Secret Chess Endgame Strategy & Puzzle: Queen vs Knight + Bishop: Best Chess Tricks, Moves & Ideas

Secret Chess Endgame Strategy & Puzzle: Queen vs Knight + Bishop: Best Chess Tricks, Moves & Ideas

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click the bell icon to get instant updates from Chess Talk. Hello Chess Friends & Welcome to Chess Talk. Today we are going to discuss endgames. This is the queen versus Knight and Bishop
endgame. When you look at this position, what do you
think? Who should win this? If you are saying White, then just hold on. Because I am going to show you a secret chess
strategy which will help Black to draw this game. This trick is awesome, you definitely should
not miss this. And I have a bonus as well. At the end of this video, there is a surprise
chess puzzle to test you out. Let’s see if you can solve that. So stay tuned till the end and while watching
this video, if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments section
below. I will be happy to answer and help you out. I am Jeetendra Advani. You are watching Chess Talk. Let’s get started. This trick can be used by both Black and white
provided one side has a queen and the other has a knight and bishop. Black’s ultimate aim here is to draw the game. I will show you a particular position which
will make it impossible for white to checkmate the black king. So this is what black needs to do. As Black, you should get your king into a
corner which has the same colour as your bishop. Your bishop should be just across your king
like this. And you should get your knight in the center
in such a way that it is supported by your bishop. The Knight should be on the same diagonal
as your bishop with one square in between. Now let’s see how this works. If you see the board carefully, you will notice
that a wall has been created in this corner. Your knight is covering the squares f2 and
g3 and your bishop is covering f1, f3 and h3. The idea is to keep the white king away so
that he can never break through. As black, you don’t have to move your knight
unless you have a chance to capture the queen. You should try to move only your king on these
3 corner squares. Only when your king can’t move to any of these
squares, that’s when you have to move your bishop. Let me show you how to do it. Let’s say white plays queen c1 check. Then black should play king to h2. Now if white plays queen to h6 check. Then black should play king to g1. Look how the king is playing around these
3 squares only. Now what if white plays queen to h8. As you can see, now black can’t move his king
to h1 or h2 because of the check. In this case, you need to move your bishop
to the corner. Now again if the queen gives check, move your
king to h2. Again check, go back to g1. If the white king tries to come in by playing
king h3, then just bring back your bishop to g2. It is check to white. The king has no option but to go back. This way the black king will never be able
to come close to your king and The queen alone just cannot checkmate you. So that was the trick. Hope you liked it. Okay, so now Its time for our chess puzzle. As you can see, its 3 pawns to 3. Looks like a draw but It is White’s turn. White can breakthrough and promote one of
its pawns to make a queen. You need to Find the best move that white should play
to breakthrough. There is only one good move here. Let’s see if you can find that. Comment with your answers. I want to see how many of you get it right. I will share the solution in my next video. So That’s it guys, Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to like this video if you found
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100 thoughts on “Secret Chess Endgame Strategy & Puzzle: Queen vs Knight + Bishop: Best Chess Tricks, Moves & Ideas

  1. Easy pawn to b6 so the side pawn if forced to kill it then your side pawn can go in frount then the middle pawn kills it then your side pawn can go and easily win the game by promoting it to queen

  2. move b5 to b6 then it will be eaten of either a7 or c7. In the first case, if a7 ate b6 then move c5 to c6 so that b7 will eat it. Lastly you can move your a5 forward until it reaches the end so that it will be promoted to queen. On the second case, if c7 ate your b6 then move a5 to a6 so that b7 will eat it. Lastly, you will move your c5 forward until the end.

