Shuttle Astronauts Play Chess

Shuttle Astronauts Play Chess

>>Greg Shamitaw: Hello. My name is Greg Shamitaw [phonetic]. Welcome to the International Space Station. This is my crewmate, Box [phonetic], and
we’re sitting here pondering our next move for the Earth versus Space chess match. We’ve been up here a week already
on a shuttle flight STS134. It’s all going really, really
well, we’re having a great time.>>Greg Johnson: Hello everyone, I’m Greg
Johnson [phonetic], otherwise known as Box. Thanks for following our mission so far, and —
and this very fun and challenging chess match. We’ve been working hard up here to
install some critical spare equipment for the International Space Station, and also
this 2 billion dollar cosmic particle detector that may revolutionize the way
scientists understand our universe. We’ve also done a lot of
robotics and space walks, Taz [phonetic] just did one the other day. And we’re basically setting up the space
station for when the space shuttle retires.>>Greg Shamitaw: When we’ve had some free
time we’ve also really enjoyed playing chess with all of you. This has been a really good
game so far, don’t you think?>>Greg Johnson: Oh yeah. But one of the great things about chess is it
brings people together from all walks of life — people from different cultures,
different language, different countries. Building bridges between people is
an important part of what we do here on the International Space
Station, with 16 member nations that have contributed to the building of it. Right now we have a crew of 12, representing
at least four different countries.>>Greg Shamitaw: The other great thing
about chess is that it challenges your mind, and it inspires kids in ways that’ll make
them great problem solvers in the future. From here, the view of our world is absolutely
breathtaking, but there are challenges. Bringing people together with critical
thinking skills to solve the world’s problems, this is the extension of
what a simple game of chess like this can actually represent for our future.>>Greg Johnson: So thanks
to everyone for participating in our Earth versus Space chess match. Good luck trying to catch up though,
we’re going 17,500 miles an hour. That’s speed chess like you’ve
never seen before.>>Greg Shamitaw: And thanks to the US Chess
Federation and NASA for sponsoring our game.>>It’s your move.>>Oh. [ Laughter ]

18 thoughts on “Shuttle Astronauts Play Chess

  1. this team of the endeavour the STS 134 is the best, they are very cool everyone, the commander mark kelly, greg chamitoff, greg johnson, micke flincke they are OK one hello from Italy i follow you everyday in the morning the first thing i do when i turn on the computer is to go on nasa's website and see the video of the day before the recap as you call.

  2. I wonder if sending Kasparov to space and play with the rest of the world would be possible someday! And am sure, that would be a very concerted chess match ever in the whole history of chess. Or perhaps, the title match should be played out in space…or that we can create a Universal Chess Association. What do you think?

  3. what would be good for space is a chess set with magnets on it so you could put the board down on a metal surface and it wouldnt float around as much.

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