“Send Her Back” & Trump’s Divisive 2020 Strategy – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

“Send Her Back” & Trump’s Divisive 2020 Strategy – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– It’s no secret what’s
happening you know? If it were a secret it would
be harder to try and understand you know, Donald
Trump versus The Squad and him telling them
to go back to where they came from and send them
back and the whole thing. Telling them they can
leave if they complain. It would be a lot easier to deal with you
didn’t know what it was but it’s almost harder
because you know what it is. Fundamentally Trump’s plan is to paint these congresswomen as the most unamerican
people possible right. And you can disagree with
their views you know, like Ilhan Omar has said
some controversial things you know, Ocasio-Cortez has
a different idea of America which is not
unamerican you know, Ayanna Pressley I think
the crowd didn’t boo because they don’t
know her and also, if you seen her, she’s got the most centrist views
of the four right. But regardless of that. They’re still Americans. You know what I
mean, that’s what America’s always been
about fundamentally is, having that ability to have that discourse and different
ideas and then, the ideas fight it out you know. Kick the people out because
they don’t agree with the idea. In fact, I believe
part of America’s story is the people coming here
because where they were, the people were like, why don’t
you leave because of those shitty, they were like you
don’t like the ideas leave and they were like
we gotta go somewhere where people don’t say this. You know what I mean? And then now that’s gonna
be the story of America? But Donald trump is using that. He’s going I’m gonna say
these people aren’t American. This isn’t America. They don’t love America. As opposed to they
have a different idea for what America should be. And then his plan,
then he ties them to the Presidential candidates
and then it becomes a race about do you love America,
do you not love America? He appeals specifically to
that portion of white voters who’ve determined the
electoral college in the last election, he tries to keep
them, goes I’m with you, not with these people. You know who these people are. And that’s what
shapes the election. And what’s tough is, is that on the one hand, you almost know like, AOC,
Ayanna Pressley, The Squad, you almost know
that like all they, there’s like different
messaging that they could use to counter that narrative but
then they would have to bend almost in a way to
the will of Trump and it’s like you
don’t wanna do that. But what sucks about America
is you’ve got electoral college so it’s like, do you
run the best campaign For the country? Or do you try and do
things that politically help you to win those
three swing states? And that’s I feel like
eternally going to be the thing that curses America and it’s
politics is that you’re not truly running to be the best
candidate for all of America. You’re trying to
game the system. You know, you’re trying to
put in that little cheat code, up, up, down, down, left,
right, left, right, A B A B– (audience laughing) That’s what you’re trying to do. And as long as that’s the case, I don’t think you will
be in a healthy space. It will always be a contrived,
journey to get those votes ‘cos that’s all
Donald Trump cares, he just goes I don’t
care about popular votes, I don’t care about
the most people, I don’t care about minorities, because in these states, I win these people, I win it all. And that’s the plan and I know it sounds like
a crazy theory but it’s a hunch I have and it’s
also something that he tweeted. So, yeah. (audience laughing) (audience applause) (upbeat music)

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  1. cliche is 'holy cow' blasphemies and childish toys of vain pride.. Deep diving.. English semetism calls race on peoples.. human race.. American race.. People of race.. we are by language foundation framed to race.. Not every race is racing to horns of babylon.. 'The Trojan image of Alex the great(pffft.. ) in the Jewish temple porch at a time when people where learning about balance, respecting living havens and trying to obtain syncopathy including the saboth the foundation.. was '666 Racer'.. David Gloried in the Lord and was made great.. The image was a lie to glory in the self.. In the scripture they looked incessantly for the image that was not nebuchadnezzar that used to be, that was causing temptation through jealousy.. but it's allmost as if they were looking for something ahead of its arrival.. all they could find was the wall itself wich it couldn't be and then eventually vandals in the basement.. The tomb in the valley of death with twelve pillars with the vandal hole bares testimony and the rock is laid outside full of enscribed kreeping and crawling things.. to be a cornerstone to the vandals to restore God's house. or like the sound of silence.. with this device that shine in the dark.. time is limited or perhaps its all God's privilege.. Beware that this thing could soon become your mortal enemy.. God forbid.. God Bless.. Maybe with "Israel the free's" help we will protest for the implementation of a complete oil and refueling indistry that obide by the saboth.. there is alot to the gift that Honors the Holy Father of living havens.. you will see. Cmon.. we are too demanding for the mother herself and you have to honor her and the will of the father to be considered 'home'. Peace and guidance be with you. Amen

