Running Snake | Ide Zmija | FREE ANDROID GAME Trailer

Running Snake | Ide Zmija | FREE ANDROID GAME Trailer

Ide Zmija // Running Snake Game Running Snake // Ide Zmija game Daddy, daddy! Look! Luke Skywalker? It’s a Game! – Oh? Oh, a Little Lamb! Son, let me try! – NO! Lunch!

55 thoughts on “Running Snake | Ide Zmija | FREE ANDROID GAME Trailer

  1. Interesting, funny, probably well done… Unfortunately threre are so much doodle jump clones these days…
    Maybe it would be interesting to develp a game about a snake who actually run ? I don't know what… Maybe something à la Sonic, à la Major Motion or à la Pole Position ?

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  3. pesma za igricu

    para zmija kroz sumu kroz sumu kroz sumu

    skrsila se u zbunju,u zbunju,u zbunju,skrsila se u zbuuuuuuunju

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