SFM / FNAF| Game Of Chess |Rainbow Factory Teaser Music – WoodenToaster

SFM / FNAF| Game Of Chess |Rainbow Factory Teaser Music – WoodenToaster

*old intro* *sad music* *music changes into suspense music* *suspense music changes into creepy music box music* *creepy music box music changes into trailer music* *some violin notes* *creepy music box again* O O F *old outro*

100 thoughts on “SFM / FNAF| Game Of Chess |Rainbow Factory Teaser Music – WoodenToaster

  1. THIS IS FULL SONG , it's NOT a short / canceled stuff. This is how it is. I am actually glad how it turned out (but there was other ideas into it… xD) IT"S NOT A TRAILER TO SOMETHING! I just wanted to animate this song.

    Oookay.. I need to explain some things. Many stuff was added and some were going out of the story (like Springtrap dying). That one was intended to be the original story, where Springtrap dies and Toy Bonnie still terrorise other animatronics, but because of viewers (who loved Springtrap too much) I changed the story, where Springtrap wins.
    With chess I wanted to represent "A new game, a new story" so every time there are slight or big changes in the plot. So the Hallucination rewinds the game over and over. (I screwed up the springtrap model, because on that time I somehow lost ignited Springtrap from Failz)

    Next going to be a Spotlights and after it Horror Show Remix, sadly Exorcism will be cancelled. It got the least votes… or I will make it some other time. We will see.

    Into / outro got a bit changed, because of the resolution (I am now doing everything in 1080p, so that's why there are some strange changes 'xD)

    I hope you enjoyed this animation 🙂

  2. Wait so springtrap died? NUUUUU SENPAI! JK ur not my senpai but I still like u

    Springtrap: 🙁 "Hello darkness my old friend"

  3. I luv your videos about this story toy bonnie is so cute =^-^= but a little devil I should say he my favorite character I enjoyed this preview👍😁

  4. The only characters in your rainbow factory videos are the creation and nightmare version of him could be the nightmare of fnaf 4 I'm just giving you a hint

  5. Omg… this is so cool!
    'At the end of video'
    Me: mhm
    'Sees nigthmare Kathrina Knocked off the little miniature of Springtrap'
    Me: OH NO YOU DIDN'T?! Omg this is so crazy…

  6. Wow! actually, i like springtrap. But…..it's okay!!!😄😄😄 your characters is so creepy!😱 but i like it!👍☺

  7. Wait so everything in this video was a cancelled part of the story cuz Toy bonnie was my favorite characters and I’m rest assured that it wasn’t exactly his choice to go insane

  8. I’m exided if you make a full episode of this

    Great job toy Bonnie looks creepy when he is laughing and with his rainbow eyes

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