  2. Trevor is someone who NEEDS TO GO BACK.
    Heres someone from south africa, or whatever crap country he came from, telling American Citizens they need to Pay Reparations and this and that.
    This guy is a fool, how did he end up with a show? is it because he has an accent so we are supposed to think hes super intelligent or something?
    Trevor Noah Hates our country, he should go back and enrich his own country with his wonderful ideas for reparations and what not.
    Trevor also thinks he will be due those reparations. All these people moving here demanding Free at the cost of taxpayers.

  3. I live in America and don't like it. I actually want to leave, but it's not exactly easy. With kids and a family and debt and private property is almost impossible to leave this crazy country.

  4. You want trump out of office? I suggest giving Yang more respect on your show than you did before, then. He's your only hope.

  5. the only persons who should be accepted into amurrikah should have to own at least two guns.
    anything else would not make any sense.

  6. The United States is in a sad state, I’ve never hated a President before but Trump’s the first and he talks about being American when he married an immigrant

  7. Glad that you said that about the Electoral College. Everyone who I’ve said that too looked at my stupid/crazy. The popular votes don’t matter as long as you appeal to the Electoral College. Shitty democratic system. I don’t mind if they’re votes are worth a bit more, just not enough to skew the votes from ALL citizens.

  8. What really is upsetting is the reason the congresswomen were testifying has been lost among the Crap. Now it is all about race and Fake patriotism, when these four were giving first count reports on the conditions in the detention centers. But There is No Excuse and No Justification for the conditions at the border so instead of answering these issues Let's shift the focus on something spinnable Patriotism and the big divisor Race. No one will remeber those poor immigrants or the horrid inhumane conditions because now we have to talk about race and patriotism. I think Roger Stone has learned very well how to shift the focus of the press and the country. Too bad for America.

  9. Yes, the American election system is FUCKED. Election reform is a big important thing that almost no one running wants to seriously tackle because, well, mostly corporatism. Sanders would tackle it. Warren would, too. Anyone else?

  10. Trevor, trump is the one that is only promising policies and not doing them. He claimed to drain the swamp, yeah he did that but then hired them for himself…

    AOC as the Squad is not just promising policies or changes and not doing them, counts for Bernie as well. He is sticking to what he says and promises.

    A lot of people that trump has effected with his bad decisions (such as the higher import prices for China) are turning away from trump because he is the reason why they are struggling right now.

    He even attacked and ditched HIS SUPPORTERS at the rally where they went: send her back. They don't know that? He literally said that he doesn't agree with them and didn't like what they did. I am sure that he did like it because he let it go on. But he threw them under the bus to save his own ass (didn't work)…. so what does that tell you?

    He will throw anyone under the bus if he thinks that that is necessary to save himself. Has done it before with pretty much any staff member he had/has.

    AOC is not a centrist, she doesn't back down for the republicans and actually ask the right questions as demands.

    Republicans didn't bother asking homeland security about the VERY RACIST facebook group where thousands of police members are members of….

    Trevor, you need to stop trying to be on the middle ground because there isn't a middle ground. Stop telling subtle lies about the squad.

  11. I remember learning about why the electoral college was created in US history when I was in high school. I remember my teacher basically saying it comes down to the quote "the masses are asses". I don't remember who said it and I kind of remember that it wasn't directly connected to the creation of the electoral college, but that it was basically how the men creating our government rationalized it. That basically most people are too dumb or ignorant to be able to make an informed decision when voting for who the president is, so they set up a system that makes some votes more important and influential than others. In my opinion, your vote to decide who the leader of the country is should hold the weight of every other American voting, where you live in the country should not make it more or less influential.

  12. The thing is you, racists, that "they" are NOT going back to their countries because they don't have to by law. Can you deal with it? They are NOT going back. They don't have to. They are Americans. God help our Democracy and our freedoms for all who live here.

