avro of the island we’ll find out why the Navy looks after this giant island full of snakes Admiral do you have any advice for us on the island you will follow the people butantã island specialized dispute to the maintenance and they have training to be care so they are the people you choose are they ever scared to go on the island yeah yeah any scare because it is Nick there is a special snake you know would you go on the island yourself I think [Music] [Music] anyway [Music] we were told that our captain was one of the most respected and accomplishment and the Brazilian native specifically assigned to this mission to help ensure our safety voltages attachment or solution oh my own idea was India master demos on which from the odd yeah my Allah my Allah we need service well certain elements is that like a meal awesomest about universal control our cosmos end result a trip yourself to Chicago I cannot pop volcan santiago de lourdes tremendous qualities use of the solids you jump in the water Oh oh well get my sea legs already but I have a feeling it’s just going to get worse just let see the land and we have good six or seven hours at least to go [Music] so we’ve been on its ear a couple hours can’t see anything any direction complete open water this boat has one speed and it’s extremely slow and very rocky some people are having some troubles with seasickness everyone seems to be kind of taking a nap so I think I’ll do the same [Music] finally about eight hours after we left the port we spotted something ominous on the horizon [Music] lazy me resume [Music] so we’re finally here snake island a whole lot of snakes a little chunk of land I’m not sure I want to be here now [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we have a hit on a beautifui don’t give a now we have a storm coming immediately after our arrival it’s one of the most ridiculous clouds I’ve ever seen and it’s coming right before us like racing towards us more and more I really do you think we’ve come to like an experimental island and I can’t believe we’re actually gonna go walk up that night sometimes the the ocean changed and you you can’t go out so sometimes you have to wait here for 2 or 3 days until the the ocean is ok for you to to ride [Music] we [Music] [Music] I came home saying this but I am looking forward to going to an island full of snakes tomorrow I just hope no one dies you

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  1. Fun facts:
    – Only 15% of snake species worldwide is considered dangerous to humans.

    – Snakes don't randomly attack humans without being given a reason to do so.

    Too bad how people still portray these animals that should be respected as the most crazy and dangerous animals on earth.

  2. i was thinking putting on a full kevlar gear.. boots pants .gloves etc. or release 50 mongooses problem solved. i also go kill them all make 1000's of snake skin boots shoes.

  3. Ever napped on a boat? Shit's great with the swaying. Put me right to sleep even though our trip to the Great Barrier Reef was two hours.

  4. hahah look up carnac island, Australia. make this island look like a tourist destination, Further more i dont think the lance head viper is even in the top 10 deadliest. Australia has the top 2 deadliest in the world, 1: Inland Taipan and 2: brown snake, Eastern taipan is 5 and tiger snake is 8.

  5. My cat jumped on me while I was watching this and I lost my shit for a second. My feet are even up off the floor right now, despite the fact that I live in a midrise apartment.

  6. Dude has a point about snake not indigenous to a continent on an island🤔🤔🤔 maybe they are protecting something…..white people will find out before any of us, they’re the gangster of nature🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. I'm not worried about the snakes or the storm. I am fricking worried about him wearing his shoes on his bed going to sleep. Like dude WTF!?

  8. I mean these people go to an island full of deathly snakes, they get to sleep in a very small tiny space ( just watching I get a feel of fainting) and a thunder storm is coming over them …. they don’t get pay enough for that shit

  9. So the only person that can administer the anti venom has to have been bitten by a snake lol that's how it sounded

  10. What if? you get crashed in the airplane and when you woke up you are in the snake island, will u survive?🤨

  11. Why would you go to an island full of snakes at night???? 😳😳😳😳 What is wrong with going in broad daylight?

  12. Let my girlfriend go there alone,she would exterminate every snake within days,because she has deadliest poison of them all.

  13. how the world has changed, this island is now a tourist attraction, snakes have been conditioned to link humans with food and follow them around like puppies, and Vice has turned into ideological firebrands, peddling drugs and trannies and all kinds of degeneracy to gullible kids.

  14. Brazil's navy admiral wouldn't even go.. 😨 that says everything you need to know about the island.. fuck that shit lol


  16. I would twist my ankle before getting to the deck. Once reaching the deck I would also be hit with food poisoning. I just couldn’t make it. U got me fukd up !!!

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