100 thoughts on “Sherlock Mini-Episode: Many Happy Returns – Sherlock Series 3 Prequel – BBC One

  1. So desperate for a new season. I never understood all the fuss people made about Sherlock when it was actually on terrestrial TV. Now, I loop the series on Netflix like my life depended on it! In future – I promise I will try harder to find out why something is popular and not just go all 'intellectual snob' about it being 'popular'.

  2. Sorry, I got confused. Why does the opening scene look like it happened at Kamar-Taj? Himalaya, anyone? Is this Dr Strange or Sherlock? Lolz

  3. I just watched s3e1 again and i realized that why actually Sherlock didnt tell John he was not dead. Obviously, it was not about missing something out of his mouth.
    Clearly, all people, world knew about from newspapers Sherlock and Watson, how they solved the cases together, and their special friendship. So, how could these people believe that Sherlock was really dead ?
    At this point, Sherlock had to give people a real proof. For the greatest possible proof, people should be able to see the great and true sorrow of John.
    Therefore, Sherlock let John to grieve for two years.He continued until he was sure that he destroyed all of Moriarty’s networks.

  4. That wink, we actually like it. But you did that only for John, and that's how I ship Johnlock even more!!!!!

  5. I hate this but at the same time I don't really know what to do with my life because this fandom has taken it.

  6. all the comments on here are from years ago rip the Sherlock fandom, it was great while it lasted.


  8. Just came here to say that after all these years, I still think Greg Lestrade is the best friend in this show.

  9. The thing that really annoys me is that John didn't get it was a bloody MAGIC TRICK! All those cases with Sherlock and he didn't get it!

  10. 日本語字幕ありがとうございます!!ストーリーやっと理解できた!英語勉強しなきゃ、、

  11. It gives me chills everytime he says ok to John and then he says sorry that he will be back soon 😮😮

  12. this shit got me bawling. how did i not know about this at all! this came out 5 years ago!! i miss sherlock so much omg

  13. I discovered this video three years after Season 4, I am all fresh. Ready to wait another 6 years for season 5. I love how the Fandom never calls it the 'Final' season, they just say season 4. Because the wait is eteenal

  14. I feel Sherlock deliberately planted this kind of stuff around his people because he knew the whole reichenbach thing would happen. Well not exactly what happened, but he knew he would have to fake his death during his showdown with moriarty and possibly that he wouldnt be able to return for a bit. He also probably knew greg would keep the cd with all his other stuff and, after sherlocks death, give it to john. Thats why he took so long to talk and he seemed a bit off, because he had to hide and plan his message and he was thinking hard, like how he was rambling during johns wedding. Its not too hard to say hey im busy tonight see you tomorrow, and he isnt the type to be embarrassed of the fact that hes not going to be there. And even though he took so long, it sounds weird, yknow? If youre considering it as an im not coming to your birthday dinner message, he was only going to be gone for an evening yet his words make it sound… Idk. Guess im stretching it. But it would be nice, especially considering how in s4 he did kind of deduce the future by knowing the people around him well and set things up for what would happen.

  15. Smile and wink!! Quite interesting the first time he did that was in the pilot to John, to “humanize” himself. Sherlock has so many layers to his character.

  16. Am I the only one who keeps re re re rewatching the previous episodes instead of watching any other show??

  17. I love Sherlock… but wtf do your research! Heavy accent= Fine you coudnt find German actors for a short scene. But: We dont have a jury. We simply dont. Do your research🙇😂

  18. In Germany no murder case is decided by a jury! Since the quality of jury verdicts is pretty low (and this has been known since before 1920) Germany has abolished jury trials for all but minor issues approximately 100 years ago.

  19. Okaaay, I have no idea how it happened that I saw this video now (2019😨) but GUYS WE NEED SEASON 5 ohhhh let's do this!!! PLEASE

  20. 4:42 john first put his left leg on top of his right leg but at 4:44he put right leg on top of his left leg

  21. A jury trial in Hamburg? Nice little fantasy but unfortunately there are no juries in German law. Not for about a hundred years.

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