RWBY Chibi, Episode 21 – Cinder Who? | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi, Episode 21 – Cinder Who? | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi! Ruby: Weiss, Weiss! Look! I got us friendship bracelets! Weiss: [sighs] Alright Ruby, put it here. *sounds of metal clinking* Weiss: [ ! ]
Ruby: [Shivering] Weiss: My dearest Winter, My time at Beacon is going well thus far. Unfortunately, I was not selected to be team leader, But worry not! Our team has a capable leader at the helm. She’s… Zwei: Bark! Ruby: [Snickering] Well come on boy, come on boy! Get the chicken, get the chicken! Bark bark bark!
Zwei: Bark! Bark! [more snickering] Weiss: Hm? … interesting. She’s also… Ruby: Hey Weiss! Wanna see me eat this cookie through my nose?! Check it out! Ngh! Weiss: …a person. [The cookie crumbles]
Ruby: [Groans in pain] [Careful strategizing] Yang: Huh? Ruby: Checkmate. Yang: Good game.
Weiss & Blake: Ha! Weiss & Blake: [panting] Yang: We really need to rename that move. Ruby: [sighs] Yeah… Ruby: Weiss!
Weiss: Ah! Weiss: Will you please stop doing that?! Ruby: That upperclassman from Haven wants to hang out! Weiss: Who?
Ruby: Cinder. Weiss: Cinder?…Cinder… Doesn’t ring a bell. What’s her last name? Ruby: Oh uh…uh…hm… What was it? Weiss: *scoffs* [♪old timey wimey music♪] Cinder: This is something young people wear, right?
Emerald: [shrugs] [♪old timey wimey music♪] Cinder: Stop laughing and help me!
Mercury: Hahaha! [♪old timey wimey music♪] Cinder(?): All part of our nefarious plan. Emerald: Ha ha ha ha! [♪old timey wimey music♪] Neptune: Cinder, we just need to check your dorm for evil plans. Cinder: Are you sure those were scheduled for today? Sun: We don’t notify students when we’re trying to bust ’em! Cinder: But we’re exchange students.
Sun: Doesn’t matter. Cinder: Man… this, uh… weather’s crazy, right? Neptune: Move outta the way. Cinder: You know, your abs look great today.
Sun: Hehe. Sun: Cinder, please! [♪old timey wimey music♪] Cinder: Hahaha!
Mercury & Emerald: Ugh… [♪old timey wimey music♪] [Cheerful celebration] [Happy bouncy noises] Roman: [Groans] Cinder: No! My nefarious plans! [Sobs] No! [Gasps, then sobs some more] Ruby: Uhh… I don’t know, it’s like Cinder Autumn or something. Weiss: Well, too bad. I’m studying. Ruby: Aw… [Beep] Ruby: Click here, if you wanna wear some stuff with us on it! And click here, if you wanna watch some stuff with us on it! ‘Cause, y’know, more us! Duh! We’re awesome! [ROOSTER TEETH ANIMATION OUTRO]

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  1. 2:36 That scene of Weiss, Blake, and Yang just holding hands, skipping across, those XD faces, and that bounce sound effect accompanying their steps might just be the funniest thing I'll see today!

  2. "Checkmate!"
    (Weiss and Blake enter with weapons drawn)
    "We really need to rename that move."
    I don't get it.

  3. Cinder Falls.
    Isn’t that her last name?
    Or is it fall

    Wait so this is what happens when they are not in class and there’s not fighting?

  4. I just noticed that when Cinder asks Emerald about the clothes at the mall, it's the outfit she wears during the Vytal Festival

  5. Cinder Small – Yeah, just shrink her and we'll be fine.
    Cinder Balls – Does she play basketball? I wanna 1v1 her.

  6. Ruby is so sweet, kind and cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎😎😎💀🌌🖤🇺🇸☠️.

  7. 0:32 wait why did wiess leave such a huge gap between the second and third sentence
    0:45 and then she write the rest of sentence 3 on top of sentence 2. and then starts back on sentence 3 again writing over it.

  8. Weiss: "But, worry not! Our leader is very….."
    (Looks at Ruby)
    Weiss: "Interesting…and…"
    (Looks at Ruby again)
    Weiss: "A person?"

  9. Weiss: she’s also…


    Weiss: a person…

  10. 1:11 for those of you who don't know, Checkmate is the combo move Weiss and Blake used against the Atlas Paladin controlled by Roman, and it's also one of the ship names between said Ice Queen and Cat Faunus.

  11. This episode definitely shows the writers awareness of how broken the original RWBY made us 😂 also is checkmate a reference to that too

  12. I think JelloApocalypse had it right when he said that RWBY Chibi does the characters right compared to the actual show. Cinder has more of a personality here.

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