  13. it’s such a strange idea that you have to love your country and not criticise it in order to become a politican/ president. that’s such an American idea. maybe they are still too patriotic. Europe was probably too, but not anymore. you’d never tell a politician that he / she doesn’t love his/her country and use it as a reason that they are not fit. we criticise our country all the time, because there are things that aren’t good. people are not mad at it and it doesn’t mean that you don’t like living in it or love it

  14. The same thing is happened in india. The ruling party in india have been winning elections using the same tactics what you are saying about trump. But I think trump will not succeed, because Americans are more sensible than INDIANS

  15. Crazy… A man, born a crime in South Africa, seems to be more educated on what America has represented to the world for many years, better than our own President.

  16. Trump’s going to win again. There’s no new strategies for this election, no firebrand to counter him in the election, he’s polling higher than Jimmy Carter (who actually did lose reelection). Another four years of stacking the courts, taking out environmental protections, defunding research and education initiatives, gutting the ACA, and tax breaks for the rich. Wonderful.

  17. Hey guys fun fact time! Did you know that the reason the Electoral College was put in place by the founding fathers was to detour direct election to the presidency? They feared a tyrant could manipulate public opinion and come to power. Now I'm going to play devil's advocate with this, but if we get rid of, or rework, the electoral college would we be opening the door to a tyrant to come in to say "nice" things the people want to hear, stoke hate amongst the public, then have someone killed off as a martyr just to push their agenda?

  18. do you know how much courage it takes to stand up and voice your unpopular opinion? these women are saying these things because they LOVE america and want to help fix it.

  19. Should Maga supports go back for criticism that America wasnt great in 2016… why didn't all the trump supporters go back to Europe in 2016??

  20. As long as your Daily Show exists, America is not completely lost. Sadly, most Trump voters don't understand because you're just too smart. I love your comments, even as a foreigner, and your show makes me go on loving your country and the millions of fine people you have.

  21. I'm not American but from a distance I have to say this: an illegal immigrant is breaking the immigration laws decided by the executives (both left and right) of your country to protect the country's people and economy from the decisions of neighbouring bad government. A lot of thought went into those laws, so you should first of all support them, but also, if you feel the laws are wrong, then don't just call for them to be overthrown like sheep calling for their fence to be broken down to let millions of badly looked after sheep in: do some research, get involved in government, write your political representative, and suggest better laws.
    Remember also that the political parties that hand out your taxes freely are the ones that stand to gain votes from allowing many poor people to illegally break into the country to get the benefits of your taxes.
    It's easy to be emotional – and sometimes with good reason! never throw that away – but you also have to think out all the long term consequences.
    And you should never allow any party to use this issue as a weapon.
    Discuss it reasonably and fairly without insulting one another. Listen to both sides. Try hard to understand both sides.
    Ambitious people are turning you all against each other. Stop fighting. Start listening. Really, you are all on the same side, wanting a prosperous, happy country for all. Don't believe the lies that either side is toxic or stupid.
    Probably the best thing you could all do is fire both sides of your government parties, and raise up local representatives that are known to be honest citizens, and put them in power, regardless of their party.

