Secrets of Chess Tactics | Queen Sacrifices! | Stunningly beautiful secrets | Everything you need!

Secrets of Chess Tactics | Queen Sacrifices! | Stunningly beautiful secrets | Everything you need!

Hi all. I’ve put together some amazing
Queen sacrifice examples for you on So if you want to find
this head to register if you haven’t already , log in , the
improve menu and there’s puzzle books and you’ll find Queen sacrifices as one of
the books which is pretty cool. Now let’s have a look at this today so I’ll click
start puzzles and go to large board view so this first game is from one of my own
games actually over the board It was the “sleepless night” video you can
find here actually if you want to try putting that in into your URL okay so
black to play here guess what I played in this position if I give you five
seconds starting from now okay Queen takes e2 – it does a great job of
damaging g1 a bit further it’s not protected now so then there was check
and now the King on h2 there’s Bishop d6 check and mate there’s nothing stopping
that being checkmate here so that did give me a sleepless night – that
particular Queen sacrifice now on YouTube online there was this game
against FMChromos which was great fun to play here can you guess what what White can play in this position if I give you five seconds. Okay I thought I could exploit
the dark squares in a spectacular manner with Queen f6 it pins that bishop on e6
and if black doesn’t take I’m just gonna double rooks we’ll have a look at some
of variations shortly but this is the principle variation where black gets
checkmated. Now in this position let’s have a look rook Rfe8 i double threatening
rook h8 checkmating if the King tries to escape it also provides Knight g8
however check and this is still very good this position is very
dangerous now if Bishop takes Bishop takes there’s the idea of rook takes g8
and Rook h8 again like this now let’s say black had moved Rfd8 instead
slightly different this position slightly different Rfd8 ng8 Bishop
h6 this strongest here and it’s still very very good for white White’s winning
this so it was a cute one to play at the time here’s the link if you want to try
that look at that game as well. Okay this next
example you may have seen some of these before so that will make it easier black
to play 5 seconds ok don’t rule out the Queen sacrifice from calculations
especially when it’s very very forcing like this and that leads to checkmate so
very very important type of forcing move ready to consider when calculating and
again here this is an iconic example okay Queen d8 it’s very very forcing
move Bishop g5 double check and now Bishop d8 checkmate. If the King and moved to e8 that was rook d8 checkmate now here what would you play with black okay an unfortunate configuration for
whites Queen g3 check black took and now Knight f2 checkmate if black didn’t
take then actually Queen takes f3 there’s actually a knight fork here for
King and Queen and that’s winning anyway forking King and Queen there. This position five seconds … okay check and now f6 check and now
Bishop h7 rook takes and rook h8 yes it didn’t really matter about Queen takes
d3 there because there was rook h3 and Rh8 okay in any case in case you’re
wondering on f6 here so if Queen takes check and Rh8
checkmate. Here White to play. Okay power of the Queen sacrifice Queen d5 the
“diagonal of death” exploited by Nf7 check we have the powerful double check
and now a classic which I hope you all know about the smothered mate tactic
Queen g8 and Nf7 smothered mate now this is a game recreated in the classic
2001 Space Odyssey film Stanley Kubrick which was from a Romantic era game black to
play okay black reinforces the threat of Nf3+ without King takes g2
by playing Queen f3 protecting the bishop and now Knight takes f3 is
checkmate. This is looking very tricky indeed we’re in check so not too many
moves but do we give up after the fork here what would you play in this position.
Do you give up do you resign and says here never resign a won position okay
King takes and now with Bishop, Knight and pawn actually in this configuration the
check here is very dangerous check and actually we are queening so we’ll come back there with a vengeance this is tricky
we are the exchange down technically But … so white to play here. What would
you play? This is a very nice move g4 after fxg4+ it looks as though we’re losing
our queen but black dare not take it there because there was Nf6 checkmate
we’ll have a look at that in a moment this opens up the diagonal check and now
Knight to f6 let’s have a look at this position again.
So on Queen takes there was Nf6 checkmate here that would have
been neglecting the f6 square to have taken on b5 this is a classic Alekhine game – apparently blindfolded for the game Nf7 and now- queen sac Qxe6+ because if it takes there was Ng5 mate.
