Snake Bite to the FACE!

Snake Bite to the FACE!

– [Voiceover] Action. – Well, Coyote Pack, I think
it’s pretty safe to say that winter has set in in Ohio. And while it might be cold,
that’s not gonna stop us from making an awesome
Behind The Adventure. (tribal music) Welcome back, everyone. Wow, it is seriously
cold out here today, like five degrees
Fahrenheit, and boy, do I wish that I
was somewhere warm. So today, we’re taking
you back down to Florida. You remember a couple of weeks
ago when we did an episode all about catching anoles? Well, if you didn’t
see that episode, there was a scene at the end
that gave me quite a surprise. So let’s take an extended look
at one seriously close call. Got a snake, right
here, right here. – [Voiceover] Hmm, what? – The grassy, no,
the black racer. Holy cow, and
they’re super fast, right there, you see him? – [Voiceover] Yeah,
he’s slithering. – And I’m on this side
of the logs, buddy. I’m gonna get you. Watch how fast they dart, as soon as he
decides to take off. Got ’em, got ’em,
got ’em, got ’em. Woo. (laughing) Trying to catch anoles,
if you come across, (groans and gasps)
oh, he bit me. Good thing is,
he’s not venemous. Look at that, rattling the
tail, just like a rattlesnake. That’s a warning sign,
where he tries to make me think that he’s venemous,
even though he’s not. Oh boy, he got my hand good. Now this is one of
the top predators that’s out here eating
the brown anole. And they are so
unbelievably quick. (groans) Again, jeez, maybe
I should just hold him kinda out like this so I
don’t take any more bites. Look at how beautiful
that snake is. Now, this is another species
that does incredibly well in a residential area like this, because there’s so many
things for them to feast on. Obviously the brown
anoles are probably a pretty easy snack, but
then you’ve got all sorts of rodents, and they will
even go after baby birds if there are nests. These snakes can climb,
but where they really shine is on the ground. And I’ll put him
down real quick, hopefully I’ll be able to
grab him a second time. Ready, watch how fast this
snake takes off, ready? You good? One, two, three. Look at that, he’s
gonna come right at you. It’s okay, don’t worry. Woo. And out in the open
like this, he can feel– – [Voiceover] I
almost stepped on him. – [Coyote] Yeah, out in the
open like this he can feel that he has nothing to go
under, so that’s where he’s gonna show us defensive
poses like this, you see, he’s kinda rearing up. Look at that, he’s
got the tail rattling, trying to shake these
leaves, make us think that he is a rattlesnake. And of course, you do have
eastern diamonbacks around here. Watch your feet, it’s okay,
don’t worry about him, Mark, he’s not gonna hurt you. He actually feels more
comfortable right there under your feet. – [Mark] Does he look
at me as protection? – He does, because
you’re a shaded area, and potentially he could
hide under your foot. Now he’s come behind you. All right, all right, all right, let me just wrangle
him back here. Nope, nope, nope, jeez, look how fast they go. Okay, whoa, went right for
my face, holy mackerel. Okay, that’s probably
about as much as we need to stress him out. Let me see if I can just totally
get him to calm down now. Come here buddy, there we go. Look at how beautiful
that snake is. Incredibly smooth,
incredibly smooth, and that’s what
allows them to move through the
environment so quickly. Oh boy, he’s looking right
in my face, and he’s saying, “Just get a little bit closer. “I gave you a bite
on both hands, “and I would love
to bite your nose.” That’s not gonna happen. And he is musking right now, so that’s another
defensive tactic. Let me poop, scare you
away with that smell. I’m sure it tastes pretty bad. But holy mackerel, that
is the black racer. – [Mark] Kinda unexpected, huh? – Totally unexpected,
I don’t know if we’re gonna be
able to top this. I was hoping for a bigger anole, you never know what
you’re gonna find. (gasps) Whoa. – [Mark] Did he bite
you in the face? – He bit my hat. You never know what
you’re gonna find. Whoa. Yikes, talk about getting face
to face with the black racer. I’ll tell ya, that encounter
sure gives a new meaning to the phrase up
close and personal. I do feel lucky to
still have my nose, even though I can’t
feel it right now. I think it’s time to head in
and get some hot chocolate. I’m Coyote Peterson, be brave, stay wild, we’ll
see you next week. If you think that was
one wild adventure, check out the time I
got a little too close to the gila monster. And don’t forget, subscribe
to join me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail. Oh, yep, he got the
whole top of my thumb. (roaring) (wolf howling)

58 thoughts on “Snake Bite to the FACE!

  1. What a horrific clickbait. You didn't get bitten on the face at all. Which I'm glad of, but why label your video Snake Bite to the FACE! when CLEARLY that didn't happen????? For views. Like any sell-outs. Lost respect today.

  2. I catch snakes all the time & rarely get the chance to catch a black racer. They are quick & Mississippi is full of underbrush that they can get under quick. Beautiful snake but those buggers don’t stop biting lol. Last catch I got tagged 6 times before I decided to head it like I would a moccasin :/

  3. Thanks to Coyote & the whole crew, I’ve been able to identify different kinds of snakes (which I still don’t care for at all) and I’m greatly appreciative of all the info… but the clickbait kills me. “Snake Bite to the FACE.” No, thank goodness, but “ALMOST a snake bite to the face” or “Snake Bite to the famous HAT” would’ve been closer to the truth. As horrible as it sounds, I was almost hoping for it… but ONLY because he’s been bitten and stung and pinched by every other creepy thing on the planet.

  4. Jeez he over exaggerates the pain of a black racer bite. I’ve been bitten by a black racer at least 8 times and it doesn’t even hurt lol

  5. Whats that funny "ptttchoo-sound" you maid, Coyote, when Mr Snake bit your hat..? Sure don't know what that was, but it really maid med laugh! 😂😂

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