  22. WAKE UP America ! This congresswoman is disrespectful and  dangerous to our country.
    Omar ( a.k.a. 'Fake Name for Hire' )she immigrated to this country, was educated, elected to congress, married her brother ( incest ) and cheated on her tax filings, refuses to denounce terrorists or their acts of terrorism, hates America but loves all the benefits paid by you the US Citizens, which she can't stand. For all we care they can take everyone like her, put them in a boat and SEND THEM BACK home. Anyone born in this country that feels we can't live up to their standards can find somewhere else to complain . The ' Jihad Squad' is very dangerous to America.
    Everyone has a right to try and effect changes in this country as long as it is good for the population in general, but when their change is rooted in hate for this country, we don't need them. Remember, "some people came to this country and did something " said Omar, the radical Muslim teaching a history class covering 9/11. (She was laughing when she gave that lesson !. ) When she denounces the Muslim Brotherhood and demonstrates more respect for the 9/11 victims then we can give her some credibility and trust. Until then she is anti American and not trust worthy of this nation.
    What do you expect from Omar. She wasn’t born here. She’s Muslim and she hates white people Jews and Christians that's a proven undeniable fact. She would rather side with socialists of another country than our own. That is a problem considering she is supposed to be part of our government. Her and the 25 Thousand Muslims Obama shipped in that got her elected want the same form of government that made them flee their homeland in the first place. These people lack any common sense. To Minneapolis Muslims: Sharia law is better than American laws. This is not a friend of the USA but a local enemy. Better wake up America, she is just the beginning.
    Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks didn’t result in her condemnation by the House. To the contrary, the House majority revealed itself to be deeply divided on the question of how to handle blatant anti-Semitism. Omar has said far worse things in the past, but she gets a free pass from the 'DemonRats' and the news media and Twitter.
    Instead the Democratic party focuses on defending Jihadists and their calls to wipe Israel off the map. Everyone knows that Omar married his brother after being a victim of incest in fact She was also still married to another man, when she married her brother. She married her brother to get him into the United States and those facts alone is disgusting, highly unethical and highly immoral, very common in Muslim societies, they have very low standards when comes to sleeping with each other !. ( This copy is being distributed widely in social media )
    There is credible evidence in several attorney's hands that Ilhan Omar and her family changed their name to illegally enter the United States back in 1995. And since that time Ilhan Omar as an adult continued to defy and deceive US law. According to Steinberg Rep. Omar committed at least eight instances of perjury to the federal government going back to 2009. The charges could carry up to 40 years of prison time or deportation.
    In 1995 IIhan entered the USA as a fraudulent member of the "Omar" family .The Omars allowed IIhan, her genetic sister Sahra, and her genetic father Nu Said to use FALSE names to apply for asylum as members of the Omar family.IIhans genetic family split up at this time. The above three received by way of this FRAUD asylum in the USA. IIhan'sthree other siblings-using their real names managed to get asylum in the United Kingdom.IIhan Abdullahi Omar's name before applying for asylum was IIhan Nur Said Elmi.( ex-Al-Qaeida Terrorist trainee )
    Islam is an ideology that is NOT compatible with the US Constitution. The Quran is loaded with things that go completely against the Bill of Rights. The United Nations passed "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights," in 1948. Some of the things included were, freedom of expression, freedom to change religions, right to education, no slavery, no forced marriages, things we could all agree on. Wrong.
    Fifty-seven (57) Islamic countries refused to recognize these basic human rights and formed the OIC – Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The OIC passed the "Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam." Among other things it reaffirmed the death penalty for those who leave Islam, punishing women who are victims of rape, permitting wife beating, and allowing censorship of speech insulting Islam. Somalia was among the signatories. Ilhan Omar is an adherent of Islam and has shown sympathy to terrorist. Omar mocks and laughs at Americans for fearing AL-Qaeda Terrorists ! One would think that Omar would show a little more respect and love for the Country that embraced her in her time of need…but no. Its absolutely mind boggling she's in our congress…people in Minnesota must be lost and confused.
    Omar came here as a refugee from Mogadishu in 1995 and now wants to tell all Americans how the Country should think and look like. How did a she get elected, marrying her brother to allow him to be in the states.
    What Rep Omar states and declares to all by wearing her hijab, which is not mandated by her holy book, is that she is first and foremost a Muslim. And since Islam is a faith that requires the subjugation of non-believers, that tells us all We Americans need to know about Rep. Omar. and her priorities. In other words : By wearing her hijab,  she is in fact first and foremost a Muslim who follows the Koran, and NOT the Constitution. Omar wears the hijab, which according to the Quran 33:59, tells women to cover so they won’t get molested. This is clearly her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to Sharia law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution. America is deeply offended by this display of lack of allegiance and respect for the US Constitution.
    Omar and Tlaib are more concerned about representing Muslim populations, including the Palestinians and Hezbollah, than they are representing their constituents and working in their best interest. We all need to wake up. Trump may have been not tactful or inartful in saying that Omar should go to her country of birth and Tlaib to the land of her parents' birth, but he is right in that their priorities are wrong, even dangerous, for the United States. Tlaib had no intention of working with the administration as she announced at the offset that she was going to Washington to impeach the M r f r. Lovely !. This is not how the system is supposed to work and not how members of Congress get things done.
    Bill Clinton's legacy:

    In the mid-1990s, the U.S. State Department began bringing large numbers of Somali nationals to Minnesota, assigning them refugee status due to the civil war and general violence and poverty which still grips Somalia today.
    By the end of 2010, the U.S. had admitted 83,991 Somali nationals, with roughly 40 percent of them initially settling in Minnesota.

