SLITHER.IO CARTOON PARODY! Giant Robot Snake!!! Family Fun Kids Animation! Max & Midnight Ep 5

SLITHER.IO CARTOON PARODY!  Giant Robot Snake!!! Family Fun Kids Animation! Max & Midnight Ep 5

(energetic spy music) (ominous sneaking music) (devices beeping) – I don’t like it. – I know, buddy. It’s too quiet. (snakes hissing) Snakes, why’d it have to be snakes? – It’s time to go. (screaming) – Hot dog, hot dog, foot long, foot long. There we go, there we go. Who wants a foot long?
(child laughing) Wow, good things come to those who wait! – Watch out! Gotcha! – Hope you like the 20-gallon tank. – Dude, I’m soaked. Take this. – Here we go, oh, hot
dog, hot dog, hot dog, you hot dog, you hot dog,
you, comin’ at ya, Max! (dog chomping)
Oh, Buster, nice catch! (swallow and burp) (alarm sounding)
– Ready, big guy? (footsteps running)
(squealing) (grunting) (rocket blasting) – Max, Super-villain Midnight has created a robotic slither-bot and it’s
broken into the gold reserve. It grows as it needs gold, agent Max! You must find a way to stop it before it consumes the world’s supply. (grunting)
(whooshing) – Ah!
(crashing) (devices beeping) – I don’t like it. – I know, buddy, it’s too quiet. (snakes hissing) Snakes, why’d it have to be snakes? (snake rattling) – I think it’s time to go. (screaming) – Ha-ha-ha, time to die, Max. (snickering) (snake rattling) (grunting) – [Gadget] Gooey grabber gadget. Gooey grabber gadget.
(whooshing) – Say goodbye to your precious gold. (snake chomping) – Hang on. (grunting) – Max, what do we do? – Be patient, little buddy. (maniacal laughter) (snake chomping) – You might wanna watch them. – I got it, I got it. – Three… two… – We’re not gonna make it! (beeping) (explosions) – Yes, ha-ha! (beeping)
(whooshing) (sighing)
That was close. – This isn’t over, I’ll be back! – Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha! – Whoa, last one guys,
this is a super dog! Who wants it? Max, Buster, you want this? – Umm, I think we’ll
wait for the hamburgers. – [Midnight] This isn’t over. (maniacal laughter) (snoring) – That was too close. Max and Buster need you. Subscribe now and become
an Agent of Awesome. Help us stop Midnight. (energetic spy music)

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  2. I love how you guys dedicate your entire life to make funny videos that provides for people that like watching YouTube!

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  5. i like this show but every time it says 5 minutes it's not actually five minutes but actually it's been 1 minute not 5

  6. Man they haven’t made a video since a YEAR! And I also think that FGTEEV forgot about Max and Buster….🀨

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