Rudra – Season 1 – Full Episode 1

Rudra – Season 1 – Full Episode 1

This is Sun city. The city is just like its name. The life of this people… …is as bright as the sun is. The people of this city do
decent amount of magic. And they use magic
in their daily life. Look at this. Looks like, he didn’t get time
to read the newspaper today. So he is driving his
car with magic. And is busy reading the newspaper. Meet her. She is not in the mood
to hold her dog’s leash. She uses magic instead. There is magic
everywhere in this city. Everyone knows magic here. But there is only one
amazing and best magician. No one can beat his magic skill. And he is the master of Sun city. Jai Singh Chauhan. People also call him Dadaji. So, come along.
Let’s meet Jai Singh Chauhan. Thank you, Rangeela. Well, I have bathed. There is no need to clean me more. Hey! Here is a photo ghost! Photo ghost! That wasn’t a photo. It was me speaking. Do good and you will
get good in return. Dadaji, why are you scaring me
in the morning? I am not scaring you. Everday, I think of new ideas… …to fool Shakaal. He wants to forcefully
seize Sun city. Sooner or later… …he will attack for sure. And we have to be prepared. Therefore, I’m teaching advance
magic to Rudra. Come on. Alright! It is time for Rudra’s lesson. Rudra! Good morning, Dadaji. Good morning, Dadaji.
– Good morning, Dadaji. So, you are practicing
for the flying soccer match. Good. Very good. There is still time
for the match to start. Let’s practice some advance magic. What are we going to
learn today, Dadaji? Any one in Sun city can push
less heavy stuff. Like, you just pushed me. I will teach you to push
big and heavy things, Okay?
– Alright, Dadaji. Do good and you will get good. I will learn the magic… …that Dadaji will teach Rudra. And I will be a magician
of advance magic. First of all… …focus on the spell
that you chant. And believe in yourself. This means, focus and believe. You have to trust yourself
that you are capable of this. Only then the spell will work. Listen to me carefully. To move very heavy weights… ….from one place to another… …chant this spell first. Ibaiska Zibaiska Zakoom!
Push-tu! You can say this spell
even in your mind. Say this mantra… …and push that. Ibaiska Zibaiska Zakoom!
Push-tu! Sorry, Rangeela. Rudra, you have to
push the rock and not yourself. Focus once again. Believe in yourself
and say it again. Focus and belief. Ibaiska Zibaiska Zakoom!
Push-tu! Focus and belief. Remember to believe
in yourself and try. Yes. Whether Rudra does it or no… …I will do it for sure. Ibaiska Zibaiska Zakoom!
Push-tu! Dadaji, I did it. I moved that heavy truck. Look at that. Oh no! Looks like, my magic
is very powerful. Dadaji, stop the truck. Stop… You didn’t do that with magic. The truck driver is
driving it away. Rudra, you keep trying. Focus and belief. Feel the flow of magical
energy in your body. There is an animal
from outside here. Where? Over there. On that tree. Dadaji, look over there. Oola lala, I’m Sapola. No one is capable enough… …to catch me. Rudra, the junior magician,
you may give it a try. He is Shakaal’s spy, Sapola. Thank you, Zim Zum. Always be alert. Good morning, Dadaji.
– Good morning, Dadaji. Hi, Rudra.
– Hi, Rudra. Hello, good morning. Rudra, go with them. Looks like they are here to take
you for the flying soccer match. Yes, Dadaji. The flying soccer match
is about to begin. You should come too. I have to be there. All of you are playing after all. Okay, Dadaji. I will
remember this mantra. We will practice again tomorrow. See you there. Rangeela, get ready
to go for the match. Okay, Dadaji, Hey, move! This necklace is mine now. You buy a new one. Akira Bazooka,
rolling pin, hit him! How dare you steal! If you play like this, then… …we will lose to Sun city. And if we lose, Shakaal… …will kill them all. They don’t know… …that he is an illusionist. He is the most powerful of all. What news do you have, Sapola? Is this news true… …that Jai Singh Chauhan… …is teaching advanced magic
to his grandson, Rudra? Don’t be scared, Shakaal. You could have asked me,
I would have told you. Yes, I am teaching
advance magic to Rudra. If you send your spies
to my place again… …then I will
come here personally. And if I come here… …you know what will happen. How dare you Jai Singh! How dare you! He came to my house… …and threatened me. He has no idea… …I’m magic, I’m an illusion. Fear me, I am Shakaal! I will show Jai Singh Chauhan… …the power of my illusion. I will kill him. And I will seize… …power of his Sun city. Shakaal, if Jai Singh Chauhan… …is teaching his grandson,