    Many more have since been allowed to immigrate legally, and many others have entered the country illegally as well.

    Of course, there is also a large concentration of these refugees in Maine as well, and like Minnesota, it’s not the frigid temperatures that makes the state so attractive, but its extraordinarily generous welfare programs( Socialism ).

    What has been the result of this massive relocation of Somalis? In 2018 (267,703) voters in Minnesota District 5 voted a Somali Muslim Socialist, Ilhan Omar, into the U.S. House of Representatives! BIG MISTAKE…Thanks to Bill Clinton
    Ilhan Omar once stated that she should not be expected to "pledge allegiance/support for a foreign country," but does pledge allegiance to the Council on American Islamic Relations, which funded her congressional campaign and was found to have ties to Hamas.
    These 4 scumbags: The Jihad Squad , need to be removed, it seems if you disagree with them, they label you as racist, they called Pelosi out as racist. Where did this minority sense of entitlement come from, disagree and your labeled racist ! Obama all over again SEND THEM BACK TO THEIR OWN COUNTRY and strip them of the US Citizenship for VIOLATION OF THEIR OATH- Send her back, sent her back, send her back ( make sure you chant that in your shower )

  23. I think 'the squad' is a bit unfortunate term for these women. Although it's empowering, it's a bit divisive which I don't think they are about at all. They are ensuring an inclusive, democratic process continues.

  24. Turning Point USA, Blaze TV, Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Stefan Molyneux, Lauren Southern, Tim pool, Carl Benjamin, Roaming Millenial, Paul Joseph Watson, PragerU, James O Keefe should all be monitored by us for their racism since Youtube is not doing a damn thing.

  25. https://www.quora.com/When-you-watch-a-stadium-filled-with-white-people-chanting-Send-her-back-about-a-US-Congresswomen-and-our-President-silently-endorses-it-what-comes-up-for-you/answer/Mike-Jones-169?ch=3&share=dbd31150&srid=iNfr

  26. There are voters in those swing states getting a new or second job as an Uber or Lyft driver because of tariffs. #FoolMeOnceShameOnYouFoolMeTwice…

  27. America was built by murdering and stealing the land of people with different ideas & lifestyles. Funny how everyone skips over that part.

  28. They didn't come here because their ideas were frowned upon. They came to escape religious persecution and in turn created secular establishments that themselves exhibited just as much religious intolerance.

  29. The electoral system, nay the whole democratic system is soo beyond broken. The exploits are more effective than the system itself.

  30. Democrats will never win by playing with the system than condemning republicans for doing it. People who went for Obama then went for Trump out of DESPERATION. If dems want to be seen as the middle class party, BE that party. Give up super delegates, closed primaries, manipulative deals with the media. Let the people decide for once instead of trying to brainwash them.

    This is not a complex idea.

  31. Trevor's explanation was exactly my thought when i first read the news about this topic. That man has only one strategy: find a scapegoat… Make that scapegoat the core of his message to his base (which of course is the easiest he can do given his inability to stay on intellectually demanding topics for long time periods)… With the hope that his base will 'connect with his message on the scapegoat' and use that to power through rallies and of course the election.

  32. https://twitter.com/realDailyWire/status/1153797591701676032

    So when Ilhan and Rashida do it, it’s unity and okay.

    But when anyone else does it, it’s the pinnacle of racism.

    At least be fair about it Trevor.

  33. Only Trump would intentionally remind us he's a racist, just so we'll forget he's a sexual predator. Remember the Epstein scandal? You don't?

  34. AOC lies & cons her followers. There are photos of her crying as she looks at an fence & proclaims she is looking at migrants. Once
    it was proven she was not at the migrants' holding facility she demanded that the photos belonged to her & asked for their returns. True
    story check it for yourself.

  35. AOC lies & cons her followers. There are photos of her crying as she looks at an fence & proclaims she is looking at migrants. Once
    it was proven she was not at the migrants' holding facility she demanded that the photos belonged to her & asked for their returns. True
    story check it for yourself.

