Rustom Chess Trick (In HINDI) Best Chess tricks to win fast

Rustom Chess Trick (In HINDI) Best Chess tricks to win fast

Hello Guys! In this video we are going to see LEGAL CHESS TRAP. This trap was also played in Bollywood movie Rustom It was played by Akshay Kumar against Senior Inspector! In this chess trap White sacrifices queen to checkmate Black’s king. Because… What matters is winning.. even if it means sacrificing a Pawn or a Queen To understand this chess trap watch this video till end. So stay tuned and Let’s Go! (Thunder Sound) The game will start you will play your pawn to E4 In response black will move his pwan to E5 You will attack his pawn with Knight And he will defend his pawn with his Knight After which you will move your Bishop to C4 square In response to which black will play D6 Here he is opening the diagonal for his Bishop The sequence of the move may vary but you have to keep this position in your mind. Then we will develop our Knight to C3 square In response black will move Bishop to G4 square Pinning our Knight! In response we will play H3. Here let’s suppose, He captures our knight then we can simply recapture with our queen but in most number of cases Black won’t capture Knight Instead of capturing our Knight you will see that he will back off his bishop. our next move is surely going to shock our opponent! We will capture his Pawn with our knight! If you look closely here you will see that, Our Knight is being attacked but also, His Bishop is attacking our Queen And any regular player seeing that Queen is being attacked hence unable to control self.. and will surely surely capture our Queen! and here Black game is over! as in the next move itself with our Bishop, we will give check by capturing the Pawn. And after that Black king is left with a forced move to move his king to E7 square Here Black king is getting checkmated Can you spot the Checkmate move? Yes we will move our Knight to D5 square And Black King is Checkmated!! if we go a little back.. you might be wondering why we played H3? We could have simply moved our knight without H3? but the simple reason is it would be a big Blunder! and we do not have to play this variation! Because if Black is familiar with this Trap then, Our trap will be a trouble for ourself and And he will capture Knight Instead of Queen With that, we are a piece down! and our Queen is being attacked and so is our Bishop! That’s why we do not have to play this variation at all! In that position it’s very important to play H3! In variation 3, let suppose.. just like before we play H3 and he will back off his Bishop to H5 Then we will capture his Pawn but here let’s suppose we know about this trap and.. He does not capture our Queen Instead of Queen he captures our Knight With that he is also attacking our Bishop With our Queen we will capture his Bishop And of course here he will capture back our Knight In this position you might we wondering we are a piece down but that’s not true! Because we will move our queen to B5 square Giving check to Black’s king as well as, attacking his Knight! And after C6 we will simply capture his Knight And if you look carefully here White is far ahead in development. and this is going to be very good game for White! If you liked this Chess trick then, Like the video 🙂 And subscribe to ImmortalWazir 🙂 And press the bell icon so you do not miss any update

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  1. Your playing in mpl and u defeated me. But your moves are amazing.i am following u in mpl. My name is Nani

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