Secrets of Chess Tactics | Chess Fork | Stunningly beautiful secrets | Everything you need!

Secrets of Chess Tactics | Chess Fork | Stunningly beautiful secrets | Everything you need!

Hi all. Let’s look at forks today so if
you go to – improve menu … puzzle books you’ll find in the tactics section
Fork tactics and there’s a description here in chess terminology a fork is not
a piece of cutlery but in fact it’s a chess tactic where a single piece makes
two or more direct attacks simultaneously so it does actually help
eat the opponent’s pieces quite often like a fork in the cutlery sense it
would. In chess though two pieces are threatened which is also sometimes
termed a double attack. The attacker usually aims to gain material by winning
one of the opponent’s pieces the defender often finds it difficult to
counter two or more threats in a single move
so in chess it’s a turn-based game and we usually can only play one move at a
time and so things like folks are pretty dangerous to have to handle the
attacking piece is called the forking piece the pieces attacked are said to be
forked and quite often it helps if the fork is also a check as some of the
examples in the book show that further compels the opponent to handle something
else as well on the fact of being checked so let’s have a look at some examples of
this quite fundamental tactic which is used within very good combinations
sometimes as often opponents are forking so here black play and win what
would you play in this position if I give you five seconds to pause video okay Bishop takes f2 check now we have
Knight g4 check the king went to e1 if the King had gone to f1 we have like Ne3+
there’s a nice fork there and on g1 we have Queen b6 and that’s lethal that
diagonal now here has white escaped Knight e3 which does fork Queen and
Bishop it compels this check but now Bishop d7 and maybe White was thinking
there is knight takes g2 and then there’s King f2 and the knight is kind of trapped but in
fact the knight in the center can do more than just take on g2. Can you see
what black can play here very powerful fork indeed okay
Nc2+ forking king queen and rook but we’d like to take the Queen off after so
that was a forking example and there’s other tactical ideas in this you can
see these other tags now if you want to look them up you can also click on them
and go to the chessworld glossary by the way to see further examples and
stuff information about any tags mentioned there so anyway let’s go to
the next fork example now here we said it’s often even better that the folk
involves a check so that’s a little clue for this one if I give you five
seconds here what would you play in this position okay now not rook takes e8 because you might think King takes Bishop b5 check but it’s not checking the opponent because
it’s not check the opponent has more options and can actually take our bishop
and then queen the point end up winning so it’s actually better to not rush it
as the title says here there’s another much stronger move Bishop c4 check so
the bishop is out of harm’s way of the rook and now can you see why this is so
powerful now this fork tactic when it’s got the spice added spice of being check
as well okay we’ve added spice rook takes e8
check and now Bishop b5 is check forking the king and rook double attacking the
King on rook and then we can stop that pawn very
easily after Bishop up winning. Now in this example we can set up a fork
with a preliminary move can you spot it okay Bishop takes e3 damages White’s
control of c2 we can pounce in to c2 now and after the rook moves Knight x c2
forking the two rooks and the King is a check as well – a killer check makes that
fork all the more nice to use so winning material there
now here the knight is not the only one that can double attack or fork pieces so
what can black play in this position? 5 seconds okay
g5! because now we can double attack Bishop and Knight.
Be wary in real games though weakening your king can sometimes backfire but it
doesn’t here in this particular case but sometimes yeah you gotta but you’ve got
to look at your King safety when you move pawns around your King so here you may remember this example
from another video in the series white to play okay a fork is kind of setup because
of this interference with knight e6 because otherwise Qxe4 was
threatened but now we have what’s been given up basically is the key question
or the weakness or the last move what’s being given up is maybe more concise
when the Queen has taken on e6 the Queen has given up the f8 square and with that,
that’s a mighty juicy fork and it’s actually in this case it’s checkmate as
well this has an element of interference as
well as a fork now this one it looks as though we’re in trouble heads of queen
takes h3 – you might want to pause the video okay rook check and now there’s a
pinned piece we can actually celebrate that with Re3 defending h3
and here we can set up a fantastic fork with check I wonder if you can spot how okay rook takes d4 whack now rook d3
