Snake Bites Eric’s Crotch | Cold-Blooded Trivia #1

Snake Bites Eric’s Crotch | Cold-Blooded Trivia #1

Have you fed them recently? Fortunately, we
fed them last week. Oh, thanks. Hey, guys. Welcome to a new Vat19 game. We have snake lover Brian
Barczyk here to help us out. Our two contestants will
lay in Plexiglas coffins and try to answer
reptile-themed questions. For each wrong answer, Brian
will add his slithery friends to their coffin. When the game is
over, the winner gets to munch on a delicious,
giant gummy Python, while the loser has to deal
with the giant real Python. This is what we call
Cold-blooded Trivia. Round one is going to
be worth one snake. Be the first to buzz in
with the correct answer, and you avoid a snake. Question number one–
which snake generates noise to warn off potential predators? Eric, you have buzzed in first. The rattlesnake. Correct. [YELLING] OK, so guys, first
things first, we want to make sure that
the animals are completely in safety, right? So I don’t want you to roll over
on them, throw them, toss them, anything. And the first question I get
asked all the time about snakes is, do they bite? And the answer is, they can. So yes? The answer was yes? The answer is yes. Oh, that’s weird. Oh, that’s so weird. Oh, question number
two, in the 1984 movie The Karate Kid, what is
the name of Johnny Lawrence’s Dojo? [BUZZER] Eric, do you have an answer? The Cobras? Incorrect. You get snakes. OK. Oh! [YELLING] No! No! Brian, this one seems
to have a different– so these are all ball
pythons, but they look a little different. These are all ball
pythons from West Africa. So we selectively breed
them for different color. And I tell you, this
one likes Eric a lot. Around Eric’s neck here– [STAMMERING] [INTERPOSING VOICES] I got to respond? Oh, I got to respond. Adam, come on, you’ve
got to get it right. [INAUDIBLE] OK. All right. All right. What was the name of
Johnny Lawrence’s Dojo in the 1984 movie Karate Kid? Um. You got five seconds to answer. You’ve got to give
me one second. Four. Python Dojo. I’m sorry. The correct answer was
Cobra Kai, Cobra Kai. Oh, so close. Brian, I’ve got
another question. One here, with its
body around Eric’s neck there, has a number 35 on it. What’s that all about? Well, I’m glad you asked that. Again, we’re always
trying to make sure that the animals are safe. We also keep a lot of records. So these animals
being in this cage, we need to make sure
they go directly back into the right cage, so
that we have all of the record husbandry-wise. And so we actually
are marking the snakes so they go back in the
right bag and then back into the right cage when
they’re back home with us. Yeah. Oh, dude. Dude. One just went up Adam’s
shirt there someone. It found it’s way in there. Brian, you’re seriously
are the worst. Oh my god, it’s licking me. Let’s focus on
question number three. In Greek mythology,
who is the hero– What? You’re buzzing in? Yeah, yeah, he buzzed in. You buzzed [BLEEP] I didn’t even
finish the question. Ah, you didn’t. I didn’t finish the question. Yeah, but he buzzed in. He did buzz in, so– Said who was the hero. I was about to say Medusa,
but that’s probably the wrong answer. [BUZZER] Poor snakes. So this is a
beautiful animal here. This is what they
call a spinner ball python, which is a double
mutation, really gorgeous. This guy here is called
a pinstripe ball python. That’s number two. Those are some
beautiful markings. And here’s another
one, and that’s three. Oh. Now, snakes are
carnivores, guys, so– Have you fed them recently? Fortunately, we
fed them last week. Ah, thanks. Eric, to only be fair, I’m going
to read you the whole question. In Greek mythology,
who is the hero that slays the snake-haired
monster Medusa? Brian’s already got the
snakes, because we’re pretty sure you don’t know
the answer to that one. I don’t know. You want me to read
it one more time? The Titans? I think– Hercules. [BUZZER] Incorrect. Dang it. The correct answer was Perseus. So is there a reason
why you’re putting in all of the same species? Yeah, we don’t ever really
want to mix species of snakes, because they carry different
bacteria and all kinds of other things [INAUDIBLE] Oh, boy. Listen, these are
captive born animals. They were never in the wild. And chances are they’d be fine. But we don’t want
to take any risk. Oh my god. Oh my god. Eric is starting to shake. I can’t answer the questions. I think you’ll be fine, Eric. Oh my god. I hope you guys, for
this next question, are Harry Potter fans. Oh no. Here we go. In Harry Potter, which
Hogwart’s house has a serpent– Slitherin. Correct! You get no snakes. Five snakes on Eric. All right. So I’m going to show you guys
a couple of really cool ones. Check this one out right here. This is really nice. All right, these are a couple
of just normal ball pythons here, but this one– and this is what they
call a leucistic ball python, not an albino, because
it still has dark eyes. But it’s lacking all
the other pigments. And then, of course,
this would be the albino, which is more orange. And it has the orange eyes. Oh! Ooh, ooh. Oh yeah, I can see its red eyes. It’s in my ear! It’s in my ear! Eric, you are doing phenomenal. Oh thanks, guys. Question number