Rudra advance magic… …then you will have to… …deal with two great magicians. And yes, your dream
to seize Sun city… …will be shattered. Some day, I will rule… …Sun city for sure. But before that… …in today’s flying
soccer match… …we have to win. Residents of Sun city
and Kaal city… …the match is about to begin. The first team to come here
is Sun city’s team. They are wearing
flying skate shoes. They will be able to fly with that. Give them a big hand. And here comes
the team of Kaal city. Welcome them
with a huge round of applause. Okay. Before starting the match,
listen to me once again. You have to score
ten points to win. If there is a draw… …then the team that
scores the eleventh point… …will be the winner. And the team that wins… …will have the opportunity
to go in my flying train… …to the amazement park. Yaay! Okay, start. The ball is high in the air. Rudra caught the ball. But the captain of Kaal city… …elbowed Rudra
and snatched the ball. He has taken the ball
and is moving head. And he twirls fast and
heads towards the goal. And that’s a goal. The first goal! Kaal city won a goal
against Sun city. Kaal city’s team throws the ball. And the player of Sun city
caught the ball. He has passed the ball to Rudra. Rudra! – Rudra is rapidly heading
towards the goal with the ball. But what is this? The captain of Kaal city put his
leg in between and tripped Rudra. Now, the ball is with
the captain of Kaal city. Dadaji, look. They are cheating. Without losing anytime,
he has scored another goal. The team of Kaal city is
scoring goals back to back. And Sun city’s team is helpless. Another goal! Oh no! Good job, continue
playing like this. Continue playing like this. That is amazing. What? Focus and belief. Just two words. We can do it. We can win. Yaay! The Sun city team has started
with a new enthusiasm… …once again. And look at that! Sun city’s team is hitting
goal, back to back! That’s another goal! Kaal city’s team looks helpless. The Kaal city team has surrounded
Rudra from all four sides. Let’s see what he does. Rudra fooled them and passed
the ball to his team’s player… …and he hits a goal! That’s a goal!
– Yaay! Sun city’s team is scoring
goal, back to back. That is amazing. Both the teams have
scored equal points. Now the team that earns
a winning point… …will be announced the winner. Rudra! Tokira Makooba,
Cloud O Freezo! Ibaiska Zibaiska Cloud O
Defreezo! Yaay! Rudra! Rudra! What’s happening? The captain of Kaal city took off
the flying skate shoe of Rudra. Oh my, Rudra cannot fly. Yaay! Rudra’s last attempt… …and that’s a goal! With the referee’s whistle,
the match is over. And the winner is Sun city! Rudra! Rudra! Sun city team has
won the first prize. But the players of
both the teams… …can go in my flying train. Yaay! Wow! Wow, I can’t believe… …that this amusement
park is so beautiful. Yes, that is true.
Thank you, Rudra. All thanks to you,
we got this opportunity. Even I am traveling in this
flying train for the first time. Look at that, flying unicorn. Yaay! Flying unicorn! I am magic… …I’m all illusion. Fear me, for I am Shakaal. Jai Singh, this will
be your last journey. Everything will be over. And Sun city… …will be mine. It will be mine. Mr. Jai Singh, look, what is that! Stop the train. Kids, run towards the last coach. Rudra, go behind. And some how take this
train out of this light. Only you can save every one.
– Dadaji! Run, Rudra. Run! Rudra, you go head,
we will stop this magic. Ibaiska Zibaiska… Stop O! Ibaiska Zibaiska Breakooza! All of you, run towards
the last coach. Come on, fast! Ibaiska Zibaiska Breakooza! Ibaiska Zibaiska Breakooza! The devil always wins! Come on, water flow! I have to get this train
out of this magical cloud. Ibaiska Zibaiska
Boom Chikchik Boo! Don’t try, Rudra. You are still too young. This is a web of Shakaal’s magic. And it is impossible… …to come out of this web. Don’t doubt my age and my magic. ‘Focus and belief.’ ‘Focus and belief.’ Ibaiska Zibaiska
Boom Chikchik Boo! Ibaiska Zibaiska
Boom Chikchik Boo! Ibaiska Zibaiska
Boom Chikchik Boo! Ibaiska Zibaiska
Boom Chikchik Boo! No! I will be back. I will be back! This battle is not over as yet! It has just begun. Rudra… …my child. You have done a great job today. You didn’t just save us… …but you saved the entire
Sun city from Shakaal. Thank you, Rudra. You did a great job. Come on, let’s go home soon. Not yet, Varun. Our flying train safari is pending. Yaay! I will deal with Shakaal later. We won’t fly on the track again. We will fly in the sky. Rudra, one day, you will
become a great magician. Greater than even me. I am proud of you.

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