SaveMGO – Gen-Snake’s Admin Abuse

SaveMGO – Gen-Snake’s Admin Abuse

15 thoughts on “SaveMGO – Gen-Snake’s Admin Abuse

  1. The topic for this report may be found on the SaveMGO forums at

  2. LOOOOOOL Storm I love you to much this shit killed me and you highlighted the admin abuse LOOOOOL in a good funny way ahahaaha

  3. Cmd kick is like ddos damn it's sad to see me getting banned for "harrasment" with no proof but there are countless videos evidence about gen admin abuse and he gets nothing I'm sorry but I think cmd kicking is more likely gonna lead players leaving and quitting the game not my harrasment rofl disgusting

  4. This is awful… may Ghz do something about this. Gen is killing the game more than he is supporting it that to as an Admin. Good looks on reporting this in Storm.

  5. Once I connected for the first time after many years, since 2012. And I was happy, I commented "hell yeah I'm back" or something like that. That Captain Crunch kicked me.

  6. MGO2R Dying because of this bullshit :/
    I hope Ghz fix a Trusted Admin instead of Gen ..
    3 Dislike are those Gen account's xD

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