five, by weight, what is the largest species
of snake in the world? [BUZZER] Eric? Python. Say that again. Python. Python? Was that your answer? No, anaconda. I said anaconda. No, you did not say anaconda. I said anaconda. I do believe, I do
believe I buzzed in first. Could we get some– [MUFFLED SPEECH] I do believe I buzzed in first. [INAUDIBLE] anaconda, guys. I can’t tell what he said. Anaconda, anaconda. We’re going to accept anaconda. He buzzed in first. So Adam, I’m sorry,
you get seven snakes. But I buzzed in first. I think that– He buzzed in first. Now, I want to really
make sure that everyone understands that these
snakes aren’t being harmed. There’s nothing going
to happen to them. Adam and Eric are going
through a lot more stress than these guys are. Stressed out–
that one’s hissing. You know, anacondas are the
girthiest and heaviest-bodied snake. But the reticulated python is
actually the largest snake. But you can have
an anaconda that can be upwards of 300
pounds, believe it or not. I can feel all their
tongues touching me. Eric, do you hyper
lips on right now? Because that’s what
it sounds like. I’m trying not to
bite the snake. All right. Final questions, guys. Eric’s got two points. Adam has one point. So to force a
tiebreaker, you need to get this one correct, Adam. Which book in the Bible
features a talking snake. Eric! Genesis? Correct! Yes! Eric is our winner! Adam gets all of the
remaining snakes. I believe there’s about 10 more. Eric, how’s it feel? I’m glad I was born in
the Bible Belt, Jamie. Oh, my gosh. That’s, that’s a lot to snakes. Oh, there you go. You’re doing good. I hate to say it, but
there was definitely more than 10 snakes in here. Oh, great. Thanks. Thanks, Brian. Thanks [INAUDIBLE]
Brian, you’re the best. You really are. You’re so great. You’re so great. [? Comedy ?] was
never my strong suit. There’s a couple sneaking
out the back here. Thanks, buddy. Wope, losing my glasses. I won. Do I get out? Eric, as the winner, will get to
eat the giant gummy python from Vat19, while Adam will get the
giant 16-foot long reticulated python– I know this was going to happen. –Lucy. So while Eric munches on
this snake, we’ve got Lucy— is what, a 16-foot long python? She’s a 16-foot. Now, this is the
species of python that is the longest species
of python in the entire world, sometimes exceeding 22
or 23 feet in length. But let me tell you. A lot of people think that
these snakes are killers. They’re not. Adam, I would never put your
life that much in jeopardy, OK? Help me with the tail end. 120 pounds of pure
muscle– it’s like a hug from a smaller [? joey. ?] I was going to say, like a
couple of [? joeys, ?] right? Hang on to that head. It’s getting real angry. [INAUDIBLE] front side. [INAUDIBLE] Yep, yep, there we go. Then you want me
to hold its head? Well, not hold it. Just try to keep it there. Oh, OK. I got it. Yeah. Yep, there you go. Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho! There’s got to be another
10 feet coming in. There’s about another
10 feet left, OK? Oh! There we go. Oh. Lucy, Lucy, did you– Come on, girl. –pee? Adam, I’ve give you a bite
if you give it a kiss. Eric– oh, she’s hissing. Can you hug her back? Eric, she’s hissing. Oh, yes. Oh, I can see its teeth. Oh my gosh. Get it up there. Kiss has been made. It’s a good– It’s a goodnight hiss. Oh yeah! Oh, a goodnight
hiss is complete. Now, that’s a good Tinder date. Oh, Eric, help me. I’m right here with you, buddy. Ohhhh! Hey, buddy. Oh. [INAUDIBLE] coming out. Jamie, I think we got this shot. Jamie, I think we’re good. We could cut this video now. OK. Folks, thanks for joining us. That was Cold-blooded Trivia. That was Brian Barczyk. See you next time. (SINGING) And the first question I get
asked all the time about snakes is, do they bite? And the answer is, they can. So [INAUDIBLE] Oh,
oh, it’s biting! [GROANS] Oh [BLEEP] [LAUGHING] Oh, [BLEEP] the artery. [BLEEP] Oh my god,
that was scary. I want to give a big thank
you to Brian for providing and handling the animals today. Go check out his channel,
AnimalBytesTV, as well as his daily blog, @BrianBarczyk,
to see more amazing animals. And I did a video here at
Vat19 teaching Jamie more about these amazing reptiles. So subscribe to Vat19
and Brian’s channel so you never miss
another crazy stunt.

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  1. In Greek mythology, who is the hero who slays the snake-haired, Medusa?
    Me: *gets flashbacks of Percy Jackson fighting Medusa with all that reflection stuff and Riptide and yeah also ignore the fact that I only read the books and the flashback is actually just what my mind imagines also this is way too long for this*
    Me: Percy Jackson?

    Jamie: Perseus!
    Me: Yus thanks Rick Riordan!

    Bryan: I think there are more snakes then that

  3. What are the odds in the vid you guys said something about maduss and percius and those are two of my snakes names

  4. I’d be more than ok with snakes! I actually love both snakes and spiders lol. I have 2 tarantulas and a ball python 😀

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