Royal 36 European Wood International Chess Set Review

Royal 36 European Wood International Chess Set Review

ok I just got this chess set from Amazon its the Chess Kings 36 I think it was like $34.99 and just wanted to do a short video so you can
see what you’re getting because when we were
looking for chess set for me and my daughter to play on the reviews were everywhere it was
hard to tell what what to get so hopfully this’ll help
you’re deciding to or having trouble deciding what kind of chess set to get it seems to be pretty good the first thing I noticed is the
picture on Amazon I think it showed 2 clasp one on either side this one just has it in the center which
isn’t a big deal I guess this is up really decent I’m going to let you see the inside it has a place for all the pieces they don’t strap in they just sit in their own little place and they seem
I moved the box around it doesn’t seem to move much what I’m going to do is come back in a sec and have it setup and you can see what
it looks like okay so I set the board up it looks pretty good one of the things or one of the reasons that
we went with this is is because of the the lettering and numbering for the
spaces and also they can be self-contained I measured the border after I setup it is 13 1/2″ this way and 13 11/16″ across so the
pieces feel pretty good they’re not real lite or not to heavy their felt on the bottom of each one
seems like its going to be a pretty good board hopefully we’ll get to play some today when my daughter get home from school only thing
that I did see is that the clasp I dont know if you can see that you need to make sure that is sticking out I dont know if thats going to be a issue or not but it has to be folded out in order for the the board to
lay flat but it does seem to lay good the joint is good so hope this helps and have fun playing Don’t forget to subscribe if you like it and check out my other videos. Thanks for watching!

3 thoughts on “Royal 36 European Wood International Chess Set Review

  1. Short but helpful review.  I'm not a fan of the stylized pieces like the King and Queen on this set, but to each his own.  

  2. The same manufacturer (Wegiel) also makes less stylized pieces. They come in larger size folding boards like the 16 and 21 inch long. But these stylized pieces are just stylized enough that it doesn't prevent from intuitively telling what piece is what.

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