And here after Be4 Nh4 check mate let’s have a look at that on the
board King takes there’s Knight g5 checkmate so you can see Queen sacs are very important to calculate in games. Now here the queen is attacked what can we do?
five seconds okay wonderful move rook takes f5 and now spectacular
pyrotechnics can you guess? Qe5 deflecting will decoy the rook away
Bishop f6 there checkmate yeah crushing a crushing move if if rook
takes then check and it’s gonna be checkmate like this for example. Here test
you’re forcing moves and calculations in general with this one. White to play okay
Queen takes g6 opens up that diagonal Bishop c4 now Bishop takes f8 knocking
out the defender and now this move is pretty clear cut. I
believe it’s this one. Now there’s not too many options
for black rook d7 it looks as though it’s absolutely mating now because that
Bishop is cutting g8 there okay fascinating example with the d7 pawn.
White to play … Queen takes f6 because now Bishop g5 is a crusher winning lots of
material we’re taking the rook and then the pawn is devastating after as well now this is a very tricky one have to
calculate okay you might want to pause the video and work it all now but it’s
pretty tricky actually it starts with Queen takes g6 and it’s about covering
escape squares and having the pieces that covering them also
protected so check check but now getting a piece covering escape squares and also
protected by the pawn and now a bit of shuffling again Rh5 with check rook
g5 optimal getting this optimal position to deliver Bishop f5 and this
position with the Queen attacked yeah let it go because Nf4
threatens Nxh3+ – it’s pretty devastating this Nxh3
It will be winning material if not mating if that moved after yeah it’s
absolutely winning material or mating.White to play here. King in the
center I give you five seconds okay Queen takes d5 opening up that ‘e’ file
so we winning material there you might have seen this one before. Queen h5 rook takes d5 and now can you guess? Queen takes f7 the bishops covering that
escape square Knight d7 it’s checkmate. A cute one here okay there’s a crisscross of the bishops on this one. It starts queen d1 now can you guess. Very forcing.Ne2+ Bxe2 and now that bishops covering this diagram this bishops
covering this diagonal which means actually Nb3 is checkmate. this
position using the power of the double check potentially. Hope you can guess you
might want to pause the video Queen takes Nf5 double check King
has to move now Knight h6 is checkmate this position Bishop takes and now just simply Queen takes because
if Queen takes as Bishop d6 mate that’s just winning in that position Here you might want to pause the video
Queen takes g7 Knight takes Knight f6 and now black King walking into another
discovered check so White is getting material back with interest.
Material up. This position – very very forcing move
check out the outrageous forcing loses even if they are kind of
representing a queen sac Queen h7 and here Queen takes h6 is forcing checkmate
let’s have a look at this. If King takes we are taking rook takes this position is
also checkmate. Classic rook e1 check and can you guess this is a real classic
exploiting the light square weaknesses rook g1 Queen e1 another wonderful you
might want to pause the video wonderful forcing move mechanism Queen f1 check
for bishop h3 and Re1 Here things starts off with N takes e5
and now Bishop c4 check can you guess here a wonderful move
indeed you might want to pause the video okay
Queen takes d6 and there’s a back row weakness if taking Nf7 will see that
in a moment but this is just winning material. White is a piece up there. If we
look at this position if C takes knight f7 check – it’s gonna be winning
that Queen with check. Actually if rook takes then there’s mating here on the
back row this one okay it starts off rook takes d3 and that pawns
liberated now to celebrate that pawn guess what is possible. Okay Queen
takes e4 is actually possible here because of c2. The Queen is not
able to stop that pawn funny enough that’s the right move
order by the way if it started with Queen takes and rook takes white doesn’t
have to take that. White could play Queen g4 so that’s the right move order
for that. Here – can you guess okay Queen takes b8 dragging the knight –
from b6 and it’s checkmate with knight and bishop. This position okay you might want
to pause the video again Queen d7 very powerful cxd7 check-check taking here and there’s there’s actually
a quite interesting powerful move in this position you might want to might
want to not play this because as a stronger move in Bishop b5 yeah this is
really strong if ideas of check now and then d8 so holding that pawn – very
important if the Queen takes then we Queen without interruption. This position
starts off with the double check and now okay yes
Queen g6 hxg6 very very forcing stuff Bishop h6+ now this rook is holding g6 now.
