Russian Chess Vocabulary – Slow Russian with English subtitles

Russian Chess Vocabulary – Slow Russian with English subtitles

Hello everyone! Daria here, and welcome to another slow Russian video. This month I was visiting my Granny in Chelyabinsk, and in the old attic I found the old chess board. And I know that among my students there are several people… at least one person. Hello Mike 😉 … who like chess and who are interested in chess. So I’ve made a little video in slow Russian for all of you guys chess players. And I have a small announcement by the way Now I’ve turned 18 of my slow Russian videos in mp3 files, because you were asking for something to listen to. And also I’ve attached the text in English and in Russian in PDF. So everything you can check out below this video, I’ll put the link there. Ok, enough talking, let’s look at the chess board. So this is a chess board. And these are the chess pieces. These all are chess pieces. Let’s look at them one by one. This is a pawn. Pawn. 8 pawns total: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Pawns go forward one or two squares. Black pawns. Now the rook. When I was a kid I used to call it a tower because it looks like a tower. Rooks go in a straight line forward or or side-to-side. Rook. Then of course a horse (knight). In Russian we say that the knight goes in the shape of Г letter (two squares one way and one square 90 degrees) You see, like this? Letter Г. the horse goes in the shape of Г letter Then we have a bishop. Bishop (*in Russian it’s literally elephant) The bishop goes diagonally. diagonally. It’s a bishop. Then the queen (in Russian it’s “ferz'”). Many people call it a “queen”. And here it even looks like a queen. Black and white. Queen. The queen goes anywhere, in any direction. This is a queen. And of course a king. The most important piece. This is a king. He goes one square in any direction. White king and black king. Very beautiful pieces in these chess. And that was it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. And let me know in the comments – do you like chess? Do you know how to play it at least:) And if you have any questions, leave them there, I’ll be happy to answer. And check out the link below this video. The link to my new slow Russian course I guess, I think it’s a full course already. Ok that’s it for today. Thank you very much for watching. I hope to see you in my next video. Bye-bye!

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  2. A great video I'm just learning chess really crappy at help I need help really want to learn it love the video love your channel and your beautiful

  3. This is the first learning Russian video I have watched for months, but I am so glad I did. This is also the best learning Russian video I have ever seen. I had been put off by too many videos that stressed me out with having to work to memorise things, but this video is so relaxing that I will probably learn more quickly by simply watching it over again a few times. I will make sure to watch out for your videos more often in future.

  4. Я играла иногда когда была маленькой но сейчас я совсем забыла. Слон, как животное? Интересно.

  5. I’ve never played chess, but I got interested in it recently!
    It’s surprising you uploaded this CHESS video, which will help me to play it and learn Russian at the same time!

  6. July 29th 2018 timeline 5:50 p.m. you have some nice hands and they're well taken care of. Who was the Russian chess player who was against Bobby Fischer. Then Bobby Fischer one. And the Russian president at that time. When the chess player from Russia. Got off the plane. There was no welcome back. I like the slow Russian. I will take some time listening to. But then do Russians talk fast.

  7. Thanks, Daria! Really interesting video with some info that I never knew. Ладья is elephant in Indian chess, while слон is camel 😊

  8. This is PERFECT thank you SO MUCH! My family are Belarusian and one of my family members speaks very little English but we bond through playing chess so this is AMAZING for me xxx Большое спасибо <3

  9. Привет, друзья! I’m not Russian but I’m trying to learn and I must say your videos are really helping me! If what I said first didn’t make sense please correct me, also I like chess. Пока!

  10. Just watched a russian movie "Moscow does not believe in tears" to know russian culture better .. Much like old indian culture before british rule in india.. the way we interpret circumstance are quite alike.. good to see u again its 5:45 am in india.. have a nice day

  11. Прекрасные фигуры! У вашей бабушки таких лучших вещей! спасибо за видео! мне нравится!

  12. Just suggesting, open a patreon account, I'll do my best to support you. And a request, could you please upload a pdf including sentences full of with Russian cases? I feel like I'll get definitely better once I am exposed to such sentences written on the same page. For it gets forgotten when good examples are not presented together 🙂

  13. Thanks!!! That's the best video I have seen so far. Russians are Chess Gods. Starting with Dr. Alexander Alekhine's domination in 1927 to Vladimir Kramnik's victory over Kasparov in 2000, Russians have dominated the Chess scene flat for 70 years, with small interruptions between 1935-37, and 1972-75. That's like half a millenia in Chess, considering a WC contest every 3 years. There was an american player called Fisher who luckily won against the legendary attacking master Boris Spassky, and the americans raised him to the level of the greatest ever, since they had no other glory to hold to. Three years later he fled against a young Russian player, without defending his title, and that player we know today as the legendary Anatoly Karpov. Fisher was congratulated by Kissinger and Nixon both. 20 years later he ended up speaking against his own country, against jews, and had to live in hiding in small nations like Japan and Iceland. Amazing stories of Russian Chess genuises. I want to read more about them in Russian, from magazines like 64 and Shakhmatti. Thanks for this great video again.

  14. Pree v'et Daria
    I love to play chess and i know everything about chess.Plz tell me everything about chess in russian with English meaning

  15. Too bad chess-pieces don't speak like animals.
    I am still talking to myself while driving :
    Утка говорить кря кря. Утка крякает. 😀

  16. No wonder there are so many great Russian chess players… You guys play with an elephant instead of a bishop 😉😂

    Хорошая идея за видео!

  17. Elephant
    In ancient chess, it was a figure depicting a fighting elephant with a rider. Its name in Russia was translated literally, it turned out "elephant".
    But in Europe, the name of an unknown animal " elephant "(in Persian" Phil") turned into" jester "("full"). In ancient European chess books you can see that this figure was depicted as a man in a hat with bells. Until now in France "elephant" is called fou (fu), camping on E. jester.
    Later, in different countries, this person, close to the king, received more honorary titles: Bishop (bishop) – in England, runner (Läufer) – in Germany, a messenger (goniec) – in Poland, shooter (střelec) – in the Czech Republic, hunter (lovec)- in Slovenia and Croatia, officer – in Bulgaria and Greece. Before the revolution, this figure was also called an "officer". Only then it officially secured the ancient Russian name "elephant". And the shape of the old left, the European. Therefore, a chess elephant is not like an elephant (a beast with a trunk), but a man in a high hat (a Bishop, an officer)

  18. Daria, does the Russian language have pitch accents? Like in Japanese, where two words could sound like shi し, but the word is determined by the pitch.

  19. There are many guys, like me, who plays checkers and besides most player from Brazil and other country "read" russian checkers books. It would be so nice to learn russian cocabulary.

  20. you're a russian teaching angel, i've learned so much from you! i can't believe someone would do all of this effort for people to learn without asking for anything in return, god bless your heart! <3

  21. Я большой поклонник шахмат. Одна из причин, по которой я начал изучать русский язык, заключается в том, что я могу следить за комментариями к живым шахматным событиям. Я помню, как Петр Свидлер в шутку говорил, что если ты когда-нибудь назовешь королеву королева вместо ферз, то русские будут смеяться над тобой.

    Большое спасибо за то, что сняли видео по моему любимому виду спорта!

  22. все и все твои видео очень обучающие. Благодарю за все помочь насчет русский язык.

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