Singaporeans Try: Star Wars Trivia

Singaporeans Try: Star Wars Trivia

Please talk about your outfit today. So, today I’m wearing Kylo Ren couture. And Chuan is in Chewbacca realness. Hello Darth. Han. I am… Your wife! Leia?! I’m Han Solo. The young one. I’m Darth Vader. Me lightsaber. It’s just a normal Jedi outfit. Since I am Luke. Ok. This one you might want to sensor, but… Check it! How big of a fan are you? On a scale of 1 to 10. 6.5. 7.5. 7. 6. I watch, but I don’t remember a lot of their names. I don’t want to overstate it. About 8. 9. Did you watch every Star Wars movie? Ahbuden (duh)! Yes! I didn’t watch the super old one. You didn’t watch the original? Episode four. No, no, no – this one is like, super old one. Hello! Episode four is the first one that came out. On today’s episode of Singaporeans Try, we will be doing Star Wars quiz. Ready, I am. What?! This one is very easy. Aiyo. You all need surname? Surname is called Chew. Then, Bak Kwa. The spelling is… W. E. N. C. H. U. A. N. Correct! Of course! Beautiful. So easy. Lame! Naboo. Trust me. You will. Yes, master. Alderaan. Huh?! It was destroyed by the Death Star. She watched it get destroyed by Darth Vader. You don’t know meh? I don’t know. Our son. He’s a very disappointing son. Hah! It’s… It’s her. He is… Ben Solo. Aka, the son of Han and Leia. Aka, the grandson of Darth Vader. Aka, a little sh*t. A little sh*t. You don’t understand me dad. You don’t get me. Han Solo’s son.
Ben Solo. Yes. His name is Ben Solo? If you actually look into his looks right… Black hair… The father and the mother has brown hair… Maybe he is adopted. Or maybe he dyed his hair. I don’t know. Luke! Come! Hurry up! His call sign? Don’t know sia! Oh my God! We’re going to lose! It’s a colour right? It’s a colour. It’s either Red Five, or Gold – oh wait. Gold Five.
I think it’s Red. I feel like it’s Red. But it’s not One. Because he’s not the alpha. Red Ten. It’s either Five, Seven or Ten. Five Seven. No. As in Five, Seven or Ten. Oh! Red Three? Red Falcon? No. I’m pretty certain it’s Red Five. Red Five? I trust James. Red Five. Oh my goodness. I feel… I feel sadder than when – Han died. Bought it. He didn’t buy it lah! Han Solo doesn’t buy stuff. He stole it what. No meh? I thought he… I thought he likes to gamble? I feel like he stole it. From a Wookiee. He won it. From Lando Calrissian. Yes. In a card game. Do you all know who is Jabba the Hutt? The big guy that is like a bit slimy, then he… How hasn’t anyone killed him yet? He cannot do anything about it. I think he died. Oh. Princess Leia? Must be fighting halfway then the gun shoot, shoot shoot. No, no, no, no. I don’t think there’s a gun shot. I remember there’s something – it has something to do with chains. Princess Leia. Did she strangle him? He cannot be strangled. You cannot find his neck. Princess Leia. By strangling him with her own chains. With her own slave chain. Because I remember she pulled like… Like go and tie around his neck or some sh*t. Why you never say that? I’m not sure! I’m not a confident person. Because Jabba the Hutt turned Leia into a slave once… The bikini wearing slave. Yeah! Like sexy. Because good old Han… Good old Han. Got frozen in carbonite. You know what? We have a picture. Leia got really displeased. Yeah. And she’s like “I’ve got to kill you!” Yes! Purple! Purple. That one… Only he has it. Basic! The only reason, or the main reason he agreed to join… Was because he could have a purple lightsaber. There are very few random colour lightsabers. Ahsoka Tano is… White. Oh yah, white! The Jedi temple guards are yellow. Yellow! It’s with the crystals from… Something. I don’t know the name. It… Slips – out of my mind. It starts with a ‘K’. Karda – the power of the Kardashians! Kryptonite. Kardashians. I was like getting choke… Kanye! Kanye! The what crystal? Kyber. You sure? Sure. Kyber – ok lor! Kyber crystals. Kyber crystal! It’s Kyber crystals. Do you know why Kylo’s lightsaber is like… weird? Because he went overboard with the crystals. So it’s very unstable. Just like you! Wah. Die. I got a bad feeling about this. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away lah. That one is a… Title. The word that confirm will appear is ‘The Force’. Oh. May the force be with you, is it? No, but that one is more like… Bro, every episode confirm have! Confirm. That’s like saying Amen leh. You go to church, you confirm hear one! The force one is in every episode. May the force be with you. Another one is… I’ve got a bad feeling about this. All the characters said before. I’ve a bad feeling about this. Correct. Oh my God. Well done! He was like “I have a very bad feeling about this.” Die. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. I’m just going to draw a dustbin. Bee.. Eight lor. Oh no! Beebee Ate! A – T – E! Like Beebee ate… Something. Or is it Ditu (map). D – I, T – U. Ahtu. A- H. T – U. Ahtu Ditu. His name is Beebee Eight. And… It’s spelled Beebee Eight. Huh?! What the hell! Really ‘Ate’ leh! You guys won the movie tickets! Yes! High five. I knew it! I knew it! Pose for the camera. Fun. Yah. It’s very fun. I think quite embarrassing ah. Quite bad ah. This is how we felt before the quiz. Like… Right now, we feel like this. We practically aced it. Chris the carrier. He legit, Han Solo it up. There’s this whole universe that comes along with Star Wars. And it’s very easy to get suck into the universe. Yah – there’s so much more. If you like piu piu piu, Star Wars is for you, you, you. Have you watched Star Wars? Do you need this in your life? Catch it in the cinemas today! I think the entire series is a huge phenomenon. And people who don’t watch it, are really missing out on a lot of stuff that people talk about every single day.

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  1. Plot twist, Chris is really Rainier. And Kanye is indeed Kayne. Jk. Apologies for the 2 errors there guys! Please still enjoy this video especially for the Star Wars fans out there! 🙂

  2. I don’t understand how people “like” star wars but didn’t watch the first 3 movies.. they were the best. AKA episodes 4,5,6

  3. 5:30 Kpop Idols (they kill you)
    Kim Taehyung (most handsome face in the world)
    Kim Namjoon (god of destruction with jams)
    Kim Seokjin (Worldwide Handsome)
    Kim Jisoo (the one from blackpink)
    Kim Jisoo (the male actor)
    Kim Jennie (mostly known as jennie kim but i wanted it to start with a 'k' so i could put it)

  4. herro singaporean star wars fan here ♥ aiyo where is the actual challenging trivia ah… facepalm call themselves hardcore fans some more…

    But great job hosting the video ahaha it very fun to watch 🙂

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