and we get a mighty folk with check Knight e5 check winning now here this is
a real fork celebration white to play pause the video if you want ok Queen
takes f5 opening up that G file now Knight e4 check now Queen takes g3 –
does that ruin everything not quite we don’t have to be content
with Knight takes in which case we’d be the exchange down we can actually play
Knight takes f6 check and now we don’t have to be content with F takes G a fork
saves us losing material with Knight h5 forking queen and king very nice we end
up having Knight and Bishop against rook there as well as a wreckage so we’re up
on material there’s a nice fork set up here. Can
you spot it okay Bishop g5 check trying to lure the
King to g5 for this otherwise we’re winning the Queen anyway but now the
juicy fork knight takes f7 check forking king and queen. How can we set
up a juicy fork here ? You might wanna pause rook e8 and it is a decoy as well setting up this juicy fork with Knight f6 double attacking Queen
and King and actually we can even take here after just to rub salt in the wound
there. Now here can you spot what can be played here? Okay rook takes f7 check so
if King takes those knight takes d6 a nice fork but alas here is even worse
fate in a way Knight g5 checkmate can’t get much stronger than mate in one! In this position the knight is holding the
Queen say my finger if only you had Knight f7 because rook takes you could
take the Queen if the knight wasn’t protecting the Queen so there’s a great
move to start off with which kicks off with that idea in mind actually trying
to win this Queen okay and that’s rook f8 check the King moved if Knights takes
there was Knight f7 forking King and Queen on rook takes those Queen takes e5 now here a very very nice tactic is used rook f7 Queen takes h7 and
Queen takes f7 so there was a fork behind the scenes there which
was trying to it tried black trying to avoid it. Now here pause if you want check reaching the critical position if
only we could stop the King escaping this would be mate how come we are use
can we use a fork here ? Indeed we can Knight d7 check and if
Bishop takes this would be mate so black resigned here losing the Queen. Okay so in this position pause the video ready Knight takes d6
it is forking Queen and King so but it’s been eliminated that forking piece
has been eliminated but there’s another one now with Bishop takes d5 forking
queen and king again ah the pain of chess black thought maybe they have
escaped but now to be forked again with this horrible check wins the Queen so
here our pieces are attacked here we’ve got to be a bit careful about any slow
moves we’ve also got a weakened back row so if we move the rook there’s also
things to consider like the checks on b8 or a8 as well but we can do something very very
forcing here you see we can take on g1 check and that’s winning because we’re
gonna be taking on c1 and taking on e3 which would be a fork with d1 and
c1 okay so that’s absolutely winning there in this position from a game of
Kasparov against Ligterink Nb6 when the knight go? It
can go to b6 now is this awkward for black Bishop takes now here
Kasparov actually kind of centralized his bishop so it’s not only reinforcing
the threats on a8 but now he’s looking at h7 – Can White exploit this somehow
wonderful move here which also combines a bit of interference ok there’s a
Knight fork which is interfering the the connection there so hitting that
knight that’s taken and now we have an almighty fork Queen f5 hitting the rook
which is unprotected and h7 and black resigns here
if the rook moves we take and then Queen h8 is mating so very powerful example
there double attack now here if only we could play queen g4 because then on King h8 there’s Queen g7 checkmate so White’s playing here you might want to pause the
video okay Knight d4 so black try to parry Queen g4
now in this position can we kind of use a fork or a deflection to the
deflect that the knight away from defending this defensive square
White to play here – a wonderful kind of not just double attack treble attack
quadruple attack move exists okay N c6 hits Queen Knight Bishop and
rook not too many options there if the Queen say moves to a4 we could play Nxe7+ check which is nasty winning a whole piece for
nothing and if the knight takes then we’re back
to queen g4 check and then after King h8 Queen g7 checkmate so this is a crushing
blow black resigns here so I hope you got something from these examples of
double attack and yes the added spice of when the opponent’s also in check makes
the double attack of the fork even more effective and some of these show. Hope you got something from that all comments/questions
subscribes with a notification are really appreciated. Thanks very much. And check these out on the improve menu puzzle books at and
you’ll see to practice your forks which could be updated as well
every so often for some more training there okay thanks again.

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