SABSE BADA DUSHMAN | Moral Story | Short movie on Plastic Ban | Aayu and Pihu Show

OK Aayu, this is the line here Very good Keep you dash and classroom clean home Wow.. Aayu you learnt all of these becaue sister you taught me so nicely no you learnt really fast this is how you do this line What are you doing Aayu Pihu? I was helping him learn the chapter very good Pihu Okay listen I am going to the market Do you want anything? Yes What do you want? Chips Chips and you? chocolate There is no need of asking Aayu Aayu just wants one thing chocolate Okay now take care of your home and Aayu too Okay bye Bye Mom and take care of Aayu Come on close the gate first How many questions are left in this chapter? this one and this Mom told us lock the gate sister yes Pihu Aayu come outside Yes Mom come and help me Yes Mom my chocolate? Did you get the biscuits? my chips? You chocolate sister’s chips come on bring in all the bags How will we carry all this stuff? with your hands come on, it’s heavy everything is heavy When you eat it, then it’s easy They can’t do any heavy lifting come on Mom will bring all this Pihu keep these and come back Yes Mom First go and keep this Mom is tiered now Are you tiered too? You did so much work Did you bring my chocolate biscuits or not? Should I tell the truth Aayu? Do you want to know the truth? Yes I didn’t get it My chips? Didn’t get those too Mom why didn’t you bring those See how fast they get upset Is this possible you ask me to get something and I don’t get it So take it out Take out your biscuits and help me too Here they are let us organize these in the kitchen Mom so many disposable plates and glasses? Yes I have a kitty party tomorrow All my friends will come So who will wash all those dishes? I thought I will get these and make my work easier Come on, you two help me with cleaning this up Come, what are you doing? Bring the stuff into the kitchen Are you tiered? Do you help your parents like this? So like this video Mom that is all good Tell me what are you making for lunch? Okay tell me what do you want to eat? Cottage cheese cottage cheese? Okay done Paneer tikka Cottage cheese tikka? Okay I will make that surely You helped me today So you will get your favourite food today Cottage cheese tikka But I am a little tiered right now I’ll take some rest and then I will make it for you Okay Pihu Can we play carrom board till then? Yes you can play But do not fight okay Come on sister let’s play carrom Yes Aayu I am so tiered today Shopping took so much time Mom got so many poly bags today I don’t feel good about it and she got so many thermacol plates Yes thermacol and plastic never degrade Yes sister But what should we do? Let us teach Mom a lesson today But what will we do? Sister come I have an idea Come on What is this? Pihu Aayu So much plastic? Is this a bedroom or a dustbin? The whole bedroom looks like dustbin Where should I keep my feet? Eeewww How will I stand in such a mess? eewwwww Aayu Pihu Where are you two? What did you do to my room? Pihu Yes Mom what happened? What happened? What have you done to this room? What did we do? We didn’t do it You didn’t do this? No Answer me truthfully who did all of this? I didn’t do it You only did it Mom Me? Will I do this to my home? When you brought all those stuff of plastic These are the things you brought When did I bring this? Who brought all the poly bags today? I forgot to take the cloth bag with me so I brought some poly bags And you, you made the whole house a dustbin Not the home, your bedroom Yes Aayu right Oh yes I forgot that So what happened? You go for shopping 4 times in a month They count too You go so mony times a year, they count too But why have you piled them in the house Put those in the dustbin If these stay in the dustbin for year they won’t degrade even then because plastic never degrades it stays as it is in the dustbin for years I never thought of that Yes Mom Aayu is right Plastic is our biggest enemy Hmm.. now you’ve learnt a lesson Oh So that is the matter Wait I will be back in 2 minutes What? Now tell me What are these made of? huh? That’s plastic I will show you some more What? These are made of plastic too? hmmm and this remote remote is made up of plastic too and this T.v. What T.v.? This is made up of plastic too Let it be You get cool air all day from A.c. What is A.c. made up of that too is plastic yes and wait No no Mom let go of our tablet How will we play games then? This is made up of plastic too leave this this toy drawer all of this is filled with plastic But no, all you can see are my things and this car, in which you travel most of those parts are of plastic only but this is not a problem So did you see? From kitchen boxes till fridge In the bathroom from bucket till tumblr In kids room from toys till stationery items everything is made up of plastic so why are you saying no for this plastic huh? Your Dad is here Dad is here Dad make Mom understand yes Why what happened? This bag that your Dad has Which has his laptop, that too is made up of plastic Say now huh? Yes Mom What’s the problem? They are teaching me That I should not use the plastic poly bags But they keep on using plastic There is plastic all around them And they tell me That I should not use plastic, poly bags They are correct Yes very good Meaning you have a problem with me Problem is Kids are saying that plastic is our enemy yes They are right plastic is the enemy but plastic is of 2 types huh? 2 types of plastic? I knew about only 1 me too Do you know this? no That’s the probelm Hmm There is one plastic which is recyclable like T.v. car and it’s dashboard Remote, mobile A.c., fridge their toys our bathroom objects, kitchen boxes all of those are recyclable plastic when they break, we throw them in a dustbin but then this goes into the collection trucks from there it gets accumulated it goes into a factory and do you know which factory is that? A factory that recycles plastic then this plastic gets recyled and we get a whole new object, like a bottle from there but the single use plastic can not be recycled and those plastic poly bags and the disposals we use for parties and weddings where they use disposals those can not be recycled they go straight into the bin and they remain there for several years hmm.. you are right Yes Dad correct Now do you understand? yes Now I understand Now kids Now you will see your Mom’s power I will remove all the plastic so swiftly Very good Mom like Aayu finishes his chocolate yes So Moms will not use plastic from today at all Mom don’t use your phone Yes Mom don’t use your phone Dad is correct what? Dad only said, mobile’s plastic is recyclable If all Mom’s understand this thing this plastic will not be used anywhere Hm.. it’s very easy kids now you know how to make them understand hmm Now we understood Single use plastic is our enemy So from now on, we won’t use thermacol plates and glasses and plastic poly bags and even you should not use it If you forget, I have a trick for you come on let us see always keep a cloth bag in your car always keep a cloth bag in your scooter kids and our family will help us in this mission We can eradicate all single use plastic from this world all we have to do is think and not use this plastic If you liked our thought please like So the mission starts stop single use plastic from today

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