Ryan Jimmo: Chess Master – Inside MMA

Ryan Jimmo: Chess Master – Inside MMA

but a guy putting his title on the line
trying for an incredible win streak to continue was
our guest last week right here on inside MMA Ryan jimmo who most recently has just
been making pawns outta everyone that has stepped in
against with 15 straight victories Ryan jimmo holds one of the longest current
win streaks in MMA but it would be on the board of 64
squares where he would develop the most important part of his game chess may be the most intellectual of all kind of pursuits i didn’t do well in school so didn’t feel intelligent
I said I am So I said I’m horrible this intellectual pursuit so I
made sure I was very good at this other intellectual
pursuit to nothing else prove to myself that I wasn’t wasn’t stupid became quite good at it
and I get a reputation to be chess-player even though I was on football team I had big muscles and I go in during my high
school and sit with the nerds in and play chess and beat most of them you know
after awhile it became a source confidence building for me and now and i’m just kinda obsessed with
that I play 3-4 hours a day it’s kinda something that’s become all encompassing within my life and something that gives me skills
outside of just an activity i do. As Jimmo moves from
the chessboard to the ring it is his mental edge above all else
that sets him apart from the rest It’s a game of generals and the sharpest minds is
gonna win not necessarily the strongest you know
because I’ve had people play me in chess were very aggressive pace attack attack attack but sometimes
that leaves you open so you have to devise strategies in order to overcome every sort of pressure that someone can put on you and transfers over very well to playing. The
important open moves are to dominate center as well as develop your pieces and being
able to use and put them in the proper places physically everyone’s body is kinda the
same but mentally we’re all very different so the mental aspect impact and tactiful strategies with the entire city of Champions in his
corner Jimmo much to defend his title once again as he sets his sights on the
16th straight victory its the preparation where he is drawing his strength.
I just focus on putting one foot in front the other and then the fights work out for
themselves George Washington once said if I had six
hours to cut down a cherry tree I’d spend the first five sharpening my axe
so I that’s what I do I just make sure meticulously prepared for my fight a sharpen my axe until it’s prestinelly
sharpened and then victories easy to cut down up

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  2. @TJRMultimedia That sounds delicious. Where are the restaurants located? Do you think you guys will open one up here in california.

  3. @JohnnyBoyCali he is the most boring fighter i have ever seen, did u watch the Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, he lost that fight, and he looks like a wannabe machida

  4. He's not an actual master. You'd need a rating above 2000 to even qualify. Judging by what minimal chess moves I saw and how he just said the stereotypical stwrtegy shit for any staregy games, I'll give him an unrated. Doubt he's even been in a tournament. Why don't they get an actual chess player or a real story

  5. According to the USCF uschess.org he is a 1463 and Blitz rated at 1727  His tournament history is here http://www.uschess.org/msa/MbrDtlMain.php?15234596 

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