  36. AOC lies & cons her followers. There are photos of her crying as she looks at an fence & proclaims she is looking at migrants. Once
    it was proven she was not at the migrants' holding facility she demanded that the photos belonged to her & asked for their returns. True
    story check it for yourself.

  37. The Squad paints themselves as UN-Americans. AOC publicly said that she hates 90 percent of what this country stands for. Omar said that 9-11 was a lesson for the USA to be nice to Muslim's nations

  38. The Squad paints themselves as UN-Americans. AOC publicly said that she hates 90 percent of what this country stands for. Omar said that 9-11 was a lesson for the USA to be nice to Muslim's nations

  39. The Squad paints themselves as UN-Americans. AOC publicly said that she hates 90 percent of what this country stands for. Omar said that 9-11 was a lesson for the USA to be nice to Muslim's nations

  40. Noah why are you & other non-whites news casters refusing to admit that non-whites are a bigger threat to the safety of themselves than whites

  41. Noah why are you & other non-whites news casters refusing to admit that non-whites are a bigger threat to the safety of themselves than whites

  42. Noah why are you & other non-whites news casters refusing to admit that non-whites are a bigger threat to the safety of themselves than whites

  43. What year was any minority attacked by the so called white supremacists? Long ago, but just today another black male died at the hands of another black, so goes the truth.

  44. What year was any minority attacked by the so called white supremacists? Long ago, but just today another black male died at the hands of another black, so goes the truth.

  45. What year was any minority attacked by the so called white supremacists? Long ago, but just today another black male died at the hands of another black, so goes the truth.

  46. Send back the squad, Trevor Noah, the cast of MSNBC and CNN, but unlike what Trump actually said, don't tell them to come back. This quest to find racism where it doesn't exist and only blame whites is getting to be a sad tiresome competition held by the real racists in this country: DEMOCRATS.

  47. So Trevor very unrelated nqgina lam mara wat dink die man van KOF '97 ( King of fighter ).. ?.

  48. The people of Japan protested by standing up and changed their government!
    The people of Puerto Rico protested by standing up and changed their government!
    The people of Eristris Egypt protested by standing up and changed their Government!
    Jon Stewart protested and stood up for the 911 Responders and won!
    …. and WE THE PEOPLE of America?

  49. the fact that Ayanna Pressley is included in The Squad tells us that it's about Trump targeting young women of colors, not individual political opinions 😞

  50. Trevor is right. Donald plays electoral card, he tries to identify the face of the Democratic Party with this left-feminist-islamist Squad, Trump and Squad are actually playing same game to reelect Trump, because the majority of Americans are not conservative, not progressives, they are moderates. And Trumpists and Squad dont leave a room for moderates in this battle. Common sense is a main looser in these games, while America and the world need the victory of common sense, not to be distracted by these empty racist-non-racist talk, but how to solve the issues of the country's infrastructure modernization, healthcare, education, the restoration of the US prestige and credibility in the world by wise steps. Guys, China builds already 500km p/h high speedway, introduces G technologies, buying the regimes all over the world and the Americans still discuss race or busing issues. Time to focus on future.

  51. America is built on self-reliance. People need to stop demanding that any government takes care of able working bodies.

  52. America is built on self-reliance. People need to stop demanding that any government takes care of able working bodies.

  53. Just want to start off by saying that I would consider myself center left.member of the justice party
    But America was founded on the constitution amendments add freedoms it wont change or take away from the rights of the people. And the electoral collage dose not suck about America!!! This a republic the electoral colleges is in place so the majority wont rule. We dont need a mob mentality.. we dont want all of America looking like California and New York states can do there own thing that is also constatinal you dont like it leave. I am currently moving out of California because of the high taxes and laws I disagree with. But I'll get called right wing for saying i belive in the constatution. I did not vote for trump last election but the left is so far gone. Trump looks more like a Democrat then the democratic party I'm for open boarders but I'm against the welfare state I'm pro love marry who ever you want. I'm pro do what ever you want as long as it wont hurt someone else or take away someone else's freedom
    I hear videos like this and I truly get depressed

  54. I dont know why the crowd is laughing at those points trevor mentioned. I did not feel any laughable points about it.

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