  3. White moves c6 black eats c6 from b7
    Then white to b6 black eats b6 from a7
    Then a5 can win a queen in 3 moves
    Right if you like it hit👍

  4. First we will move white right one pawn then black midal pawn will take our white pawn then we have to move our midal White pawn to straight then if black left pawn will take our white pawn so now our one pawn is left so we will move it straight only not we will take black like this we can go at last exchange our pawn to queen,rook,knight or bishop

  5. Pawn on the right will move c6 then black's middle pawn will go c6then the white's middle pawn will move b6 then blacks left pawn will eat b6 then white's left pawn can move straight ahead exchanging a qween

  6. I can't even understand what the fuck you are saying !!!! I have been playing chess since I was 5 ……….wanna play ?? I'll bet you won't win 😎

  7. First move the pawn to b6 then if he cut s it by c7 or a7 then u should move pawn c5 to c6 or pawn a5 to a6, and then we can surely make a queen it depends wt move he does next

  8. 1.pawn b5 to b6. will surely go take the pawn on b6. 3.move pawn a5 if black go to b6 from c7 or move pawn c5 to c6 if black go to b6 from a7. will surely take the pawn we moved earlier. 5.last, move the remaining one pawn(c5 or a5) to promote it to QUEEN!!!

  9. First we place the B5 pawn to B6

    Black will capture the B6 pawn with C

    Then we will move the A5 pawn to A6

    Black will capture A6 with B7 pawn

    Then move the pawn forward

    To promote to QUEEN
    and win the game for white

  10. puzzle: pawn b6


    pawn a6

    b6 then he will cut the b6 pawn by a or c pawn if he cut by a pawn we should move our c pawn he have force to cut c pawn by his b pawn and we will push our a pawn if he cut by c pawn then we have to move he have force to cut b pawn by a we have to push our c pawn he have force to cut a pawn by his b pawn and we will push our c pawn.

  11. Solution to the puzzle –
    Push the b6 pawn ( black has to capture the pawn with his A-pawn or C-pawn or the pawn will soon promote)
    If black captures with A-pawn , push your C-pawn forward ( again black is forced to capture the pawn. This would create a passed pawn A-pawn; you could then simply promote the pawn before your opponent does)
    Similarly, if black captures with C-pawn , push your A-pawn forward. This would result in a passed C-pawn .
    White could then easily win the game after promoting his pawn.

  12. Pawn to b6 – Pawn takes pawn – opposite pawn moves one step forward- pawn takes pawn- move the remaining pawn to promote

  13. Here is the solution move your pawn to b6 if he capture with the c pawn move your a pawn forward if he capture with the a pawn move your c pawn forward

    example (capture with the c pawn) b6 c capture b6 a6 b capture a6 c6 a5 c7 a4 c8 promotes into a Queen

    (capture with the a pawn) b6 a capture b6 c6 b capture c6 a6 b5 a7 b4 a8 promotes into a Queen

  14. pawn to b6 because if black captures your a5 pawn move your other pawn if he cuts the other pawn move your other one

  15. 1. b6 axb6
    2. a6 bxa6
    3. c6

    1. b6 cxb6
    2. c6 bxc6
    3. a6

    1. b6 axb6
    2. a6 bxc5
    3. axb7

    1. b6 cxb6
    2. c6 bxa5
    3. cxb7

    1. b6 a6
    2. bxc7

    1. b6 c6
    2. bxa7

    1. b6 king moves
    2. bxa7/bxc7.

  16. The answer of this puzzle is
    1 b6 black has to options it can be take this pawn by a7 pawn or by c7 pawn if black takes our b6 pawn by c7 then
    1b6 c×b6
    2 a6 b×a6
    3 now our c6 pawn will get promoted
    Second way if black takes our pawn on b6 by a7 then
    1 b6 a×b6
    2 c6 b×c6
    3 now our a6 pawn will be get promoted

  17. b6 only move for black is to capture with a pawn or c pawn if he doesn’t capture we can capture the pawn and promote the pawn and win it ) if he takes with c pawn a6 if he doesn’t capture we can capture the pawn and win it )if bxa6 we can promote the pawn the pawn and win it

  18. b5 pawn moves to b6,
    And black a7 or c7 pawn capture the b6 pawn.
    First a7 pawn capture the pawn, white c5 pawn moves to c6.
    if c7 pawn capture the pawn,white a5 pawn moves to a6.
    Then black have two choices there but he has to use one.remaining one choice we can use to make queen like Pawan a5 or a7 moves to a8 or c8
    I hope you can understand
    I know little bit English.

  19. Move white pawn to B6 then black will captre it. Then move a5 pawn to a6 again the same then the white wil promote to queen

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