Shakhriyar Mamedyarov vs Magnus Carlsen : Grand Chess Tour Paris (Blitz) (2017), Paris FRA

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov vs Magnus Carlsen : Grand Chess Tour Paris (Blitz) (2017), Paris FRA

Hi all! I have another fascinating blitz game to show you at the Super-GM level. Mamedyarov was playing against Magnus
Carlsen in the Grand Chess Tour Paris so this is quite recent game. I’m not giving
up totally for current events but there are some interesting games
on this one which we haven’t seen yet so d4 – Magnus plays d5 Knight f3 Knight
f6 c4 c6 and now this move Queen c2 which if you’ve just started off the
Slav you might just be wanting to set up the triangle without further ado and
play for things like Knight d7 Bishop d6 and later you know take and then e5 –
the kind of routine but actually there is justification to react here with the
third most popular move (Chessbase) Live-Book – which which is g6 – simple ideas – fianchetto and also a tempo gain with Bishop f5 which helps in light-square
control if the bishops on that diagonal let’s see g3 Bishop g7 Bishop d2 black
castles and now we have this tempo again so how useful is it ?! It doesn’t neglect b7
that is pounced on but then Magnus just plays Queen b6 here – he doesn’t mind doubled pawns if white really wants to double the
pawns here – he didn’t but this position is activating a rook and so there’s some
compensation here for example it’s okay for black in fact technically blacks
fine more than fine – slight advantage even. So I don’t think there’s any point taking there so we have a situation where white
just castles here rook d8 and really yeah this just this whole configuration
doesn’t seem entirely bad at all Queen a3 Na6 and all of a sudden
the bishops actually useful for Nb4 to to c2- we have c5 which is closing
down the center but it means that later e5 is going to be more painful for white
this tension being resolved sometimes it makes it e5 more effective – the Queen
doesn’t even go back actually to c7 – she sticks around – not fearing you know potential stuff which might trap the Queen later
e3 – which kind of sets the scene that you know maybe Bishop F1 is
going to be a concern but now there’s Nb4 threatening Nc2 –
simple stuff Queen c3 – the Queen is wasting a bit of time here
a5 – okay so that’s a nice move because it actually means Queen a6 potentially if a4
and in fact that’s what happens a4 Qa6 where the knight is
protected by the pawn and like still threatening some stuff like to go into
these two squares at some point and in fact the knight uses d3 here on c2 I’m
not sure it’s doing anything there on c2 may be the rook just moves to a2 – let’s
have a quick look – just yeah just Ra2 it but even this – it’s fine for
black it seems technically this is yeah there’s no harm in going to c2 –
basically even if that was played but maybe even better is to play for e5
with Knight d7 potentially or or b6 this pawn chains a bit fragile to either b6 or e5 right now as pawn breaks to try and expose White’s underlying
weaknesses Knight d3 though is played Rd1 – now this does create weakness
of the last move which is tapped into may be safer would have been something
like might Nh4 but it seems really awkward just Bishop g4 and blacks fine.
This e5 – it’s supported a bit by the knight and it kind of hopes to open
up this diagonal so this is really an unpleasant position for white anyway as
it stands this just made it more unpleasant I think after Ng4
The rook goes back. I know maybe Mamedyarov was err… This is not his best ever blitz game so Bishop h6
now threatens things like Knight take that f2 Bishop takes e3. White now protects the e3 point but now this e5 comes and it’s very dangerous to take because it’s
really exposing this diagonal and there’s two knights which are supporting e5 here. But after Bishop d2 Bishop g7 anyway. Na3 maybe trying to
reinforce d4 but Nf6 is now played yeah this is a really unpleasant
position Ne1 – and now Magnus plays actually – a really interesting move
can you guess if I give you 5 seconds this is a bit of a killer blow it seems
so what would you play with black here?! It seems you know White’s trying to
chase away this advanced Knight does knight want to retreat back ?! Well I know
it’s protected by the Bishop at the moment but even so it doesn’t even mind the
interruption Knight e4 here hitting the Queen so let’s see what’s going on here.
Why can’t Queen takes d3 because there is an interruption of its
protection I think Queen takes d3 let’s have a look
Knight takes d2 after hits the rook and d3 and there’s something like this
this is just horrible yeah doesn’t even need to take on d3
maybe even better is just taking on d4 but this is this is fine as well this is all
very good for black this position you can see that the
structure has been weakened at base when the bishop might be
pointing at d4 this is a very unpleasant position for white so Knight e4 seems
really cool Bishop takes e4 but now not the routine capture here even. Sorry he does play the routine capture here
but it’s after Knight takes d3 it is this position not the routine capture
of taking the knight – but instead exd4 and white centers collapsing. Queen takes d3 and that’s it yeah White is in a really miserable
position – his center has just being destroyed by Magnus Carlsen 24 moves
Magnus made it look really easy but he is adapting his setup to whites Queen
c2 in this game which is why I thought this was a kind of notable game if
you’ve just started out with the Slav and you know you bear in mind exactly
you know the flexibility requirements and you know to get the more effective
setups against whites play. So hope you got something out of that. Comments,
questions likes shares appreciated. Thanks very much

7 thoughts on “Shakhriyar Mamedyarov vs Magnus Carlsen : Grand Chess Tour Paris (Blitz) (2017), Paris FRA


    Thought you might enjoy this, some of these are quite funny. Great analysis as usual!

  2. For the killer move I would have moved the black bishop, let that be taken, and in turn take with knight (reverse of what Magnus did). Because the bishop was hardly useful, whereas the knight would have been. IMO. But I'm no GM so what do I know?

  3. really seems like you rushed this one. not sure if I can be too judgmental though. the quality of your channel is superb and this is the first time I have ever felt like you rushed it.

  4. Kinda wish you had gone over the final position more, to illustrate what the continuation might be and explain in more detail why White resigned.

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