This one .. Bf2 Rxf2 mating. here you might want to pause the video
can you work it out all the way through in this position okay Knight takes d5 offering Queen and
now not rook b8 because there’s an escape on d7 actually stronger here
Bishop a6 Bishop’s are really working together now Rb8 and the bishop
has actually got a very important role to play here in this position with
Bishop c8+ Bishop takes it ends up being a background mate
anyway it’s a duplicate – okay this position White to play play. Nice example pause the video rook e8 and now Queen takes g7 for this
lovely underpromotion winning the material back – rook up okay here Knight takes b4 Queens off so
that we get access to the back row and then we get this important check here
this disrupts those pawns so rook h8 is actually checkmate. Lovely example
here okay rook a8 check. Qa1 check and can you guess here leveraging the
power of a double check actually in this position with queen a7 getting that very
interesting double check and now rook here is mating after the bishops delay
is checkmate with rook and Knight. Now here Knight f6
can you guess here okay? Queen takes h6 is very important to calculate these
Queen sacs – very very forcing moves and sometimes absolutely winning. A game from British Grandmaster David Norwood who in real life shares this background
I have here – Bahamas – he moved to the Bahamas I believe. So here you might want to pause
the video. Qxc6 check and now double check check now kind of staircase for the King guided by the bishops Bishop b7
now which way? Bishop d2 or Bishop c7 you think they both put the King on a4
but it’s better to play it seems Bishop d2 here bringing the
king down also covering b4 and you can bring the King down
again here now with this Bishop and now again you can bring the King down and
cover b2 at the same time which is important with Bishop c1 and now Rb2
and now Rb2 and Nc2 – very nice combination great beauty there. A game of
Kramnik against Anand. (Anand was actually playing Black!) believe playing black couch thinks oh
wow black playing kind of interesting this for Rh1 is a similar tactic to
the first one which I played with the idea of rook rook move on the light squares
so here is check where do we want the King to go it’s interesting this is an
important decision g5 or f5 okay you might want to pause the video for this I believe it’s actually f5 because on King g5 there is actually Queen d8 we’ll see that in a moment this position is absolutely
without hope for white with that thorn pawn – killer thorn pawn – mating here
yeah if we look at King g5 White takes and then there is Queen d8 check this position then there’s rook c3 and yeah it’s troublesome after R takes and that’s
probably a draw there okay this position very forcing indeed black
to play. Lovely thorn pawn example as well Queen takes Re1 and the thorn pawn
checkmates with h3 checkmate great one here
delightful rook e2 – and can you guess here Queen takes h2 and a knight g3 and
the two knights are checkmating here ok this position you might find pretty
tricky to comprehend black to play you might want to pause the video ok Queen takes d4 offering the Queen to
this check but there’s a sting in the tail here this rook and the threat is rook
d1 mating so actually this is just winning material – winning the queen back with interest just as an example we have Rd1 is mating that so that’s absolutely
winning Black to play here okay we can do
something very special Queen takes G2 to looks absolutely
winning and then rook f1 mating. Thomas Rendell against Christopher Dunworth – okay very
forcing move here Queen takes h3 for Rh4 checkmate. White’s playing
here very forcing indeed Qxh7 for Rh6 checkmate Here. Very important mating pattern to know about. Black to play. Queen g2 and then we have Rd1 checkmate. The Knight is covering escape squares there and the Queen’s covering
g2. Now black to play. Blackburne. Qxh3! – Great British player.
Qxh3 and then Bxe4 is checkmate. Black is playing here queen takes h4 and then Bh2 is checkmate. The Knights and Bishop’s cooperating very well Here. Qxc4 check – that thorn pawn is
helping to deliver the checkmate here. White to play here. Okay yes a bit of an Interference as
well this one . You might want to pause the video. Interference with a bonus Nd8+
covering f7 so that was check there and now rook e8 checkmate. Now our last
example hope you enjoyed this video you might want another Queen sacrifice video
soon let me know I hope you enjoyed this as much as me
I believe what can we play here okay Queen takes h7
check and now Rd8 check and now Rh8+ for Rxf8 checkmate so you can see
Queen sacrifices these are not positional Queen sacrifices these are
just Queen sacrifices which have guaranteed returns basically just well
calculated so not really sacrifice in a risky sense but very very important
part chess part forcing moves but the ability to calculate giving up a new
queen is very very important in many situations as these examples show I hope
you enjoyed this if you want to practice these another puzzles you can come to and see this Queen sacrifices book improve menu puzzle
books so – go down to Queen sacrifices and have a go yourself. Queen sacrifices and practice yourself
click start puzzles and there’s other ones to practice as well okay enjoyed
that let me know what themes you would like covered soon as well thanks very much

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