SECRET Chess Endgame Strategy & Puzzle: Best Tricks, Moves & Ideas to WIN King-Pawn End Games

SECRET Chess Endgame Strategy & Puzzle: Best Tricks, Moves & Ideas to WIN King-Pawn End Games

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click the bell icon to get instant updates from chess talk. Hello Chess Friends and welcome to Chess Talk. Today we are going to discuss King pawn endgames. This is a very common end game that you will
see. These types of games are a little tricky. Ideally, white should win this easily but
most players mess up by playing the wrong moves. In this video, I am going to show you the
exact strategy to win these types of games. I am also going to tell you the solution to
the puzzle I had asked in my previous video and I will give a shout-out to all those who
gave the correct answers with perfect explanations. Plus, there is another interesting puzzle
for you all. Let’s see if you can solve that. So stay tuned till the end and while watching
this video, if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments section
below. I will be happy to answer and help you out. I am Jeetendra Advani. You are watching Chess Talk. Let’s get started. As you can see, white is leading this game
and he is trying to promote. But the problem is that the black king is
right in front of these 2 pawns and the white king is way too far to come to their rescue. Plus, these pawns are weak pawns because they
cannot support each other. If white does not play the right moves, black
will capture both these pawns and make it a draw. Let’s look at this position carefully. It’s a triangular position like you can see. This is exactly the position white is looking
for. So If it is White’s move, he should keep the
triangle and bring his king closer. If he moves his pawn, he will lose both of
them. So just move the king. Now it is Black’s move and if he plays his
king to a3 to attack the a2 pawn, then as white, you should move your other pawn one
step forward to c3. See, now black can’t capture the a2 pawn because
if he does, you can run away and promote your other pawn. Black cannot move to b3 and b4 because of
the checks. If he moves to b2, then again the c3 pawn
can run away and promote itself. So he will basically have to back off. See its the triangle again so bring your king
closer. Now if he goes back further, move your pawn
forward. It’s the triangle, that’s what you want. If he attacks again, move your other pawn
forward. Again, he will have to back off. If instead of attacking, he goes back. Then just leave your pawns where they are
and bring your king closer. This way you can keep moving your pawns forward
and get your king closer. Soon you will be able to promote one of your
pawns to a queen and win the game. So that is the trick to win these king pawn
end games. Now quickly let me just show you the solution
to my last video’s puzzle. I had asked you to find the best move for
white. Well, the best move is pawn to B6. Many of you got it right. Chetan Mohite, Silent Bob, sumit mahajan,
vinayak shenoy – your explanations were perfect. Keep going guys. So now black will capture with either his
a pawn or c pawn. If he captures with the c pawn, then move
your a pawn forward. If he captures with the a pawn, then move
your c pawn forward. Now basically black can capture only one pawn
so white can easily promote his other pawn to a queen and win the game. Now Its time for today’s chess puzzle. As you can see in this game, Black is about
to promote and gain a significant advantage but he is running out of moves. Because white is on the verge of checkmating
the black king. It is Black’s turn now. There is a beautiful move that black can play
here to not only save himself but also get into a match winning position. Can you find that move? Let’s see if you can. Comment with your answers. I want to see how many of you get it right. So That’s it guys, Hope you enjoyed this video! Don’t forget to like this video if you find
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100 thoughts on “SECRET Chess Endgame Strategy & Puzzle: Best Tricks, Moves & Ideas to WIN King-Pawn End Games

  1. 1. Rh1+, Kxh1
    2. f1=Q+, Kh2
    3. Qe2+, Kg1
    4. Qe1+, Kg2
    5. Qd2+, Qf1
    6. Qxh6, Ra8+
    7. Kd7, Ra7+
    8. Kc8, Ra8
    9. Kb7
    Its a winning position for black from here.

  2. Rh1 then black play to cut. So we promote pawn to queen and win match easy . If king not cut the rook then pawn promote and checkmate

  3. The best move is moving the pawn to F1 where he promote is pawn to queen
    Then he can't move his king
    Then black can move to c2 and that's a checkmate bro nicepuzzle

  4. promote the pawn to a queen so when white moves the rook to h8 black can move the queen to f8 and block the check and black can take both rooks

  5. 1.Rh1+ KxRh1(forced) 2.F1=Q+ ; Kh2 (forced) 3.Qe2+ ; Kh1 ( forced) 4. Qd1 + ; Kh2 (forced) 5. Qd2+ ; Kh1 (forced) 6.QxRh6 White is going to easily win it from here

  6. The best move for black is, Rock to H1 Check, if the king take H1, pawn promote to Queen and check till queen get rock H6 😊

  7. rh1+ the king should not capture the rook if he capture fq1+ after some checks we can capture the rook

  8. Rook to h1 check (the king is forced to capture the rook because if he doesn't and moves his king to G2 , then you can simply promote your pawn to a queen and checkmate your opponent.)
    After the king captures the rook on h1 , promote your pawn into a queen and check the king. The only safe square left for the king is H2 .
    Now again check the king by moving your queen to F2 . If you have noticed , you are double-attacking the king on H2 horizontally and the rook on A7 diagonally. After the king moves to its only safe square , you can happily capture the rook on A7.

    Nice puzzle:)

  9. Promote and block checkmate with queen capture rook and kill blocking pawn by getting king and checkmate with queen

  10. Rook ti h1: White can only capture ( or when Black promotes in f1 is check mate ) so Black can promote giving check and for White is over cause with a Queen Black wins easily

  11. Rh1+ KxH1, Pf1+ (Queen) Kh2, Qe2+ Kg1,Qe1+ Kg2,Qd2+ Kf3 QxRh6, When white rook makes check, black king should toggle between 7 and 8th Tank and move diagonally towards the rook.

  12. Best move for black will be to promote queen stop the checkmate if white give check on rh8+ so we can block by queen on f8

  13. 1.Black C1 to H1 check
    2.If white king h2 to g2
    3.Than black f2 to f1 checkmate
    2. white take h2 to H1
    3. Black f2 to f1 check
    4 white go back H1 to H2
    5. Black Queen f1 to f2 check
    And than take black rook f2 to a7

  14. Block Rook moves to h1 and gives to check
    And white queen either capture Rook or moves to h7 we don't care
    Next step black pawn convert to queen and gives check to white
    And ultimately u can check until u can capture both of two rooks
    I hope you understand

  15. You promote your pawn to a knight for check, and then repeatedly say check, eventually getting one of the rooks.

  16. Just noticed, it’s rook h1, the king takes, and then you can premote the pawn to a queen and check with queen f2 and fork the king and rook on a7. Then you can capture the rook and easily win the game.

  17. Rh1+ if the king eats the rook then white can promote to a queen and checkmate but if the white king goes to g2 the pawn can promote to a queen and checkmate

  18. Rook to h1 king captures pawn to F1 promote to queen black won if if white king moves to G2 pawn to F1 and promote queeen

  19. Answer, pawn move to one step and get the queen and white rock cheek the black king and queen move behind the black king

  20. Move the black rook and give check and then again By Promoting Pawn to a queen and then use black Box wisely and Take his rook in exchange of a check .. it's easy!

  21. Rook to h1=King to h1
    Spawn promotes queen =Chech and King to H2
    Queen to F2 = check and King moves to F1
    Take out white rook

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