Snake Eats Pet Dog

Snake Eats Pet Dog

Somewhere inside this snake is the family
dog, nothing more than an evening meal for the 16-foot long python in Queensland, Australia.
He swallowed the beloved pet, a Terrier Chihuahua cross, in one go. Right in front of its owners,
a boy and a girl aged 5 and 7 and their mother, who attempted in vain to stop the snake by
hitting it with a chair. This, after they discovered the python, with a tail and furry
legs dangling out of his mouth. Stuart Douglass of the Australian Venom Zoo came to the rescue,
but it was too late. “We were called basically. A lady was quite
concerned about her dog being eaten by a 5 to 6 metre scrub python. Obviously, we went
straight away, and it had consumed the dog. We took a number of photos, and then we moved
the snake back here to the zoo. The reason it wasn’t released straight into the wild
is because the… Well, it couldn’t be released because there was a huge amount of food there,
and it could do quite a bit of damage to the snake moving it.”
Apparently, increasing housing development in Queensland has displaced the python’s natural
food source, the local wallabies. So the hungry snakes have moved on to domestic cats and
dogs. But pet owners don’t have to worry for another couple of days. The dog will take
at least 48 hours to digest.

86 thoughts on “Snake Eats Pet Dog

  1. If you watch the video it was actually a wild snake. I don't give a shit if it was acting according to its natural instincts, I'll still chop it in two

  2. at least the dog didnt really suffer.

    prey typically goes unconscious within 1 to 3 seconds. they squeeze so hard, its actually not suffocation but much faster bloodstream disruption.

  3. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that it's cardiac arrest which is the main problem… and not being able to scratch your nose, that sucks too. From what I've seen, small rodents like rats seem to die of shock fairly rapido, bigger animals take a bit more squeezing and then yeah, probably have a massive hearty.

  4. Leave pets and dogs alone MORON and stick the snake up to your ass, snakes are top-predators – not pets ! should be illegal to keep snakes and other bigger reptiles as pets !

  5. dumb asses this is a WILD python its humans fault for encroaching on their territory. This snake has never been a pet so dont go blaming snake onwers.

  6. if a snake killed my dog(not a chihuahua) i wouldn't kill it. ofcourse i would try to save my dog before it got killed but if it was already too late, then why would people want to kill the snake? then your "precious" dog's life would be in vain and the you can sit and cry all you want. if people can't accept nature, they might as well barricade themselves 😛

  7. Please realize that the snake was only keeping its self alive. You don't want to kill someone for eating mcdonalds do you? No. So why blame the poor snake?

  8. chihuahua is a well known dumbest dog in the world, it will get itself killed if you don't look out for it

  9. It shows that man shouldnt mess with evolution, as always we will create something useless that gets eaten by snakes


  11. I HATE snakes, I had to put up with over 10 of them, and one of them was the size of me, and I'm the second tallest in my class

  12. Tried in vain to save the dog? um, looks like she saved the snake instead.  I would have a machete and sledgehammer handy, one slam and one chop will do nicely, slice open right where the dog is, and voila! have to do AR on the dog, but it should work, for the dog that is, not the snake.

  13. To all you snake lovers snakes are nasty there are tuns of snake killings but I mean I kill snakes like copper heads Cotten mouth fucking I see anaconda I will grab a fucking gun and kill that snake dog are human

  14. What is it about Chihuahuas that makes every animal on the planet want to kill them? Birds eat them, snakes eat them, other dogs eat them. I know the Aztec's bred them for food back in the day. Maybe this is why they shake all the time, they know that absolutely everything hates them. Jesus, even their owners or owners family beat them to death. From a purely sociological standpoint, what is it about them that generates this rage? I'm no fan of these dogs, I find them mean and ugly, but I'm starting to feel bad for them.

  15. Poor snake. He must have choked really bad on that nasty dog. And they hit him with a chair? Man, this is animal abuse.

  16. Gosh, why does everyone hate chihuahuas, I have one myself and it is adorable and it would never think of biting someone! It licks you and it is just so amazing 😂

  17. Nope, That snake would die even if it did not save the dog.
    That snake would be cut open and the dogs body retrieved so it could be buried.
    A dog such as this is a member of the family and it deserves better then to be turned into snake shit.

  18. I'd cut the snake open if it was my dog, Idc if that's just nature, it's just nature for me to kill something that kills my dog

  19. Poor puppy.
    Danm snake should get relocated,
    Stupid creature eating that poor dog… and right in front of the kids

  20. There are some Goddamned IGNORANT fucker on this planet…and I'd LOVE to kill Everybodies fucking snakes…and them too if they try to stop me. There's been 8 kids here in the States that have been murdered by their FATHERS PET Pythons, because they have such TINY DICKS…that they have to make up for that issue by getting a giant snake…pathetic waste of skin and bones… then they sound shocked and Surprized when they call Law Enforcement to tell them their pet snake KILLED their daughter or son…seriously…pathetic freaks…

  21. If that was my dog I’d rip my puppy outta there and then boil that snake in hot oil.

    And it’s NOT nature because once it messes with ME, A HUMAN, IMMA GO MOOSETOWN STADIUM FREESTYLE

  22. I hate chihuahuas, but if that was a cat or any other dog I’d pop a cap in that niggas ass and swing it around like a rope.

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