Russian Roulette

♪♪ ♪♪>>I know Russia gets a bad rap,
but seriously, this has been a great vacation. You guys have been the best
friends a tourist like me could ask for.>>Ah, it’s been a pleasure,
American. And now that it is over,
we will take you to airport. No problem.>>Oh, you guys are too much.>>Wait, Boris. There is problem.>>What is it?>>We are four people. Uber only has room for three.>>Perhaps we should play
game to eliminate problem.>>My thoughts exactly.>>Uh, what game would
we be playing…? [sets gun on table] [thud]>>What’s with him?>>No idea. But now that I have
gun out of pocket, we can play game.>>All right!>>Oh! Most intense game ever!>>I know, right? Hey, American, wake up! We’ll play game now. Come on.>>NO. No, I refuse to play that game.>>Why you so scared? It’s just kids’ game.>>Then you guys must have
had very dark childhoods.>>Look, all you do is spin and
hope you don’t get hit in head.>>Yeah.>>I know how Russian
Roulette works.>>What? No, we call it
“Fun Surprise in Face.”>>Here, I go first.>>You guys, I do not
handle blood well. I cannot watch this. No.>>Oh, three turns.>>What? I thought we only
had to go once.>>Here I go. [click]>>Oh.>>How can you two laugh at this?>>It’s much more fun
if you open your eyes.>>Uh, no, it’s not!>>Trust me, if he gets hit, you’re going to want to see
the expression on his face.>>Uh, trust me, I won’t.>>Here I go. [click]>>Oh!>>Safe again!>>You guys, I know there’s not
a lot of entertainment options in this country, but–>>Oh! Right in the schnoz!>>NO! WHY? Alexei, why?>>That was fun.>>[screams] How are you still alive?>>Just open your eyes
and look at his face.>>No.>>Oh, come on, it’s funny. There’s stuff splattered
all over. Here, here, give it a taste.>>Oh, no, no, gross. You people are sick. Why?>>What?>>All right, American. It’s your turn.>>No way, I’m out, guys.>>If you quit, you get hit
in head automatically.>>What?>>It’s rule. So nobody quits.>>Yeah, yeah. It’s perfectly harmless. Last time we play,
I get hit in face four times.>>Have you all developed
an immunity to head shots? What did Chernobyl
do to you guys?>>Uh, I spin for you.>>Yeah. Oh, six turns.>>SIX? There’s only six slots
in the chamber! Statistically, I’m already dead!>>What is he talking about?>>No idea. More American drama, I’m sure.>>Yeah.>>If it makes you feel better,
I will hold it for you, okay? Here we go. One…>>Oh, man! Two…>>Sweet torture round.>>Three…>>FASTER!>>Four…>>I HATE IT SO MUCH!>>Five…>>[screams]>>Only one more to go!>>No! Clearly it’s my destiny to live, and I’m not going down
without a fight.>>Whoa. [gunshot]>>[whispers]
I’ve made a huge mistake. Time to go off the grid again.>>Boris, are you okay?>>Well, of all my friends,
he has shot me the least.>>That’s true.>>That’s true.>>Don’t let me touch that.>>You guys, please, please
subscribe to our channel. [breathes heavily] Comment below and tell… share this with your friends. I think we made it. I think… [sobs]>>[chuckles] Oh! And now I shoot you.>>NO!>>You guys, please, share
this video with your friends. Give it a thumbs-up,
for the love– Please, just– Just do it! I made it. I’m safe. [sobs]>>[chuckles]>>Stupid game! Why is this so popular?>>Here’s another game
we can play.

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