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  1. From many a discussion here, interesting how many people are willing to ignore rules for "higher reasons"!?

  2. For those who seem confused in the comments section: The FIDE rules (FIDE is the governing body of all chess federations in the world and sets the rules) says that you must make a move with one hand. That hand must also stop the clock. Once you touch a piece you must move it to a legal position. You can't go and then change that position once you have made the move (what Magnus unfortunately did almost reflexly. He probably meant to move to the second position but because he was moving so fast his mind/hand coordination slipped, or he could have instantaneously changed his mind after making the move…which is not allowed. Once your move is made you cannot undo it.Once you touch the clock after you have made the move only then can your opponent make his/her move. The FIDE website has a downloadable handbook of the full rules of chess explaining these intricacies. It just goes to show. Even a genius like Magnus (now the World Champion) can make a mistake. What sets him apart is that he makes very few mistakes now.

  3. Well if he acutally wanted to place the King there or if he made just made a mistake, he has to be disqualified because we cant know

  4. Why does non-chess player's on the comment section? xD… Magnus Carlsen is the current world best chess player fyi

  5. Well, I hate this stuff. It should be by the time not by the touch of a certain piece.
    But hey, this was invented by the loosers that needed a way to win.

  6. That wasn't a touch move, but a let go of the King and a split second later moves it to another square. Carlsen let go! You can't move a piece or pawn to another square once you let go! He should know better. There is no do over Magnus. This isn't coffee house chess or playing with your little sister. Come on!

  7. 7:45 he could’ve taken his castle at b3 or am I being silly? Because obviously he can’t move the pawn to take it otherwise it’s he looses c8

  8. If this was a tournament game or for money I would have done the same. If this was just a friendly game without any stakes I think he's being a little bitch.

  9. So, he lost because he accidentally touched the pawn to which he tried to replace it where he meant to???? And also, he didn’t ‘loses’ anything. He was unsure about what had happened. Meaning caught off guard…. He is still a champion in my eyes! ❤️😄 good job to the both of them!

  10. Just because Magnus has no Queen doesn't mean he's lost. It's either a draw or a win. No checkmate. The aim of the game is to checkmate the opponent. Overruled. Show us the rest of the match.

  11. What the hell is going on man I love to play this shit , it's for politics how to wins the fight . Who ever made this MF he was smart. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. carlson's king first move was so that the white bishop could chess him, and then take carlson's rook with the same bishop. So that means carlson loses the game.

  13. Who else thinks these bigger blunder was white queen taking black Bishop, instead of white knight taking black Bishop at the 6:50 mark

  14. For those that still don't understand , besides a rule violation of moving a piece and letting it go than moving it again ….The first square that Magnus moved the king to was d4 and had it stayed there it loses instantly …Black would play Bishop f2 check and when Magnus moves his king Black picks up the rook on the b6 square .If you fast forward to around 10:05 you can see it very clearly and you can see Savchenko pointing at the king that at the rook probably telling Magnus you must keep the king on d4 and I win the rook with Bishop f2

  15. He seems angry … Anyway the mistake that Magnus did was not big and he changed immediately so he should be "forgiven".I am not too good at chess and it's rules but i believe this was too much

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